Someone was knocking on the car window. Shu Jue let go of Shi Sheng and quickly pulled her away from him, breathing heavily. 

Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue and gasped lightly. She licked the corner of her lips and the taste of blood spread out in her mouth, making her feel uncomfortable. 

"What are you trying to do?"

Shu Jue pursed his lips, "I'm sorry..."

Shi Sheng tidied up her shirt, "I will never leave you. Even if I die, I'm going to die with you. This is my promise to you. If you want to die with me, just come."

Shi Sheng pushed open the car door as the lawyer was about to knock on the window again. The sudden movement of the car door startled him. 

Shi Sheng discussed it with the lawyer for some time outside. She only let the lawyer into the car after Shu Jue had cooled down. 

Shu Jue sat in the back seat thinking about something. He was startled by Shi Sheng when she went back into the car. 

Shi Sheng passed her laptop to the lawyer, "everything's inside."

The lawyer sat in the front seat and started reading the manuscript. 

The car was quiet. 

Shu Jue reached out slowly and hooked Shi Sheng's pinky with his finger. Seeing that she did not object, he immediately held her hand. 

Her warm hand calmed his racing heart down. 

The lawyer spent about three hours read finishing everything. While he was reading, he would ask Shi Sheng a few questions, while Shu Jue sat in the car waiting mindlessly. 

The lawyer needed to go back and sort it out. Literature was not something that could reach a conclusion right away. 

"Chief Shu, I'll give you a call once I'm done."

Shu Jue nodded with a taut face. 

"Piang." The car door shut. 


The car did not have a sound other than their breathing sound. 

"I'm sorry." Shu Jue tightened his grip on Shi Sheng's hand and apologized softly, "I didn't know why I got that crazy just now."

Shi Sheng took out her hand. Shu Jue wanted to grab harder but he was scared that he would hurt Shi Sheng, so he let go of her slowly. 

He looked at Shi Sheng with a complicated expression, with faintly discernible darkness in his eyes. 

Now this is my Feng Ci.  

Shi Sheng caressed Shu Jue's face and pinched his earlobe with her fingertips. 

She reached out and hugged Shu Jue, "I told you before, I'll never leave you."

Things that she set her eyes on, she'd rather they perish with her, or stay with her forever.
Shi Sheng knew that she was an extreme person. Usually, she hid it well, but she could not deny that she was this kind of person. 

A sinister and dark person. 

But she loved Feng Ci, the kind of love where she wanted to tie him to her side at all times and no one could touch him at all. 

Shu Jue took some time to embrace Shi Sheng back. At first, he was hugging her softly, then the strength increased gradually until Shi Sheng could not breathe properly. 

"Shu Jue, do you really want to kill me?"

Shu Jue then only let loose a bit and buried his face in her neck, embracing her in silence. 

The outside was getting brighter and brighter, noises coming from the neighborhood. Children that went to school. youngsters that went to work, and the vendors. Everyone was starting to get busy. 

But the time in the car seemed to be frozen. 

Shi Sheng took a look at the time. They're going to be late.  

Shu Jue had not slept for the whole night. Shi Sheng sent Song Meng Zi a message to apply for leave. 

Shi Sheng broke free from Shu Jue, "we'll hug again after we go back."

Shi Sheng got down from the car and went to the driver seat while Shu Jue went down from the other side and got into the passenger seat. 

"Knock knock!"

"Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi..."

Shi Sheng took a look at Shu Jue before winding down the car window, "Sister Hong."

"It's really you. I thought that I saw someone else. Is this your..." Sister Hong looked inside the car, "boyfriend?"

"Yeap." Shi Sheng admitted with grace. 

Sister Hong eyed Shu Jue like elders judging the youngsters, "not bad, he seems talented, unlike the last one..."

Shi Sheng quickly cut off Sister Hong, "Sister Hong, I'll buy you dinner next time. We need to rush to work, we'll leave first."

"Alright alright, we'll talk again next time. You youngsters should go." Sister Hong hurriedly left. 

Shu Jue asked unhappily after the car exited the neighborhood, "what was she going to say?"

Shi Sheng cut her off too abruptly, it was hard for Shu Jue not to notice that. 

Shi Sheng was in vain. 

How is she going to explain to Feng Ci the mess the original host left her with? 

Shi Sheng drove Shu Jue back to his apartment in silence. 

"Actually, Xie Yan was my ex." Shi Sheng explained as Shu Jue's face was getting darker, "but you need to believe me, I don't like Xie Yan, the person that likes him is..."


"...Xin Yi." Shi Sheng looked at Shu Jue's leaving silhouette. She hurriedly got off the car and chased after Shu Jue, "Shu Jue."

Shu Jue ignored her and went up to his floor in silence. He opened his apartment door but did not stop Shi Sheng from entering. 

As Shi Sheng entered his apartment. He suddenly turned around and pressed Shi Sheng against a wall and kissed her. 

Shu Jue's hands were caressing Shi Sheng's body while Shi Sheng was trying to close the door with all her might. She did not have the habit of letting others watch. 

Shu Jue ripped off her clothes and buttons in a mess, exposing her underwear and her well-developed body. 

Shi Sheng did not know how she was carried to the bed by Shu Jue. Shu Jue made love with her with some force. 

This was completely different from her imagination of her forcing herself onto him. 

The script was not like this! 

I should be that one that forces myself onto him! 

Director, we need another take!  

After they were done, Shu Jue was epic. He threw up in the toilet for about half an hour.

Shi Sheng almost had PTSD. 

Shu Jue came out sickly with a bathrobe on him, his long legs and chest were faintly discernible.

He went up and scooped Shi Sheng out of his bed and carried her to the bathroom. 

As he was cleaning Shi Sheng, his pale complexion was getting redder as time went by. 

"Why weren't you blushing before this?" Shi Sheng glared at him. 

Shu Jue carried her out of the bathtub and wrapped her in a bathrobe, "am not blushing."

"Then why is your face red?" Shi Sheng coiled his neck. 

"This is a physical reaction." Shu Jue refuted. 

"That's still blushing." blushing is a physical reaction.  

Shu Jue placed her on a chair and lifted the blankets on the bed. His face turned even redder after he saw the red smear on the bed. 

If he were this sensible, he would not make love with her so impulsively. 

Shu Jue quickly rip off the bedsheets and changed to a clean one. He then carried Shi Sheng to the bed and kissed her on her forehead, "you should rest, I'll cook in the meantime."

"I'm not hungry." Shi Sheng pulled him, "stay with me and sleep for a while."

Shu Jue was undoubtedly exhausted. He went to the bed obediently and wrapped Shi Sheng in his arms. 

"Are you going to throw up every time after we made love?"

"I'll stop vomiting after a few times."

"... so how many times is that?"

"I don't know."

He would always get used to her. 

And only her.