Shi Sheng returned to the system space. 

The system spoke immediately, 

[Host, this is too cruel.] Can’t believe she would drag another person to die with her.  

Shi Sheng glanced at the screen. The system did not say another word as her glance was piercingly cold. 

As the system renewed her data, it heard its host speak in a faint voice. 

“He’s my man, so if I live, he lives; if I die, he dies.”

[...] this dude is bat ass crazy.  

Name: Shi Sheng

Personality point: -268000

Health point: 40

Accumulated point: 47000

Mission grade: B

Mission point: 66

Hidden mission: incompleted

Hidden mission reward: none

Side mission: completed

Side mission 1 reward: 300 points

Tools: "Queen's Crown", "Devil's Heart", "Dark Night"

Shi Sheng,”...”

They didn’t only deduct my personality point. They even take away my health point.

If you’re that great, why don’t you take down heaven?  

The system did not say a word and played dead. 

It was not its fault that her points were deducted, so it would not take the blame.  

Shi Sheng stayed in the space for a while. The system did not know what she was doing. She dismantled the watch and added some strange parts into it. 

The system wanted to scan those parts. However, before it could scan it, it was startled by Shi Sheng’s glare. 

Shi Sheng requested to teleport to another dimension after she reassembled the watch. 

[Transmission begins...]

- everyone knew that for Feng Zhi Yin to unify the mainland was like a piece of cake.

“Ah ah!”

The ear-piercing scream tore through Shi Sheng’s eardrums. 

She could feel that she was falling at high speed, and she sensed danger everywhere. A strong stench of blood spreading across her nose. 


Something slapped towards her. 

Shi Sheng quickly opened her eyes and her falling speed suddenly slowed down. Her sword supported her from below and rose violently, pulling her away from the ground. 

Shi Sheng was in immerse pain. 

That kind of scorching pain as if she was burnt. 

She laid half-dead on her sword, listening to the incessant screams from below. All she wanted to do was to hit the pause button, to make those sounds disappear. 

After resting for some time, Shi Sheng then only looked down to find out what was going on, 

A huge gibbon was massacring merciless from below. Those voices were from the crowd escaping from it. 

All she could see was an endless forest, with mountains connected to one another, with no end in sight. 

Shi Sheng observed the people for some time. They could fire colored spiritual energy from their hands and they were dressed in ancient outfits. 

This was a fantasy dimension. 

“Roar!” the gibbon wept through the forest, and the trees collapsed. Many were stomped to death by it. 

If her sword was not summoned in time. 

She would probably be one of the corpses under its feet. 

I’m scared, why is it so savage when I first arrive?  

As Shi Sheng was observing below, the gibbon suddenly looked up. Its scarlet eyes were filled with anger. 

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at the gibbon. come at me if you’re that great!  

A gush of wind winded up behind her right after her provocation, lifting Shi Sheng from her sword. 

The gibbon spat out a string of flames that shaped into a fire dragon, heading in Shi Sheng’s direction. 


Shi Sheng’s whole body was in pain, she could not even flip over. Her sword was entangled by an eagle in mid-air. By the time the sword cut the eagle, Shi Sheng was about to be burned by the fire dragon. 

Shi Sheng put a defense talisman on her and quickly threw an energy ball at the gibbon. However, she did not have enough strength so she did not throw it too far. 

Before Shi Sheng could see clearly, the flames were rushing at her. Her vision field was covered by the fires, she could not see anything and the temperature around her was rising. 

Luckily the flames did not follow her. After she fell, the flames were still gushing in the air. 

Shi Sheng did not hear any explosion. She turned her head around with difficulty to see the gibbon. 

That dude was holding her energy ball, observing it. The energy ball was smaller than its eyes. It put it in front of its left eye, then the right eye. It even closed one of its eyes to observe it. 

Energy balls would explode when they hit the ground. If it did not touch the hard ground, it would not explode. So this monkey caught the energy ball?

This is impressive… what’s that?

She could not recognize the creature. 

It was huge and it could spit fire. It must be a spiritual creature. 

That was how it was usually set in the fantasy world. 

The sword dashed downwards, caught Shi Sheng, who was about to fell to the ground. As she got roasted by fire a moment ago, so she was in more pain. 

Everywhere hurts! 

It hurts so much until I want to slash people. 

Too bad, I can’t hold my sword. 


It’s always like this. I’m so mad!  

The gibbon was curious about the energy ball. It even put it in its mouth and chewed it foolishly. 

Is this monkey dumb? 

The energy ball will explode if you chew it!  

The gibbon chewed a few times. But its teeth were too large so it could not chew the tiny energy ball. It wrapped the energy ball in its mouth and roared angrily at Shi Sheng while dashing at her with its paws wide opened.  

Shi Sheng,”...”

DId I wrong you. Why must you kill me?!  

“Run!” Shi Sheng tapped her sword. 

“Roar!” the gibbon spat a bunch of flames again. 


You think spitting fire is that great is it?  

Shi Sheng quickly ordered the sword to escape, “kill my ass! I can’t even move. Faster run, are you waiting to die?!”

The sword rocketed out and traveled through the forest that shook the gibbon behind them off. 

The sword only slowed down until there was no movement behind her. 

The sword carried Shi Sheng to inspect around to see if there was any strange creature. She made sure that there was nothing strange before stopping on an empty spot. Shi Sheng rolled off her sword to the ground. The ground was covered with thick layers of fallen leaves with a rotten stench. It was unpleasant. 

Shi Sheng held her breath and took out an elixir pellet from her space. 

Darn it, these treasures finally have some uses.  

The pellet took some time before the effect kicked in. Shi Sheng then only felt slightly better. 

She held up her hands and took a look, it was dark. Her clothes were burnt as well. This body must have been burnt by the gibbon before she transmigrated here. 

Good job, my monkey! Wait until I’m well, I fight with you for 300 rounds! 

Bah, once I’m well, I’ll chop you within seconds. 

Shi Sheng used the sword as a mirror to look at herself. She was shocked by her looks so much until she made the sword to bring her to a place with water before she receive the plot.

My head can be chopped off and I don’t mind my blood dried out, but my hair cannot be messed up. 

This was Shi Sheng’s life motto that she held to heart. 

[......] what kind of life motto is this? Most of this is just a pretentious motto. Host, don’t talk nonsense.  

Shi Sheng had all kinds of outfits of different generations, although it might be a little different from this dimension, it would be as eye-catching as her modern outfit. 

After Shi Sheng washed up, she ate a few more elixir pellets to stabilize her body, before she received the plot.