Shi Sheng and Shu Jue living together somehow spread in the office. Now everyone in the company would shoot daggers at Shi Sheng with their eyes whenever they saw her. 

Even Song Meng Zi was being treated better than her. 

Shi Sheng became the new public enemy of the women in the company. Everyone would glare at her whenever she went. 

Shi Sheng felt lucky that she worked in the male channel department. Her co-workers only cared about how she got Shu Jue.

The lawyer called Shi Sheng and notified her that she could sue Xie Yan.

Shi Sheng let the lawyer handle everything. 

They still needed to go through the prosecution procedure, and by the time they were done. Xie Yan’s book signing session already started. 

Shi Sheng did not want her novel be on the market, so she quickly brought someone to the venue.

The book signing session had not officially started. The crew were shocked when they saw Shi Sheng came along with a few others aggressively. 

“Miss, miss. The signing session hasn’t started. Please wait outside.” The crew came forward to stop Shi Sheng dutifully. 

“Where’s Xie Yan?” Shi Sheng stopped, “get him out of here.”

The crew seemed helpless, “Mr. Xie will show up naturally once the session starts. Miss, please wait patiently.”

Why are fans these days so crazy?  

“I’m not here for his autograph.” 

The crew glanced at the back, “then you’re here for?”

Are you here to look for trouble if you don’t want his autograph?  

Shi Sheng smiled with her lips pursed like an adorable young lady before scowling fiercely, “why do you care I’m here for?!”

The crew, “...” that’s literally my job.  

The crew ran backstage in a flash to find Xie Yan, probably due to Shi Sheng being too fierce. 

Xie Yan wanted the book signing session to go smoothly so he naturally would not want anyone to mess it up. He quickly came out of his room. 

Xie Yan panicked for a second when he saw Shi Sheng, he then calmed down quickly. 

He put on a faint smile and greeted Shi Sheng, “Xiao Yi, why are you here?”

Shi Sheng returned a fake smile, “I’m here to tell you that the book signing session is canceled.”

Xie Yan's pupils shrank, and his hands resting on his side of the body clenched unconsciously, “Xiao Yi, this is not a joke.”

“No one’s joking with you.” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, “you stole someone’s work and yet you still dare to hold a book signing session. Who gave you this confidence?”

Xie Yan’s hands clenched tighter, laughed awkwardly, “Xiao Yi, what are you talking about?”

The crew started to gather around them, Xie Yan was flustered. 

At first, he did not plan to publish “Ten Years of Addiction”, but Nie Cheng said that this novel would get popular. 

When the original protagonist showed Xie Yan the manuscript, she did not sign it. She told him that this was written by her friend and she would not release it. 

When no one was editing his script, the comment section was full of criticism. The idea of using this script showed up. 

Now that arrow was on the string, he had to publish the rest of the novel. 

Xie Yan thought that since this novel was written by her friend, she would not have any proof. 

He then calmed down, “Xiao Yi, now that you’re dating Chief Shu, I won’t pursue this matter anymore. We can pretend nothing ever happened between us. You and Chief Shu have my blessings.”

“Why are you talking about this. Are you trying to say that I cheated on you?”

Xie Yan appeared like he was in pain as if Shi Sheng really cheated on him. 

The crew did not know the whole story so they began to speculate. That Shi Sheng cheated on Xie Yan, but Xie Yan let that go, yet she tried to ruin his book signing session. 

“How can there be such a person?”

“Gosh, she’s shameless. Xie Yan’s so poor. Someone as good as him had to deal with scum like her.”

The speculation around aroused, but Shi Sheng was not the least bit affected by it. She only looked at Xie Yan with a half-smile. 

That half-smile made Xie Yan’s heart racing. He had a bad feeling about it. 

Shi Sheng did not care about what others said. She could not turn into a demon just because someone said she was. 

“Mr. Xie Yan.” The lawyer standing behind Shi Sheng seized the chance and stepped forward to blurt out many vocabularies that Xie Yan could not understand. 

In the end, he passed him a lawyer’s letter. 

Xie Yan was dumbfounded. What is happening? 

Is she really suing him?

Using someone’s work directly without their permission was much worse than plagiarism.

To put it bluntly, this was stealing. 

Naturally, the book signing session could not continue. Nie Cheng could not help it even when he rushed there. The cancellation of the signing session soon caused a commotion. 

After the lawsuit, more people were following this matter. 

Shi Sheng had plenty of evidence when she sued Xin Yi in court. Xie Yan on the other hand only had a script and nothing else. 


Xie Yan blocked Shi Sheng’s way when she was heading down. 

The current Xie Yan looked like a jobless middle-aged otaku. He looked nothing like the high-spirited hottie from before. 

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi.” Xie Yan saw Xie Yan came out and quickly chased after, “Xiao Yi, please give me a way out. Can you withdraw the case, please?”

His reputation would be all ruined once the verdict came out. 

As long as she withdrew the case, everything was still possible. 

“Withdraw the case? And let me take all the blame?” if she withdrew the case, the fans would fire shots at her. 

“Xiao Yi, you’re different. My whole life is over if I lose the case. Now that you’re dating Chief Shu. You don’t have to worry about anything for the rest of your life. Can you please withdraw the case? I’ll compensate you.”

I admire how shameless you can be.  

“You don’t have to worry about anything as well since you’re also dating Nie Cheng.” so no one’s reputation matters other than his, right? 

“No… Xiao Yi, you don’t get it. Xiao Yi, please don’t push me to the brink. Xiao Yi, seeing that we used to be with each other, please withdraw the case.”

How dare he mentions their relationship. Hooking up with another guy while they’re together. Who would give you the face? 

If he really liked him, he could've broken up with her first. But he had to keep her hanging while sleeping with another man. 

Shi Sheng was fuming with fire. Why would this kind of person show up in this dimension?

“I can’t withdraw the case.” Shi Sheng said coldly. 

This belonged to the original protagonist. There was nothing wrong with taking it back. 

“Xiao Yi...” Xie Yan did not give up and chased after her. 

Before he caught up with Shi Sheng, another figure blocked his path. 

Xie Yan looked up and cowered a step back. That man looked scary. 

He looked like he was about to murder him. 

“Don’t blame me for not being courteous if you continue to pester Xin Yi.”

Xie Yan froze there with his face pale as a paper. 

Shu Jue turned around and headed to Shi Sheng who was a few steps away, and wrapped his arms around her waist naturally. The terrifying aura disappeared as he lowered his head and asked Shi Sheng softly, “what do you want to eat?”

Shi Sheng tilted her head, “erm, you.”

“What are you thinking in the middle of the day? I’m asking about your lunch.” why is my wifey this dirty.  

“Can’t I have you for dessert after lunch?”