Shi Sheng thought that Shu Jue had forgotten about the previous incident. Obviously, she was too naive. 

The fact that she dated Xie Yan bothered Shu Jue a lot. 

No matter how Shi Sheng tried to explain, he would give her the attitude 'you don't have to explain anything. There's nothing to explain about the fact that you dated Xie Yan.'

Or he would be. 

"How did you like someone with that face?"

Shi Sheng was beyond crazy. 

I really didn't date Xie Yan! 

I'm innocent!  

But Shu Jue did not want to listen at all. Whenever Shi Sheng tried to explain to him, he would use his body to get used to him. And tortured himself to the verge of death every time he was done. 

Shi Sheng was helpless. Although she did nothing, she still had to bear the blame.  


Song Meng Zi grabbed Shi Sheng aside sneakily when she went to work on the second day, "did you do it?"

"When do I ever fail if I set my eyes on something?"

"I saw my cousin didn't look well just now." Song Meng Zi eyed Shi Sheng suspiciously, "are his desires left unfulfilled?"

Shi Sheng,"..."

He was about to puke to death. How was his desire dissatisfied? 

Shi Sheng and Song Meng Zi chatted for a while. Before going to their cubicle, Song Meng Zi grabbed Shi Sheng, "do you know that Xie Yan is going to hold a book signing session?"

"Book signing session?"

"Yeap, his novel 'Ten Years of Addiction' is very popular. I heard that it's about to get published, and they're planning the book signing session right now."

Shi Sheng was busy with the male channel's work and did not pay attention to the female channel, so she did not know Xie Yan uploaded 'Ten Years of Addiction' to the website. 

Shi Sheng,"..." I give five stars to the male bottom to be so high-profile for the work he stole. 

did he think that she did not have the manuscript? Or she wouldn't dare to sue him?  

Shi Sheng went to her office, turned on her computer, logged into the website, and searched for the novel title.

There were two ongoing novels under Xie Yan's name. He stopped updating one of them, and the other was 'Ten Years of Addiction'. 

Because the novel was about to be published as a physical book, even if he updated very little every day, the popularity still skyrocketed. 

Shi Sheng said before that 'Ten Years of Addiction' was a piece of good work. As long as someone was willing to work on it, it would sell like a hot cake. 

Shi Sheng returned to the main page to see the banner was 'Ten Years of Addiction'.

It was not only on the user website. The words 'Ten Years of Addiction' could be seen all over the place. 

Shi Sheng was not sure if Nie Cheng knew that the novel was not written by Xie Yan. Since Nie Cheng was rather inhumane, based on the fact that he hired contract killers to murder her, and how he handled the issue of Xie Yan's plagiarism. 

Shi Sheng called the lawyer to ask about the progress, and the lawyer said that he needed more time. 

Cheng Ming, "Little Xin Yi. Let's have dinner tonight. I want to thank you for that day."

A chat box popped up on Shi Sheng's screen. 

She did not recall adding Cheng Ming...

Yu She: Cheng Ming is inviting us to dinner tonight. 

Shu Jue's message popped up within the next second. 

Naturally, Shi Sheng chose to reply to Shu Jue. 

Ancestor: Alright. 

Ancestor: where am I staying tonight? 

Yu She: my place.

Ancestor: you're not being reserved at all. 

Feng Ci isn't like this before. 

Where's my shy Feng Ci?!  

Yu She: didn't you say that I have to get used to you? 

Yu She: people usually describe girls with the word reserve.

Ancestor: ...

Yu She: be good and do your work. I'll pick you up later. 

Ancestor: ...

Bravo, my Feng Ci.  


Feng Ci indeed went to pick up Shi Sheng after work. The whole editorial department could only watch them with their jaws dropped to the ground.  Isn't their relationship progressing a little bit too fast?  

This was too much for them single dogs. 

"Chen Lu." Cheng Ming pointed at the petite behind him. "You've met him before."

"Are you official?" Shu Jue suddenly asked. 

Cheng Ming shrugged, "even you’ve got a girlfriend now, I shouldn't stand around and do nothing."

Shi Sheng had a feeling that Cheng Ming was after her man. Now she was more certain about it. 

Cheng Ming and Chen Lu walked in front while Shu Jue held Shi Sheng's hand behind them, "Cheng Ming doesn't bring any man to see his friends unless he's serious about him."

Shu Jue only saw him once, with Nie Cheng.

"Are you sure there's nothing between you and Cheng Ming?" She kept feeling that there was something between them.

Cheng Ming probably heard and suddenly turned around, "Little Xin Yi, let me tell you. Shu Jue thought that he was one of us just before he couldn't touch a woman..."

"Cheng Ming." Shu Jue warned. 

Cheng Ming raised his hands and quickly ran back to his boyfriend and walked with his arms around him. 

Shu Jue explained, "because I never had a reaction when I touched another man, so..."

It was normal for him to think this way. But, other than being close to Cheng Ming, he could not accept that his partner was a man. 

"There's nothing between Cheng Ming and me. We haven't even slept in the same room before." Shu Jue quickly explained. 

"Alright then." If there was anything between him and Cheng Ming, she would probably murder both of them. 

"Hurry up, you guys." Song Meng Zi was already in front of the restaurant and yelled loudly at them. 

Cheng Ming picked Chen Lu's favorite restaurant. Shu Jue stared at the dishes served by a female server and did not move an inch. 

Cheng Ming quickly requested them to prepare a new dish when he saw that. 

Song Meng Zi and Chen Lu were the ones that enjoyed the meal the most. Both of them were foodies. 

Shu Jue asked about Chen Lu when he went to the toilet. 

Chen Lu was still a student. Cheng Ming did not chase. Instead, he was the one that courted Cheng Ming. 

He had been crashing at his home shamelessly and did not want to return to his home, so Cheng Ming just let him stay there. 

Who knew that he slept with him on the night Shu Jue sent him home. Hence, he had to take responsibility. 

The good thing was that he did not feel completely nothing towards him, in a way it could be considered that both of them were in love.
"Why's he in the toilet for so long? I'll go have a look." Cheng Ming got up and looked for him. 

"I'm so full!" Song Meng Zi finished the food and stroked her stomach with satisfaction, "now my biggest wish is to eat everything."

Shi Sheng laughed lightly, "not flirting with hotties?"

Song Meng Zi grunted, "based on my looks do I even need to make the first move? If it weren't for Shu Jue, there would be a line for those who want to chase me."

"... I'll arrange a blind date for you tomorrow."

"Cousin!" Song Meng Zi screamed with a comical expression, her hands together in front of her chest, "please spare your cousin, I'm begging you!"

After ruining the first half of her life, now he still wants to destroy the other half? 

Cheng Ming and Chen Lu did not return after Song Meng Zi's protest and finishing the dessert. 

"Did they fall into the toilet?" Song Meng Zi snorted unhappily, "they're not running away, right? They said they're buying us dinner!"

"I'll go have a look." Shu Jue got up. 

Cheng Ming did not lack money. He would not run away for a meal. 

Shi Sheng quickly got up and followed after him. 

Song Meng Zi watched both of them run away with the waiter staring at her. She did not dare to leave, so he sat there as a mascot.