Shi Sheng and Shu Jue bumped into Chen Lu and Cheng Ming on their way to the washroom. 

Cheng Ming was half holding Chen Lu, covering his face with one hand. His hair was covering his expression and face. 

Across from them stood Nie Cheng, who looked furious. 

"Cheng Ming, what's so good about him?" Nie Cheng pointed at Chen Lu, yelled softly, with a hint of maliciousness in his eyes. 

Cheng Ming almost squeezed out these words from his teeth, "he's better than you."

Nie Cheng suddenly sneered, taunting him, "he must have seduced you, right?"

"Nie Cheng!" Cheng Ming screamed in rage. 

"Did I get that right?" the sneer on Nie Cheng's face intensified, "you still can't endure seduction. Do you want to bear every responsibility after you sleep with anyone? Cheng Ming, grow up."

Shi Sheng could not understand the vendetta between them. Why was Nie Cheng still jealous of Cheng Ming after they broke up?

Shu Jue knew what Shi Sheng was thinking, so he explained to her, "Cheng Ming caught Nie Cheng cheating red-handed. He had been pestering Cheng Ming for some time even after they broke up."

"He cheated on Cheng Ming?" this male top is too much.  

Nie Cheng responded softly, "he said he was being framed, despise that was the truth. Cheng Ming couldn't accept someone unfaithful to him."

"That's enough!" Chen Lu suddenly shouted as he looked up to Nie Cheng, saying word by word, "I don't care how much you insult me, but you can't say that to Cheng Ming. Who do you think you are?"

"Who do I think I am? I'm his ex!" Nie Cheng seemed pretty proud, "I took his virginity. Is that not enough?"


The atmosphere became strangely quiet after that slap. Nie Cheng's head slightly tilted. He reached out to touch his face slowly. 

Cheng Ming cursed with no regret after slapping Nie Cheng, "I've been wanting to hit you for some time."

"Nie Cheng, for the sake of our previous relationship, I have been tolerating you. Yet time and time again, you'll cross the time. Do you think I'm that easy?"

"Cheng Ming, did you hit me because of him?" Cheng Ming pointed at Chen Lu, questioning again, "did you hit me because of him?"

Cheng Ming did not answer. Instead, he switched the topic, "you're behind it for that night's incident, right? Do you think I won't know?"

Nie Cheng's expression changed. 

Cheng Ming's expression turned colder, "Nie Cheng, you underestimated my influence. There's nothing that I, Cheng Ming can't find out if I want to."

Nie Cheng began to panic, "Cheng Ming... I... I just wanted to get back with you."

"Get back with you? What about your boyfriend? Eyeing what's in the pot as you eat from your bowl?" Cheng Ming sneered with disdain. Why did he used to like such a person? 

Now he felt disgusted from looking at him. 

Cheng Ming embraced Chen Lu and walked away, "you're on your own."

When they met with Shi Sheng on the outside, Cheng Ming nodded with a faint expression, "sorry that you have to see this, let's go."

Shi Sheng looked towards and saw Xie Yan came out from the other side. He looked at Nie Cheng bizarrely, then turned around and ran away. 

Nie Cheng probably saw Xie Yan and did not care about Cheng Ming and quickly chased after him. 

When they got to a crowded place, Cheng Ming let go of Chen Lu and requested an ice bag from the server to apply on his face. 

Song Meng Zi squeezed to Shi Sheng's with a drink, "what's going on?"

"An ex met another ex." Shi Sheng concluded in five words. 

Song Meng Zi understood instantly.

Song Meng Zi knew who Cheng Ming's ex was. But she did not like Cheng Ming as he was always targeting her. 

He had been targeting her since he started dating Cheng Ming. 

Just because she was close to Cheng Ming. After they broke up, he would still target her when they were in the company. She never knew how a man like him would be petty.


This dinner was rather unpleasant, so Cheng Ming said he would make it up next time and left hurriedly with Chen Lu.

Song Meng Zi was about to go out with her friends, so she also ran away in a flash. 

Leaving Shi Sheng and Shu Jue stared at each other for a while. Shu Jue's ears reddened slightly, so he quickly looked away. 

"I'll send you home first." Shu Jue said as he opened the car door. 

"Eh? I thought I'm spending the night at your place?" This is different from the script. You can't simply change the script! We need to act according to the script!  

Shi Sheng did not want to get inside the car, stared at Shu Jue, who was holding the car door, "I don't care, I'm going to sleep with you tonight."

Shu Jue stayed silent for a few seconds, "you need to change your clothes."

Shi Sheng,"...."

Why didn't you say that earlier?!

Saying something misleading like sending me home.  

"Actually, I don't mind wearing your clothes," Shi Sheng blinked and teased Shu Jue. 

Shu Jue recalled the last time she wore his clothes, that scenario...

In order not to make a fool out of himself, he pushed Shi Sheng into the car with a dark face and sent her back. Shi Sheng went up to get her clothes while he waited for her downstairs. 

She delayed for a bit as she met Uncle Qiang on her way down. 

"Girl, what are you busy with these days? You're always out early and come back late. I don't even get to see you anymore." Uncle Qiang went down with Shi Sheng.

"I'm busy in love."

"Yo, have a boyfriend already." Uncle Qiang laughed loudly, "don't get fooled, be careful."

Shi Sheng responded obediently, "yes, I'll." Why would my Feng Ci lie to me?  

When they reached the bottom floor. Uncle Qiang and Shi Sheng did not bring the key for the metal, and it was too troublesome to go all the way back up, so Uncle Qiang knocked at Grandma Yang's door. But it did not open after a long time. 

"She probably isn't in. I'll go up and get the key." Uncle Qiang muttered, turned around to go up. 

Shi Sheng pulled him. 

"What's up, girl?"

"Uncle Qiang, did you smell something strange?" Shi Sheng asked Uncle Qiang. 

Uncle Qiang sniffled, "it seems like... something's rotten?"

Shi Sheng pointed at the door Uncle Qiang knocked on a moment ago, "the smell is coming from there. Is Grandma Yang fine?"

Shi Sheng knew that smell. 

It was the stench of a rotten corpse. 

Uncle Qiang recalled that he had not seen Grandma Yang these few days after Shi Sheng mentioned that. He quickly knocked on the door again, and no one answered. He went outside to get some neighbors. After they discussed it, they decided to barge into the room. 

The stench was even stronger when the door opened. 

Uncle Qiang went in with two other men to see the rotting corpse in the bedroom. One of them ran out to puke. 

Uncle Qiang looked slightly better, but his complexion was also pale, "call the police, call the police..."

Shi Sheng went out to inform Shu Jue then only returned. The police were already there investigating. 

In the end, they confirmed that Grandma Yang died due to sickness. It was not a murder case.

Grandma Yang's corpse began to rot after a few days due to the weather not being too warm. 

The cops contacted Grandma Yang's family, but they either did not pick up the phone, or they couldn't care less. 

In the end, the community could not stand it and was discussing holding a funeral for Grandma Yang. Shi Sheng wanted to pay for the fees, but the community thought it was difficult for a young lady like her to earn money, so they insisted on not letting her pay. So she had to put the fund into Uncle Qiang's bag secretly. 

Sometimes, relatives were no better than a group of strangers.