Chen Lu’s daily activities followed along with Cheng Ming. He would always be with Cheng Ming except when he had classes. 

Even if he were to go anywhere, he would tell Cheng Ming beforehand. If he could not contact Cheng Ming, he would ask Shi Sheng or Shu Jue to inform him. 

So, Chen Lu would not lose contact for no reason. 

Shu Jue was in a call, so he did not pick up Cheng Ming’s incoming call. Cheng Ming said something to him flustered and exasperated. 

“What’s wrong?”

Shu Jue hung up, “Nie Cheng took Chen Lu away.”

Shi Sheng,”...”

I’m lost. 

Why is Nie Cheng still holding onto Cheng Ming again? Isn’t his true love Xie Yan the bottom?

Cheng Ming, without a doubt, is the top. When he was with Nie Cheng, he had to be the bottom.

When Shi Sheng and Shu Jue rushed to the scene. The police were everywhere around Nie Cheng’s house. 

Soon, one of the cops carried a body bag out. 

Nie Cheng was escorted by Xin Yi police behind him. They did not see Cheng Ming and Song Meng Zi.

“Who’s in the body bag?” Shi Sheng stopped a cop. As the cop was about to refuse to answer, she quickly added, “we’re Cheng Ming’s friends.”

“Mr. Cheng is alright and has been sent to the hospital.” the cop answered the unimportant part. 


The deceased was Xie Yan. When Nie Cheng kidnapped Chen Lu, he called Cheng Ming to go to his house alone. 

But before Cheng Ming arrived, Xie Yan reached Nie Cheng first. Both of them probably got into an argument, and Xie Yan suddenly took out a knife that he prepared in advance to kill Nie Cheng.

Xie Yan was malnourished, so he was no match with Nie Cheng. Instead of killing Nie Cheng, he got killed instead. 

Chen Lu was injured accidentally, but it was not a big deal. 

Cheng Ming was still in the hospital accompanying Chen Lu. After Chen Lu was fully recovered, he began to purchase Nie Cheng’s properties. 

The Cheng Family was the wealthiest in this novel. Even Shu Jue was not as rich as he was. 

After Cheng Ming purchased Shu Jue’s shares from the company, he resold them to him and allowed him to pay in installments. 


The copyright of 'Ten Years of Addiction' was already sold. So Shi Sheng had to pay a high price to buy it back. The other party would not agree for obvious reasons. what if it turned out to be a classic?  

Shi Sheng made threats and promises to get them to agree to sell 'Ten Years of Addiction' back to her under the condition that she sold 'Flower God' to them. 

What the heck?! This is my copyrights in the first place. Why do I need to spend money to buy it!  

Shi Sheng finished 'Flower God' unhappily. The readers thought that something went wrong with the system when 'Flower God', which had not been updated for hundreds of years suddenly released a new chapter. 

Of course, in the end, they were all dumbfounded. 

What on earth is this? 

Why did the female and male protagonists die? Only left with a tree…  

They could not accept the ending. 

When they heard that 'Flower God' was about to get a movie. They were even more depressed. How are they going to watch this garbage ending?

Shi Sheng wanted to use this ending, but the television company did not agree to that. Shi Sheng promised to give them a satisfying ending. So she had to change to another ending. 

Those that read the original ending realized that the initial ending was good after watching the movie. This, of course, was an afterthought. 

“'Ten Years of Addiction' was an excellent piece of work. Why didn’t you sell it?” Shu Jue could not understand this at all. 

“Why should I sell it? That’s not my work.”

Shu Jue frowned, didn’t she write that novel?  

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, “look at the novel I published. Do you think I’m able to write something like that?”

Shu Jue read all of Shi Sheng’s plots. Her work was basically full of different plots. After she finished one, the other would show up. When it seemed like she had completed the story and reached a conclusion, she could still write a sequel. 

With the original style and characters, without any subplots. 

It could overturn the previous ending and presented a new truth without being absurd. 

As for a trilogy, that was not something that she could predict, since she had not considered it. 

“Then who wrote that?”

“Xin Yi.” Shi Sheng stared at Shu Jue, “not me, it’s Xin Yi.”

The original Xin Yi.

Shu Jue heard it before from Shi Sheng. Now that he pondered about it, he felt like Xin Yi was that author’s name. They could be her friend.

However, this had nothing to do with him. 

Shu Jue pulled Shi Sheng close to her, “now we have something important to discuss.”

Shi Sheng blinked, “is it our wedding date?”

Shu Jue,”...”

All she cares about is our wedding date. What else is in her brain other than our marriage?  

“Where did your money come from?” he wanted to ask this for a long time. 

She seemed pretty wealthy. 

It’s not about our wedding. That’s disappointing. “I earned those. Can’t rob the bank since I’m not Spiderman.” 

“How did you earn it?” which line of career? How did he now know?  

“You’re interested to know?” Shi Sheng pushed Shu Jue to the bed, supporting his chest with her hand, said dominantly, “please me and I’ll tell you.”

Shu Jue,”...”

Can’t she think about anything else other than this?  


Shu Jue did not like Shi Sheng working among men, so he moved her to his side, and her work was…


Sleeping with him?

Hehe, you’re too imaginative. 

If Shi Sheng did not write, he would not sleep with her! 

Shi Sheng wanted to refuse this. 

This script is going haywire!  

So, their co-workers would see their chief editor's wife typing on the keyboard more dead than alive.

With Shu Jue behind her, it was more difficult for her not to get famous. Her readers, on the other hand, wanted to murder her. 

Damn, she didn’t even finish the plotline she started now she opened up another plotline again. 

She indeed lived up to her author name, Plotline Ancestor. 


Someone got into Song Meng Zi at the annual event, until he changed his work genre from the male channel to the female channel just to flirt with her. 

Song Meng Zi got mad after he kept teasing her. 

Only she can be the one that teases the others, yet he dares to tease her! 

She had to flirt back!  

However, her flirting skill was not as good as him, until she was forced to leave the country, somewhere far away from home, to return after many years. 

Cheng Ming had been together with 'Ten Years of Addiction'. Tho the Cheng Family was against it, Cheng Ming was determined about it. The Cheng Family’s opposition did not go any good so they had to accept Chen Lu as a family. 

But the Cheng Family insisted Cheng Ming needed to have a biological child to inherit their family inheritance. 

Cheng Ming was unhappy about it. He could not give birth to a child by himself, and he did not want to be involved with another woman. 

The Cheng Family had no choice but to adopt a child from their relatives. Although it was not biological, they had the Cheng Family blood. 

Cheng Ming had been up against them for a long time. It was not good to disobey the elders anymore.