Shu Jue only had time to look at the item on his wrist after the meteor shower ended. 

It was a watch. It appeared that the watch was filled with water. When it was shaken, the ripples would spread out. At the bottom of the watch lied a vivid and lifelike flower. 

Shu Jue reached out to touch the watch, "this is..."

"A token of affection."

A token of affection?  

Shu Jue did not know how to react to this. She was ahead of him in everything he was supposed to do. 

However, this watch... looked familiar. 

"Just now you..." Shi Sheng pressed his hand, and the flower did not show up, "did not have a reaction."

Shu Jue understood what Shi Sheng meant. His ears were flushed with embarrassment. 

"Why don't we try again?" Shi Sheng suggested. 

"It's already late, and I haven't finished my work." Shu Jue dragged her to return to his car, then softly added on, "we'll try again tomorrow."

"We can just do it in advance."





"I'll drive." Shi Sheng tried to start the engine. 

"Nope." Shu Jue pushed her to the passenger side. 

"Nie Cheng, don't make me look down on you."

"Haven't you always looked down on me?"

Shu Jue's hand stopped and looked at the source of the voice. 

A truck blocked Shu Jue's vision. He frowned, "I'll have a look."

That voice sounded like Cheng Ming's, but it did not sound like him at the same time due to the change in the voice.

Shi Sheng hopped off the car, "I'll go with you."

Shu Jue did not decline and closed the car door, took Shi Sheng's hand, and went over the truck. 

On the other side of the truck, Nie Cheng was stuffing someone into the truck. 

"Nie Cheng... I'll make your life worse than death if you dare to touch me." a furious voice came out from the car. 

"It's not like we haven't done it before. Why are you still pretending in front of me? If it wasn't for me today, someone would've screwed you instead. Getting screwed by your ex is definitely better than a stranger, right?"

Shu Jue took a few steps forward and tugged at Nie Cheng, who had not gotten into the truck. 

"Who is that!" Nie Cheng glared fiercely at Shu Jue. 

After Nie Cheng recognized him, his expression shifted rapidly, "I see, this is the reason why you'd rather put up with it than not to be with me."

Shi Sheng popped out from behind and screamed, "watch your tongue, Nie Cheng. You better believe that I'll beat you up."

What on earth! Does her Feng Ci look gay? 

Watch your mouth!  

Nie Cheng did not expect Shi Sheng to be here, he was rather afraid of her at the moment. 

He then glanced at the car unhappily again. 

Cheng Ming had broken out from the car with his clothes torn into pieces, and his face was flushed. He was gasping for air, and his body was weak. He held onto the car door, and could barely stand straight. 

Shu Jue looked at Shi Sheng as if he was asking for permission to help him. 

"Get him into the car."

Shu Jue then only went forward and helped Cheng Ming into the car. By the time he came back, he saw his wifey was beating Nie Cheng up. 

Shu Jue was sweating bullets and dragged Shi Sheng away. They were working in the same company. How are they going to face each other if she continues to hit him? 

Shu Jue sent Cheng Ming back to his apartment. His roommate was too shocked to react when he saw Cheng Ming's state. 

In the end, Shi Sheng instructed him to get Cheng Ming into the bathroom. 

What happened afterward had nothing to do with Shi Sheng and Shu Jue, so they left Cheng Ming's apartment. 

Shu Jue had to return to the office, so naturally, Shi Sheng followed him. 

Shu Jue indeed had a lot of work that had not been completed. After they went back to the office, Shi Sheng was playing with her phone while waiting for him. But he had not finished his tasks after quite some time. 

"Are you done?"

Shu Jue rubbed his brows, "almost."

He did not feel safe for Shi Sheng to go back alone this late, "you should go inside and rest if you're tired. I'll send you back later."

"Let me help you." Shi Sheng got up, "if you're not afraid of me leaking the company's secrets."

"It's fine. What kind of boyfriend lets their girlfriend do their work?" Shu Jue declined her help. 

It was not that Shu Jue did not trust Shi Sheng. He thought that it was inhumane to let his girlfriend help him with his work in the middle of the night. 

Shi Sheng did not force her way to help him. She got a chair and continued to play her phone. 

"Xin Yi, help me get those files." Shu Jue asked Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng looked in the direction he pointed and passed him the files. The documents inside fell out. 

It fell right on Shi Sheng. The huge title on the documents stunned Shi Sheng.

"Ten Years of Addiction"

This was... Xin Yi's work.

She saved it on her laptop and did not touch it. Why is it here?  

Shi Sheng quickly flipped through the documents. It was a contract, a television show rights...

And it belonged to...

Ye Yan Zhi. 

Previously he would plagiarise the original host's work. Now he just straight up stealing her work? 

This male bottom is too much! 

"What's up?" Shu Jue saw that Shi Sheng was not looking well, and quickly turned around. 

"Ye Yan Zhi didn't write 'Ten Years of Addiction'." Shi Sheng threw the contract onto the table. 

Shu Jue was aware that the company was about to publish the physical copies of this novel and recently got the television show rights.

"Why did you say that?"

Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue, "because Xin Yi wrote this."

Shu Jue found this sentence strange, "aren't you Xin Yi?"

What kind of person refers to themself by their own name?  

"Sort of." The original host wrote it, but she was using her body. 

It could be said that they were the same person. 

"Nie Cheng approved this..." Shu Jue read the attached appendix. 

Shi Sheng guessed that this was Nie Cheng's work. Or not Xie Yan would not be as capable as getting a copyright for his novels. 

"The copyright was already his, do you have any proof? Do you still have the original script? I'll contact my lawyer now."

Shu Jue unconditionally trusted Shi Sheng like an instinct. 

Shi Sheng saved everything from the original host's laptop. Even after she changed to a new laptop, she copied everything from there. So the manuscript would be there. 

She did not only have the manuscript, she even had the ideas and some details that were not mentioned in the novels, along with some mistakes that she did not revise in time. 

Shu Jue contacted his private lawyer, in case Nie Cheng bribed the employees from the company. 

His lawyer did not have any complaints although he had to get up and work at midnight. He quickly rushed to the address told by Shu Jue. 

Shu Jue hired cleaners to clean up her shabby apartment. It was not dirty, but it looked slightly messy and old. 

Shu Jue was extremely uncomfortable the moment he stepped in. He only felt slightly better after Shi Sheng retrieved her laptop and exited her apartment. 

Shi Sheng got close and peaked on his cheek, "I'll move to another place in a few days."

"This is my fault." Shu Jue felt guilty, as she moved to countless places due to him. 

He did not know how much she could put up with him. What if one day she could not bear it anymore?

Shu Jue suddenly realized that he could not bear the thoughts of her not being around him. 

Shu Jue panicked out of nowhere. He suddenly cradled Shi Sheng's face and kissed her with some urgency, as if he was trying to confirm something. 

That he wanted her to stay with him forever. 

"Knock knock!"