As Shu Jue didn't know how to answer that, the elevator arrived. He dashed out, "pack your belongings and report to me."

Shi Sheng shrugged and thought that this was somehow funny while watching Shu Jue's panicky figure. 

Shi Sheng went to her cubicle to pack her items. Her co-workers did not know what was going on and were watching her weirdly. 

Song Meng Zi rushed in with a pastry in her mouth, "Xiao Yi!"

She realized the atmosphere was strange after she yelled at her. When she looked properly, Shi Sheng was packing her items. 

"Xiao Yi, why are you packing your stuff?"

Song Meng Zi went back early, so she did not know what happened later on. 

The others were eavesdropping attentively, waiting for Shi Sheng's answer.

Song Meng Zi got close to Shi Sheng. Her expression changed from one to another. 

Shi Sheng placed her last item into her box and nodded slightly. 

"That's amazing! Looks like I need to stop calling you Xiao Yi." Song Meng Zi gave Shi Sheng a thumbs up, "remember to pay me for my effort!"

Song Meng Zi walked out the editorial department shoulder to shoulder with Shi Sheng, leaving the rest of them puzzled about the situation. 

Song Meng Zi went back to the same question about Shi Sheng's car after they left the editorial department, "but I still need to ask, where did you get your car from?"

"I bought it, of course."

"... that's millions of dollars!" She could not afford that. She had to carpool with her cousin every day. Sometimes she even needed to take the subway when she did not manage to carpool with him. 

"If your cousin wants it, I'll buy it even if it's up to tens of millions." Shi Sheng complained, "he did not want to get into my car yesterday."

"I told you before that he's difficult to deal with. It's not too late to turn around now girl. Don't jump into the fire pit."

Shi Sheng heaved a sigh, "I'll go to mountains of daggers and seas of flames for him."

Who asked him to be Feng Ci?  

Song Meng Zi,"..."

Why is she pledging undying love before they even are together?

This is not logical!  

"Chief Editor Nie, that's basically how the whole thing is like."

Shi Sheng and Song Meng Zi bumped into someone as they turned around a corner. 

Nie Cheng smirked coldly and passed by her while bringing up a cold wind.

"Pretentious." Song Meng Zi grunted. 

Nie Cheng is trying to pick a fight! 

The last thing I'm scared of is a fight!

After Song Meng Zi sent Shi Sheng to Shu Jue's office, she turned around to see her nosy co-workers following them.

They quickly turned around to escape when they were caught red-handed by Song Meng Zi.


When Shi Sheng entered Song Meng Zi's office, he already started working. The breakfast she bought for him was set aside. 

Shu Jue only looked up at her for a brief moment before he went back to his work. 

"Aren't you hungry?"

"What?" Shu Jue was bizarre, then realized what she meant, "I don't have time."

"It's all cold already." Shi Sheng touched those bags, "is there a microwave?"

Shu Jue pointed outside. 

Shi Sheng took the food outside and asked for the direction to the microwave from the assistant outside. 

The assistant was puzzled. Wasn't she responsible for chores like this?

Although she felt strange about it, she still told Shi Sheng the location. 

Shu Jue was still working when Shi Sheng was done heating up the food. 

"Eat first." Shi Sheng knocked on the table. 

Shu Jue did not decline. He got up and headed to the couch next to him. 

Usually, Shu Jue did not have breakfast, as he did not have time to eat and no one bought for him. 

Song Meng Zi that foodie, the breakfast she bought was not enough for her, naturally she would not care about her cousin. 


"I've already eaten." Shi Sheng opened the bags for him and flipped her fair hands, "I've washed and sanitized my hands. Look, they're clean."


Shu Jue lowered his head and ate his breakfast silently. He felt discomfort in his abdomen, but he endured and finished the food speedily. 

The assistant would send him coffee, but Shi Sheng snatched it and took a sip. 

"That cup..."

"Don't drink coffee in the morning. It's not good for your health."

Shu Jue finished his breakfast by the time Shi Sheng drank all of his coffee.

Shu Jue went to the restroom to clean out the smell on him. He went back to his office, slightly pale, "I've seen your interview video. Can you be in charge of the men's channel?"

Shi Sheng glared at him, "am I not good enough to be your personal assistant?" 

What men channel?

Those harem novels. 

Pissing her off. 

Will they still have the courage to write after she scolded them?  

"I already have an assistant." Shu Jue paused and admitted reluctantly, "you'll disturb me."

"I don't say anything, okay?" Shi Sheng pouted her mouth. 

"Either you leave the company..."

Shi Sheng surrendered right away, "fine fine fine. I'll take care of the men's channel. As long as I can see you."

And kidnap you once I get bored.  

Shu Jue ordered someone to get her using the intercom. 

Shu Jue recalled yesterday's dialog after he hung up, "where's your script?"

"Don't feel like writing." Shi Sheng answered.

I don't even get to court my guy. Why should I write that?  

Shu Jue did not say a thing and went back to his work. However, he was not doing anything. 

Her presence did affect him. He could not concentrate. 

Someone from the men's channel was quick to get Shi Sheng. They've met each other, so they did not have to introduce themselves. But they were still bizarre about the fact that a ladies' channel would switch to a men's genre out of the blue.


After Shi Sheng left Shu Jues office, he sat for a while and ordered a cup of coffee from his assistant. 

The cup naturally was the same cup from before. 

Shu Jue stared at the steaming coffee. He waited until the coffee was cool before picking the cup up. 

He could feel the acid fluctuating in his stomach the moment his lips touched the cup rim. 

Shu Jue put down the cup and strode to the toilet, threw up everything he ate from before. He had been holding it in so she would not know. 

He rinsed his face with cold water and down the coffee with a gulp. 

The cold liquid went through his esophagus and the coolness seemed to sip into his heart. 

However, before the liquid could reach his stomach, Shu Jue vomited them out again. 

Shu Jue had his assistant send him more coffee. The coffee was tasteless. It only made him retch.

After sending Shu Jue coffee five to six times, the assistant could not help but advise, "Chief Editor Shu, aren't you... drinking too much coffee?"

This is not plain water. How could anyone stand drinking this many cups? 

Drinking too much coffee is bad! 


The assistant hesitated, "alright."