By the time Shi Sheng returned home it was already eleven o'clock. The neighborhood was quiet. No one was there. 

Shi Sheng parked her car and went through the green area. There seemed to be footsteps overlapping her footsteps in the dark. 

Shi Sheng did not appear to notice that and was walking at her usual pace. 

"Don't move."

Something hard was held against Shi Sheng's waist. A hoarse voice came behind her. 

"Hand over all your money, cards, and phone." The robber appeared to be a recidivist, he sounded calm. 

"Hurry up." another person showed up in front of Shi Sheng, but the thing holding against her waist was still there. There were two of them. 

"Don't you have some guts? To be robbing me?" Shi Sheng raised her foot and kicked the robber behind her as she was done speaking. That robber was caught off guard and kicked in his calf. He backed off a few steps. 

The other robber lunged at Shi Sheng immediately when he saw that. 

Shi Sheng drew her sword and slashed at the robber in front of her. The sword sliced right above his head and a gush of chills surged through his body. 

He lost control of his body as if someone pressed a pause button on him. He could only watch the girl in front of him trod at him. 

Shi Sheng knocked both of them down and stacked them on the ground. She stepped on the back of the person on top, "now, tell me. Who sent you?"

"Aiyo, my majesty. All we needed was some money. Please be merciful and forgive us. We promise we'll never do this again."

Robber A cried and begged for mercy instantly. 

Robber B seconded, "miss, we promise we won't do this anymore."

"You only wanted to rob me?" Shi Sheng asked with a strange tone with her sword playing around the robber on top. 

"Yes, yes, yes. This is our fault. We shouldn't rob you. We won't do it anymore."

"Bullshit!" Shi Sheng yelled.

Robber A and B jumped in shocked, looked at Shi Sheng bizarrely. 

"You've been tailing me since I got off work and trying to crash my car on the way. Do you think I'm blind?"

The robbers,"..."

They had been discussing how she managed to avoid them every time so coincidentally. 

"Say, which retard sent you?" Shi Sheng put more pressure on her foot. 

"Ow..." robber A howled in pain. 

Both of them were not willing to give in and endured the pain. Shi Sheng respected them for having a backbone, so she carried them up to her floor and tied them up. 

She came out of her space with a recorder, but it was unusable, so she had to use her phone instead. 

"You... what are you trying to do?" robber A shivered in fear. What is this woman trying to do?  

"I'm going to make a special film." Shi Sheng set up her phone, "tell me, how will your family and friends feel if I upload this to the internet?"

Robber A was wearing a ring. It was evident that he was married. 

"You..." Robber A's expression changed gravely, "if you have anything, just come at me."

"Sure, then tell me. Who wants to harm me?"

Robber B justified, "miss, do you have persecutory delusion? We really robbed you because we needed money."

Shi Sheng snorted, "I not only have a persecutory delusion, but I'm also even mentally ill!"

Robbers, "..." yes, it's apparent that you're mentally ill.  

Shi Sheng would never go soft on people like them. After a round of torture, both of them could not bear it and told her who hired them. 

Initially, they wanted to create a car accident and killed her with an accident. 

But they failed, so they planned to rape her. 

Nie Cheng was on time to work. 

"Get ready for the meeting." Nie Cheng ordered his assistant as he stepped into his office. 


The office chair suddenly turned around the moment Nie Cheng entered his office, "Chief Editor Nie, I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Nie Cheng looked at the office door and looked back to Shi Sheng. His eyes were filled with complication, and bellowed softly, "who let you in!"

Shi Sheng smiled and pressed the play button on her phone. 

"Is... is Nie Cheng. Nie Cheng hired us... we only do what we were told to do. He instructed us to do so."

"Is... is Nie Cheng..."

Shi Sheng pressed the pause key, looked at Nie Cheng with a dark face, asked softly, "Chief Editor Nie, you want to get me killed?"

"Xin Yi, don't sprout nonsense here. Get the heck out!" Nie Cheng pointed at the door, "don't think that you have Shu Jue behind you. You get to do whatever you want."

Shi Sheng got up and put her phone into her pocket. Her fingertip slid along the office desk and headed out slowly. 

She carried a faint smile on her face. The smile was so faint it did not reach the bottom of her eyes. Her glance was like a lake that was frozen for a thousand years, seething with cold air, without the slightest ripple. 

As she walked to the side, Shi Sheng grabbed the porcelain ornament on the desk and smashed it at Nie Cheng aggressively, "piece of shit, trying to kill me, how dare you!"

Nie Cheng did not expect Shi Sheng to hit him, so he could not dodge in time and got smacked squarely.

There was a pain on his forehead, and a warm liquid flowed down, coloring his vision with red. 

He vaguely saw Shi Sheng heading towards him and was punched in the abdomen. Before he could fight back, he felt chills at his neck. 

Something icy cold against his skin, the cold air seeped into his skin. 

Shi Sheng whacked Nie Cheng up.

She did not forget to boast, "go ahead and sue me if you dare. We'll see who will end up more miserable."

The worst sentence she could get from beating people up was a fine, but Nie Cheng hiring assassins to kill her was not something a mere fine could settle. 

Shi Sheng blew the hair that covered her vision and dragged her sword out loudly. 

She pulled open the door. 

The assistant outside looked at her palely. Her phone was on a call with the cops. 

Shi Sheng reached out and helped her hang up, smiled maliciously at her, and strutted away. 


Shi Sheng returned to her department as if nothing happened and began to do her work.

Nothing seemed to happen after she whacked Nie Cheng up. 

She had evidence with her, so Nie Cheng would not dare to report to the police station. 

"Dit dit..."

Yu She: Let's have dinner after work. 

Shi Sheng jerked up to sit straight, looked at those few words for some time to make sure that she was seeing it right before replying. 

Ancestor: Is Chief Editor Shu asking me out?

Yu She: Yes. 

Ancestor: Are you saying that we're together now?

Yu She: I'm just giving us a try. If we're not compatible, then we can move on to our separate ways. 

Shi Sheng bounced up from her chair. As her movement was too big, she pushed the documents off her table and made a huge 'pak' sound, startling her coworkers. 

What's she doing? That frightened me.