As Chairman Qian was still speaking, Shu Jue suddenly reached for Shi Sheng and pulled her lightly. He felt his body lingering on the memories of the first time he met Shi Sheng. A sense of gloom came flooding in.  

Chairman Qian subconsciously let go of his hand. 

Shu Jue reached for Shi Sheng’s hand, took a wet wipe on the table and carefully cleaned her hand with it. 

Chairman Qian: “......” Did he forget something as he was too excited?  

And as for Shi Sheng, she wasn’t feeling anything at all, just her boyfriend Shu Jue wiping her hand. 

After he felt that Shi Sheng’s hand was clean enough, he let go, his lip moved, “continue.”

Chairman Qian:”......” This bizarre atmosphere caused him to forget what he wanted to say.   

After a few moments, Chairman Qian snapped back, “Miss Xin, our film company is ready to purchase the film copyright of “Flower God”, do you have any plans to make this happen?

Buying copyrights… 

Shit, she thought it was something else.

“The book about the palace eunuch?”

When Chairman Qian heard those two words, he felt embarrassed, but he nodded his head. 

“Flower God” was a novel that was much inclined to the genre of mythology, the main focus of the novel was the plot, the parts where special effects were needed would not be too difficult to execute, the movie could be done.

The only problem was, the novel did not have an ending, there were so many plot holes at the later stage of the story that have yet to be fixed. 

“How much would it be?”


“I asked you how much it would be.” Shi Sheng repeated.

He didn't even say anything else, how did the topic change into money all of the sudden?

“Two million.” Chairman Qian raised a finger of his, “But of course, Miss Xin needs to complete the novel.”

Shi Sheng:”...”

I refuse to fix the plot hole.  
[A friendly reminder to the host, selling the copyright will assist in completing a secret mission]  

The sound of the system rang suddenly.

The secret mission is not to show affection to Feng Ci, the objective of this secret mission is to help Feng Ci’s Hong Yang College become prestigious...

What the heck is this mission?  

Her novel “Flower God”…… the pre-phase of the story seems pretty normal, but for the later stage.

Shi Sheng was afraid that what she wrote would be too much of a shock for these people.

That’s the reason why Shi Sheng declined in an instant. 

Chairman Qian gave Shi Sheng some time to consider, left a name card for her, so she can give him a call after she thought this through, the price is still negotiable if it was not fitting.

Just because she was Shu Jue’s girlfriend, Chairman Qian is willing to pay more for it.

Chairman Qian exchanged greetings with Shu Jue and left the room.

“Why are you not selling it?” Shu Jue asked softly.

He wasn't questioning Shi Sheng, he just wanted to know the reason.

“Because I need to fix the plot holes.” Shi Sheng shrugged, “I don't want to.”

Shu Jue: “......” The reason made him speechless.

She said it before, she didn’t want to fix the plot holes.

Refusing to fix plot holes, what are you a writer for?  

“But……” Shi Sheng approached Shu Jue with malevolence in her heart, “If you sleep with me once, perhaps I’ll consider fixing the plot holes.”

 “Xin Yi.” Shu Jue frowned.

How could she tease him like this? He would get mad! 


It’s fun to tease her hubby.  


Due to the recent plagiarism incident, Xie Yan did not appear at all, and as for Nie Cheng he could be afraid that Shi Sheng had the evidence of him hiring a contract killer, or how to, he’s been trying to avoid her in the company.

Shi Sheng and Shu Jue’s relationship, without any cover up, had become a thing. 

These people had been looking at Song Meng Zi as a joke as the person that she treated so well before went behind her and stole her boyfriend. 

Later on, based on what a close friend of Song Meng Zi had said, they were not even a couple. 

When they pondered about it, Shu Jue had never declared Song Meng Zi as his girlfriend, he only occasionally got Song Meng Zi on and off work, ordering his assistant to send some food to Song Meng Zi. 
These rumors were all just a result of them jumping into conclusions blindly.

But Shi Sheng was different, Shu Jue acknowledged in public that she was his girlfriend.
The girls that missed this opportunity were weeping in the toilet.

Shu Jue would send Shi Sheng to work, and get her off work everyday, now Shi Sheng did not react when he touched her, but kissing was still a no. 

“Where are you going?” Shu Jue being dragged by Shi Sheng helplessly,”I have work to do.”

“It’s nothing, I'll help you.” Shi Sheng dragged him and went ahead. 

Shu Jue sighed, walked a little faster, brought her into his arms,”Skipping work like this, as your boss, shouldn’t I be deducting your salary?”

“That amount of salary, it’s long gone since I got you that shirt, if you want to deduct just do it then.”

Buying that shirt……

That’s great. His girlfriend  had such a big mouth.

Shu Jue thought that when he was with Shi Sheng, he would have to adapt to many things.

But he realized, other than getting used to her touch, there's nothing else for him to get used to.
They were like lovers who have been together for years, imperceptibly in tacit agreement.

Shi Sheng followed the river bank, and they walked all the way to an open plaza. There were many people gathered here, some using a telescope. 

Shu Jue remembered what the news reported, it seems that today…...there’s going to be a meteor shower.

Shi Sheng found a less occupied place, so she brought Shu Jue there.

“You brought me here to watch this?”

“Yup.” Shi Sheng nodded, “As a boyfriend, shouldn’t you keep me company?”

“There’s still a long time to go.”

The meteor shower is starting around eight at night, why are they here so early? 

Shi Sheng tilted her head, “Don’t you think spending time with me is like a day passing by like a second?”

“Don’t tease me.” Shu Jue rubbed Shi Sheng’s head.

Shi Sheng curled her lips, and proceeded to find a place to sit down.

The waiting time is not that long, well at least that's what it seemed for Shu Jue.

The first meteor shower passed through the sky, and the people on the plaza got enthusiastic immediately.

Soon the second, the third, and the last meteor shower passes through the sky. 
Countless shooting stars, with a long tail, leaping across the sky, magnificent and radiant.
“Shu Jue.”

Shu Jue shifted his sight to Shi Sheng.

The girl in front of her, smiling so softly, her eyes filled with countless stars passing by, but all she could see was him. 

The corner of Shi Sheng’s lips lifted slightly, “I want to do all the romantic things that exist in this world with you.”

Shu Jue got chills on his wrist, but soon the chills were gone, left with only warmth. 

Shu Jue looked down to see what was on his wrist, suddenly Shi Sheng raised her head and gave a kiss, her slightly cold lips pressed against his blazing hot lips, the excessive temperature on her lips, mixed their presence together, till the difference of whose can’t be made. 

Shu Jue reached for her waist, pulling her deeper into his arms, deepening the kiss.

Shooting stars leaping through the night sky, Shu Jue had never experienced something like this before , it's so wonderful that he did not want this to be over.

The girl's murmuring voice, along with the wind, seeped deep down into Shu Jue's heart, "Thank you for making my world so amazing."

The meteor shower was short yet radiant.

In the last second of life, ignited a radiant light, and illuminated the dark sky.