After Shi Sheng got off work, she slipped into Shu Jue's office to see him but was told that he had already left. 

Shi Sheng went downstairs with disappointment and met Song Meng Zi, who rarely leave work early. 

"Xiao Yi, is the men's channel fun? You didn't get to see Nie Cheng's face today. Hahaha, it's too funny." Song Meng Zi was eating something with a strong buttery fragrance. 

 "There's nothing fun about it."

"Did you hold hands with my cousin?" Song Meng Zi drew close to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "he would retch if I held his hand!"

This sort of gag that someone will get pregnant from holding hands, I won't buy it.

"True, my cousin's strange allergy that causes nausea from touching women." Song Meng Zi muttered to herself, "I saw him looking quite pale just now... did you do anything to him?"

"No..." Shi Sheng frowned. 

She then recalled that he did not look well after eating her breakfast this morning....

Feeling nausea for a long time from a touch...  

Shi Sheng was speechless. 

This quirk is more severe than those from before! 

How on earth are we going to be happy together?  


The men's channel department was larger than the ladies'. They had more editors as well. 

Shi Sheng was the only female editor there. 

She became the belle of the department the moment she went there.

The editors from the mens' channel thought that Shi Sheng was someone cold and unfriendly until they realized that she had lived up to her editor's name, 'Shen Jing Bing'* after getting along with her. She would roast people if they had a disagreement. 

She would roast them until they could not refute and even agreed with her. 

Shi Sheng was in charge of the city novel. There were three editors, including Shi Sheng, in charge of this genre. 

The protagonists of the city novels had one chick draped in each arm while still thinking about another girl. Shi Sheng could not keep on reading. 

She would choose those with one or no female protagonist. As long as the quality was good and with potential, she would recommend them as much as possible. 

She simply would not look at other types. Either you change to with only one female lead, or find a new editor.  

Such an unruly editor was first to see. 

Soon the website was filled with novels with a single heroine. 

This, of course, happened later. 

As for Shu Jue, Shi Sheng only got to see him when she delivered him breakfast, other times it was difficult to meet him, especially when he was in the outstation frequently. 

Shu Jue was the editor-in-chief of the company, so he was responsible for the whole operation of the entire company. It was usual for him to be busy.


Then she could not flirt with him. 

Bah, court Feng Ci.  

"Yo, Xiao Yi. What are you writing?"

A man suddenly showed up at her cubicle while Shi Sheng was typing on her keyboard loudly. He drew close to the computer screen.

Shi Sheng was not scared to be seen by him. She was still typing rapidly. 

"You write novels too, Xiao Yi?" The man was shocked. 

The editors could not submit their scripts to their own website, but they could submit to other websites. 

They could not publish their novels on their website due to the conflict of interest, so they would only recommend their novels. 

Shi Sheng also knew that some of the editors in this department published their scripts to other websites. 

"A good editor is an editor that writes." Shi Sheng answered solemnly. 

The guy editor's mouth twitched, "I almost believed you when you said it so seriously."

"Xiao Yi, did you know about the plagiarism incident from the ladies' channel?"

Shi Sheng closed her files, "what's up with that?"

This matter should be uncovered after Shu Jue ordered Xie Yan's novels to be blocked. 

Xie Yan was wrong, to begin with, so it was not easy for Nie Cheng to help him get out of this. 

It was lunch break at the moment, so almost everyone was gone. The editor whispered, "I heard that Chief Editor Nie has a fling with the writer. Is that true?"

"Why do you care so much about Nie Cheng? Are you into him?" Shi Sheng raised brows. 

"I'm straight." he facepalmed. "I've been married for three years, with a one-year-old kid."

Shi Sheng,"..."don't abuse the single dog.

The editor felt that was not enough and pulled out his phone and showed Shi Sheng his photos, smashing this single dog into pieces. 

Just you wait! 

One day will be my turn to abuse the single dogs!  

After she got rid of the editor, Shi Sheng decided to flirt with Shu Jue to make herself feel better. 

Ancestor: good day, Editor In Chief Shu. Let's talk about our lives. 

Yu She:...

Yu She: I'm busy. 

Shu Jue did not respond to any of Shi Sheng's messages after that. 

Shi Sheng thought that he indeed was busy. When she looked for him after work, he was alone in his office, even his assistant was gone. 

"Why haven't you gone home?" Shu Jue looked up from piles of documents, asking Shi Sheng who was leaning against the table. 

"I'm waiting for you. What if someone gets any wrong idea after seeing how handsome you are."

Shu Jue looked back down, "Cheng Ming will pick me up."

Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes, "what's your relationship with Cheng Ming?"

Cheng Ming was the antagonist, based on the plot. He was Nie Cheng's ex, but they broke up for some unknown reason. 

Shu Jue explained unconsciously, "we're just friends, don't overthink."

He felt like he was being extra after explaining to her, as he did not have the obligations to. 

Shi Sheng supported the desk with her hands, leaned in slightly, "you'd rather let him pick you up from work than me? Do you dislike me that much?"

Love rival is nothing I fear unless they're of a different gender.  

"I don't!" Shu Jue refuted, he raised his voice, he probably realized that too, and lowered his voice, "I don't dislike you."

He didn't know how to be around her. 

"Then let me send you home. Let's go." Shi Sheng said, without the room for declination. 

Shu Jue stayed silent for a while, packed his stuff, and prepared to go home. 

Shi Sheng did not dare to touch his belongings, so she only watched him. 

The whole building was empty at this time. Shi Sheng and Shu Jue exited the office and passed by the ladies' channel editorial department. 

As they approached there, they heard some noises from inside. 

Shi Sheng could recognize those noises easily. It was a man and a lady doing that. 

The noises were getting louder, making them embarrassed. 

Shu Jue was very uncomfortable and strode towards the elevator. 

Shu Jue was still as tense as he was outside the elevator. Shi Sheng turned aside to look at him but Shu Jue avoided her eye contact. 

Shi Sheng could tell that Shu Jue was avoiding the whole time on their way back home. 

"Chief Editor Shu, call me if your bed feels empty." Shi Sheng shouted at Shu Jue's leaving figure. 

Shi Sheng seemed to jerk a bit. He quickly left in the direction of the car light illuminating. 

Shu Jue exhaled with difficulty after he was not in the light. Her car was filled with her scent. That was why he did not want her to send him back. 

Shu Jue returned home and poured water into the coffee mug, and drank it as fast as he could. 

After a slight regurgitation, he did not feel like vomiting. 

Some instincts could be restrained. 

Even if it was an involuntary physical reaction.