Naturally, Xie Yan lost the lawsuit, and the whole internet was canceling him. His contact number was leaked for some reason, resulting in him getting harassed every day. 

Since Nie Cheng rarely came back, so Xie Yan could not even find someone to console him. 

Whenever he called Nie Cheng, he would tell him that he was busy and told him to stay at home and waited for them to stop talking about this. 

Xie Yan could not find anyone to vent to, so he went to the internet to chat with strangers. He could curse and complain as much as he wanted to these strangers. 

Xie Yan began to get along well with this person. He would care about his well-being and listen to his rant.

It was easier to take advantage of someone when they were lonely and desperate. 

Xie Yan did not care much about Nie Cheng when this person showed up. 

Xie Yan agreed reluctantly to his request to video call. 

He was a quite handsome guy, and he was humorous and unusually considerate. When he knew that they lived in the same city, he would send him gifts every day. 

As Xie Yan got close with him unconsciously, he began to forget about Nie Cheng the pain from before. 

Xie Yan also agreed to a nude video call when the guy asked him tentatively. He had not met Nie Cheng for a long time. He needed some physical comfort. 

Hence, after they talked to each other nude a few times, Xie Yan suggested they meet up in real life. 

The man agreed to that happily. When they met, something unspeakable happened between them naturally. Xie Yan began to meet him more frequently. 

However, this relationship only lasted for a month. That man has a girlfriend, and he was only looking for excitement. When they were caught red-handed by his girlfriend, the man did not even dare to stand up for Xie Yan when he was being chided. 

His girlfriend was his walking ATM, so he did not dare to talk back to her. When she told him to break up with Xie Yan, he had to oblige as well. 

Xie Yan went back home heartbroken to discover Nie Cheng sitting on the living room couch. 

Xie Yan felt guilty out of nowhere. He did not dare to make eye contact with Nie Cheng, called him softly, “Nie Cheng...”

Nie Cheng raised his head to look at him, ignored the sorrow on his face, and threw a stack of photos to the floor, “Is this how you repay me after I spend money to feed you?”

The photos were of him dating the man. Some of them were rather explicit. 

Xie Yan tried to explain quickly, “Nie Cheng, listen to me, it was him... ”

Nie Cheng cut him off, his face full of disdain, “Xie Yan, why are you so cheap?”

This probably triggered Xie Yan. He broke down and screamed at Nie Cheng, “I’m cheap?! Who raped me in the first place?!”

If it were not for him, he would still be Xin Yi’s boyfriend. He might have been a famous writer by now.

“Rape?!” Nie Cheng jerked up and took a few steps to Xie Yan, grabbed his chin, “Xie Yan, you know that the drink was roofied. Yet you chose to drank that. Now you’re accusing me of raping you?”

Xie Yan screamed hysterically, "you raped me! You destroyed me! It’s all because of you, Nie Cheng. I hate you!."

Nie Cheng’s narrowed his eyes, then threw Xie Yan to the sofa. He ignored Xie Yan’s resistance and stripped off his clothes, and stuffed his mouth with his clothes. He took off his pants roughly and raised his legs up. 

As Nie Cheng saw Xie Yan’s unsightly rear end, and felt nauseous out of nowhere. Nie Cheng let go of Xie Yan and got up, “you can take this place. Let’s break up.”

Xie Yan panicked when he heard Nie Cheng said that. He climbed up from the sofa and rushed to hug Nie Cheng, who was about to leave, “Ah Cheng, I’m wrong. I won’t do this anymore. Please don’t break up with me, I’ll do everything as you say.”

Nie Cheng broke free from Xie Yan’s embrace and turned around. He eyed the person that was full of the marks from another man with disgust. 

He used to like this body a lot, but someone else had used it. 

“Ah Cheng.” Xie Yan clung onto Nie Cheng and kept kissing him. 

Nie Cheng pushed Xie Yan away with strength, “behave yourself.”

“Ah Cheng.” Xie Yan dropped to the cold ground, his face full of disbelief.

His body trembled as the door was slammed. 


Xie Yan tried to find Shu Jue, but Nie Cheng did not want to see him. He did not dare to find him anymore as they were many people were pointing and judging him. 

Now all he did was getting drunk all day. 

As time went by, Xie Yan’s money was getting lesser. All the money that he earned before was all lost to Shi Sheng. Other than the apartment Nie Cheng left him with, he did not have a single cent. 

He tried to use a different username to publish his work, but they were either uninteresting, or the readers would straight-up roast him. 

Xie Yan also went online to satisfy his physical needs. 

At one point, a man left him a few hundred dollars, and Xie Yan suddenly remembered that he could make money with his body.

He always thought that he resorted to his method as he had no alternatives. That he would stop doing this once he got wealthy. 

However, the little money that he earned was far from enough to cover his expenses. Xie Yan had to go big. In the end, he got into an accident and was admitted to the hospital. 

The staff from the hospital thought that Xie Yan was abused and reported to the police. After the police investigated, they caught a gang involved in sex trafficking. 

Xie Yan was imprisoned because of this. 

After he was released from prison. The apartment Nie Cheng gave him was sold to none other than the person that had a relationship with him before. 

There were so many people in the world, but who could he ask for help from?

Xie Yan did not even have a place to stay. He wanted to look for a job, but he could not last long in any of the jobs. 


“Hey. Xiao Xin Yi, have you seen Chen Lu?”

Shi Sheng received Cheng Ming’s call when she was discussing how to show off perfectly. 

“Nope.” Shi Sheng clamped her phone with her shoulder, freeing her hand to reply to the author’s message, “what’s wrong?”

Cheng Ming sounded anxious, along with the sound of whistling wind and chaotic honking, “Chen Lu called me last night to tell me that he has something in school today and I don’t have to pick him up. This morning his friend told me that he left his phone at home, but I couldn’t find him at school. His friends didn’t see him as well.”

Cheng Ming gasped for air, “I’ve gone to places that he would always go but he was nowhere to be found. Can you help me ask Shu Jue? Please let me know if you have anything.”


Shi Sheng frowned strangely as Cheng Ming hung up. She got up and went to Shu Jue’s office. 

The assistant was used to the future Chief Editor’s wife and let her in right away. 

Shu Jue appeared to be preparing to go out. Shi Sheng bumped into him as she opened the door. 

"Where are you going?" Shi Sheng gave him a strange look.

Shu Jue lifted his hand and pointed at his watch, “dinner, ma’am. Didn’t you come here to have dinner with me?”

Shi Sheng looked at the time, “Cheng Ming called me to see if I saw Chen Lu or not. I think Chen Lu’s missing.”

“He’s missing?”

Shi Sheng nodded, “Cheng Ming said he couldn’t find him anywhere. His phone isn’t with him as well.”

Shi Sheng had a habit of thinking pessimistically. this dude is either kidnapped or…