On the second day, Shi Sheng received a call from Shu Jue while she was sleeping, saying he was waiting for her outside her neighborhood. 

Shi Sheng was dumbfounded for a moment, then she quickly washed up and raced downstairs. She saw the luxury amidst the other cars in a glance. 

She hopped into the car in a flash. 

"Why are you so early?"

"I'm here to send you to work." Shu Jue answered calmly, but he did not start the engine. He stared at Shi Sheng for some time without speaking a word. 

"What's up? I washed my face!" Shi Sheng touched her face, "why are you looking at me like this? Did I get prettier after not seeing me for a night?"

No one would beat Shi Sheng when it comes to being boastful. 

Shu Jue pursed his lips and leaned in at Shi Sheng out of nowhere.

Shu Jue's sudden movement startled Shi Sheng to jerk back unconsciously. The distance between them that was shortened for a moment stretched back to the initial length. 

Shu Jue was stunned there awkwardly as he did not know if he should approach or back off. 

Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue's pose, then realized, "are you trying to kiss me?"

Shu Jue's facial expression did not change, but his ears were flushed. He avoided her glance, "didn't you say that we should practice more so I can get used to it?"

"But you didn't have to ambush me," she thought that this retard was about to do something for a moment. 

Shi Sheng pulled close the distance between them slowly and peaked softly on Shu Jue's lips before he could react. 

Shu Jue's facial expression shifted within seconds and got out of his car swiftly. 

Shi Sheng facepalmed. I knew this was going to happen. This is so infuriating! 

Just let me date someone in peace! 

Is it that hard is it for me to PDA? 

Shu Jue took some time to get back into the car, "sorry about that."

"I'm already used to it." Shi Sheng waved her hand. 

Shu Jue started the engine while responding, "I'll try to get adapted to it as soon as I can. I'll send you to work every morning starting from now."

The sound of the car engine happened to cover the stiffness in Shu Jue's tone.


The news of Shi Sheng going to work in Shu Jue's car swirled up the office gossip even fiercely until the editors from the men's channel department were gossiping about this as well. 

During the lunch break, the editors did not go for lunch. They were in a circle discussing the juice, "Xiao Yi, are you really dating Chief Editor Shu?"

The editors included those that came before Shu Jue thought something was weird about him,  while the ladies were fangirling for him. 

That he came into the company with a girlfriend so that the others would not even consider him. 

"Isn't Song Meng Zi from the other department Chief Editor Shu's girlfriend? Xiao Yi, did you steal her boyfriend?"

Shi Sheng snorted pretentiously, "it's not about his relationship status but how much effort I put in."

"Xiao Yi, you're being a bit..."

"What?" Shi Sheng glanced at the editor who was talking. 

The other co-worker continued his sentence, "everyone in the company is saying you're a mistress."

Shi Sheng couldn't care less, "I don't care about that."

"But this will affect..." your reputation. 

why would a fine lady like you want to be someone's mistress? 

The Chief Editor is hot, but ruining your reputation is not worth it.  

"Xiao Yi Xiao Yi, they have drunken shrimps in the canteen today. Hurry up. I've been waiting for you for a long time."

Everyone turned around to see the protagonist they had been gossiping showed up. 

Did she come to eat with her love rival?

Is this a fantasy world?

"Ahhhh, Xiao Yi, why are you so slow? Hurry up!" Song Meng Zi screaming and yelling outside non-stop. 

Shi Sheng pushed away those that blocked her way, "you're not gonna die from not eating one meal."

"The only enjoyable thing left in my life is eating, alright? Hurry up!"

Song Meng Zi dragged Shi Sheng towards the canteen. Before taking a few steps, they bumped into Shu Jue.

He paused and waved at Shi Sheng.

Everyone from the editorial department flooded to the door instantly. All three of them were there. Are they going to break into a fight?

They then saw a bizarre scene. 

Song Meng Zi jogged coyly to Shu Jue, "cousin, I ran out of pocket money. Kindly give me some."

Shu Jue frowned, "I just gave it to you last week."

"Don't you know that girls have to keep shopping? Some more, you don't get to give me pocket money anymore in the future." Song Meng Zi hinted at him by glancing at Shi Sheng, who was heading towards them.

Now that my cousin has a legit girlfriend, I can retire as the phony girlfriend and flirt with the hotties.  

Shu Jue took out his phone and pressed a few buttons, "done."

Song Meng Zi looked at the amount and said reasonably, "then I shall not disturb your date. Bye."

The editors watched Song Meng Zi. the ex left with a bright smile...

With a bright smile! 

You see it correctly, with a bright smile. 

They then saw Shu Jue went away with his 'mistress.'

The crowd,"..." dumbfounded. 


Shu Jue brought Shi Sheng to a banquet. He barely touched anything at the meal other than taking a few glasses of wine. 

"Chief Shu, this is the first time you bring a lady with you." a man in spectacles sat next to Shu Jue, spoke jokingly, "this lady is quite adorable. Come, let's have a toast."

Shu Jue blocked the man and responded, "Chief Qian, this is my girlfriend."

Chief Qian was shocked, then smiled and apologized, "apologies, so you're Chief Shu's girlfriend. My bad."

Shu Jue had been staying clean in the circle. There were rumors that he had a girlfriend, but no one had seen her. 

"Chief Shu's girlfriend? The thousand year bachelor finally has a girlfriend. Hahaha, let's give Chief Shu a toast to congratulate him."

Shu Jue poured the wine and drank with them. 

Most of them were rather close with Shu Jue. After they learned that she was Shu Jue's partner, their judging glances disappeared completely. 

Shu Jue did not allow Shi Sheng to drink. He would drink on Shi Sheng's behalf when they toasted. 

They knew when to stop, so everyone went back to their seats after Xin Yi rounds of toasts and chit-chatted with their neighbors. 

Chief Qian sat back and spoke to Shu Jue after greeting the others, "Chief Shu. Have you considered the offer I told you about last time?"

"She's the author. You can discuss it with her." Shu Jue glanced at Shi Sheng.

Chief Qian let out a cry of surprise, "I see that the author is your girlfriend. Hahaha, what a coincidence!" 

Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue with confusion. What's going on?

Shu Jue probably scared that Shi Sheng was uncomfortable, so he held her hand, "don't worry, just discuss with him. Just reject it if you don't like it."

"Shall we talk somewhere else?" Chief Qian knew that Shu Jue did not like a crowded area and suggested wittily. 

Shu Jue was fine with it, while Shi Sheng still did not have a clue. 

Three of them went to the next room, and the noises subsided right away.

"Cough cough... let me introduce myself. I'm Qian Yong, the vice president of  Hua Yi Film and Television." Chief Qian, naturally, was introducing himself to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng shook Chief Qian's hand, "Xin Yi."

"Nice to meet you. I didn't expect to meet the author this soon."

Chief Qian was rather excited when he shook Shi Sheng's hand. 

Shu Jue's frown grew deeper as he watched Chief Qian shake Shi Sheng's hand.