Shi Sheng did not live long in this dimension. She was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 27, stage 4. 

She could avoid accidental death, but she could not decide her health condition. 

Shu Jue had been accompanying her after that. 

The bright and cheerful girl back then seemed to be buried by time, leaving only her pale complexion. Yet the lights in her eyes never changed. 

“Xiao Xin, take your medicine.” Shu Jue still looking young and handsome, as if he had not aged. He handed the medicine to Shi Sheng gently. 

Shi Sheng ate the medicine from his hand. She could feel the body was getting weaker as time went by. 

She looked at Shu Jue after she swallowed the medicine, “Shu Jue, let’s go outside and have a look.”

“Today’s weather is nice. I’ll bring you out...”

“I say, we go outside and have a look.” Shi Sheng cut off Shu Jue. 

Shu Jue stayed silent for a minute, “Xiao Xin, we can’t travel far with your condition.”

Shi Sheng grabbed Shu Jue’s hand and shook it gently, “please.”

Shu Jue could not help it. He caressed Shi Sheng’s cheek, “I’ll arrange it.”


Traveling around the globe was too much of a burden for Shi Sheng’s body. 

“Shu Jue, hurry up.” Shi Sheng waved at Shu Jue. 

Shu Jue walked over a few steps, “be careful. There are many people.”

“Why are you nagging so much?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, with a relaxed expression, “can’t you smile? We’re on vacation. Come, follow me.”

Shi Sheng’s mouth curved up into a wide smile. 

Shu Jue forced out a faint smile. 

“This is much better.” Shi Sheng tugged Shu Jue, “let’s go. It’ll be a waste if I didn’t splurge all my money.”

Shi Sheng indeed was there to splurge. She spent it all without worrying a thing.

The last stop was the ocean. 

Shu Jue booked the whole cruise ship. 

Shi Sheng rubbed her eyes and sat up from her bed slowly. She suddenly felt a warmth in her nose. The crimson red blood dripped from her nose to the pure white quilt. 

Shi Sheng reached out to touch her nose. 

This is so annoying, I’m nosebleeding again.

“Shu Jue, Shu Jue.” Shi Sheng shouted at the top of her lungs. 

The sound of footsteps approached. Shu Jue came in to see Shi Sheng was nosebleeding again. He quickly went up and helped her stop the bleeding skillfully. 

“Shu Jue, I’m dying.”

Shi Sheng suddenly spoke. 

Shu Jue’s expression was calm, no one could tell what went on at the most bottom of his eyes, “yes, I know.”

“Give me back my thing.” Shi Sheng lowered her head, pointed at Shu Jue’s watch. 


“Because I want to gift it to you next time.” Shi Sheng said seriously/ 

Shu Jue hesitated for a moment, took off the watch, and passed it to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng kept the watch away, stretched her hands to Shu Jue, “help me take a bath.”

Shu Jue bent over to carry her into the bathroom. He took off her clothes gently. The warm water wrapped around her body. Shi Sheng did not feel as cold as before. 

“I want to do it again with you.” Shi Sheng hooked her finger at Shu Jue’s chin and sighed softly, “unfortunately, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Next time then.”

“Stop joking around.” Shu Jue placed her hand into the water. 

The water splashed around as Shi Sheng moved her body. She laid in the bathtub, staring at Shu Jue.

She washed her face clean, leaving only the paleness from her illness. 

“Let’s do it. This might be the last time.”

Shi Sheng reached out to undress Shu Jue. He locked his gaze on her as he let her undress him. Shi Sheng moved aside to give him space. 

Shu Jue entered the bathtub slowly, and the water spilled as it overflew. The mist surrounded the room. 

Shi Sheng wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him slowly. Shu Jue had to control his strength when he kissed her so that she could breathe. 

Both of them spent no one knew how long in the bathtub. Shu Jue then wiped her body clean and carried her out. 

Shi Sheng insisted to go to the deck, so Shu Jue had no choice but to let her go there. 

The sun was setting, and the sea waves were hitting the ship in waves. Everything seemed so beautiful and peaceful. 

Shi Sheng laid on the deck and turned on her laptop. The wifi on this cruise was not bad. She could connect to the internet. 

She had been uploading Shu Jue and her relationship to the internet. 

Things they did together, sceneries they saw, delicious foods they ate, hotels they stayed, people that they met, along with all kinds of interesting stories. 

Shi Sheng typed the last word and hit the send button. 

She looked at the website for a moment before closing it and turned off her laptop. 

“Shu Jue.” Shi Sheng looked to Shu Jue as she put down her laptop. 

In Shu Jue’s hands were two glasses of wine. As Shi Sheng called him, he poured the wine into a cup and shook it lightly. 

Shi Sheng was slightly shocked. 

The man’s gaze was determined and absolute under the sunset. 

“I’ll be with you.”

The paled face lady smiled slowly. The sunset reflected in her iris blossomed into a blood-like color. She moved her lips. 

“That’s nice.”

Shu Jue tilted his head to drank it all in one gulp, then leaned over to pour the wine from his mouth to Shi Sheng’s mouth. The fragrance of the wine spread out between their lips, along with a strong scent of blood gushing up. 

4 let go of Shi Sheng, licked the wine around Shi Sheng’s lips, and laid down while embracing her. 

“Where will we be going?”

“To the next world.”


The readers did not know about Shi Sheng’s illness, so they had been wishing her well in the comment section. 

Until her novel appeared to be finished only the readers knew about the news from the website tribute banner. 

The readers never expected that the author that had been interacting with them in the comment section left just like that. 

Along with her husband, Shu Jue.

Shu Jue was healthy. Everyone close to them knew this. Yet he left with her. 

Shu Jue had arranged everything before he left. So even if he was gone, nothing would be affected. 

At the memorial service, Cheng Ming and Song Meng Zi were the representatives to greet those who came to mourn them. 

Song Meng Zi’s eyes were swollen and red. She broke down at the end. In front of the guests, she screamed, “how can they be so selfish?!”

Cheng Ming quickly pulled her away. 

“How could they do that?!” Song Meng Zi sobbed, “why? How could they leave and did not care about a single thing? Who gives them the right to let us suffer!”

Cheng Ming patted Song Meng Zi’s shoulder without saying a word. He then said softly, “because they’re selfish.”

In their world, there was no doubt, no jealousy, only trust. 

One year after Shi Sheng and Shu Jue passed away. The last novel she updated was published. 

With the title, “Seeing You Again.”

The synopsis only contained one sentence. 

Everyone knew that Xin Yi had Shu Jue, who was willing to die with her. 

Whether it was for their love that they were willing to live and die together, or that Shi Sheng’s was their favorite author. This book became their best memorial. 

The last sentence of the book was…

We were not destined to be together, but I will always be looking for you. Wait for me.