The original host was Feng Zhi Yin.

Shi Sheng suspected that author had a bad intention for her. 

Feng Zhi Yin, why not retard! 

Aham, back to the point.  

The original host’s surname is Feng, and her first name is Feng Zhi Yin.

She was adopted by the Tian Yan Mainland Feng Family’s head. She was gifted and was doted by the family head as if she was the most favored young lady of the Feng Family. 

However, all of these changed when she reached the age of Feng Zhi Yin. When the female protagonist, Feng Qing Qing, was adopted by the family. Everything changed. 

Feng Qing Qing was the family head’s illegitimate daughter. She was one year younger than the original host. 

In Feng Qing Qing’s previous life, she returned to the Feng Family’s before the original host grew to adulthood. But Feng Qing Qing was weak and cowardly in her last life. Everyone from the family despised her. 

Feng Qing Qing was framed and almost died in the Demon Flame Ridge.

Although she did not die, she was almost entirely crippled. 

Feng Qing Qing’s life was even worse after this. 

The only thing the original host wronged her was her breaking a promise of marriage. 

To be precise, she did not break the promise of her wedding. She withdrew from the marriage. Feng Qing Qing, who was being despised all the time suddenly met someone nice to her. She soon fell into her imaginary love. 

However, as she was about to give birth. That man ran away with another woman, and he took the pendant she had always carried with her. 

The man told Feng Qing Qing that he was nice to her before was to get the pendant from her. 

Feng Qing Qing gave birth to her child in sorrow and despair, so her child was frail. 

The man and the mistress openly PDA in front of her. The mistress even ordered her to do all kinds of hard chores, or not her child would not have food to eat. 

One winter, Feng Qing Qing’s child was gravely ill. She went to ask for help from the man but was stopped by the mistress. She let her child freeze to death and pushed her into a pond. 

Feng Qing Qing did not expect that she would be reborn, but she did. So she wanted to take revenge. 

She wanted to avenge for humiliation from her previous life. 

The original owner was one of them. 

Feng Qing Qing always thought that the original owner broke the promise of her wedding for caused her subsequent tragedy, but the original owner did not do that. 

After Feng Qing Qing was reborn, back to the same family at the same time. She already knew about the pendent’s secret. It was a space, an endless space with many items inside. Feng Qing Qing activated the all-mighty mode that could concoct immortality pills, refining equipment, and tame beasts. 

When Feng Qing Qing went back to the family, she was the strongest among her peers. However, she did not show her true capability. She went to look for the finest quality herbs during the family trials. 

After Feng Qing Qing obtained the herb, she was chased by the Heavenly Wolf Ape. Feng Qing Qing was no match against Heavenly Wolf Ape, so she placed the precious herb on the original owner to avoid Heavenly Wolf Ape.

Feng Qing Qing could not fight against the Heavenly Wolf Ape, let alone the original host. If the family elders did not rush there in time, she might have been torn to pieces. 

After the original host was rescued, the family head used all kinds of precious medicine to save her. But they only managed to barely save her life, like Feng Qing Qing’s previous life, she was totally crippled. 

Feng Qing Qing made a replica of her pendent and bribed Feng Zhi Yin’s doctor to give her the reason to ease her pain. 

The original host ended with the same fate as Feng Qing Qing’s previous life. She was married to the same man. Her pendant was robbed and died miserably. 

Feng Qing Qing, on the other hand, had a great life. She was married to the most powerful man in this dimension, with her name passed down from generation to generation. 

The original owner in this novel was a cannon fodder of cannon fodder. She was practically invisible after the female protagonist got rid of the pendant issue. 

This is pretty unlucky. 

Gotten shot by the bullets out of nowhere.  

Shi Sheng mourned silently for the original owner for a minute. This lady was indeed innocent. She did not wrong Feng Qing Qing. The worst thing she did was not standing up for her when she was bullied. 

But such a thing was rather common in the family. 

Even biological sisters might not help her. 

Fine, it could be her mindset was too radical. Normal people did not have the same wavelength as her. 

The original owner’s will was to take revenge. 

Shi Sheng opened her eyes slowly after she was done receiving the plot. She was right at the time during the family trivial. 

That gibbon was the Heavenly Wolf Ape. 

How dare it burn me?!

I must chop him as a return.  

As Shi Sheng was getting up, a shadow figure jumped out and bringing up the leaves, and made some clattering sound. The shadow figure landed in front of her. 

This was the Heavenly Wolf Ape. that chased her. 

Shi Sheng,”...”

Where’s my sword?

Shi Sheng bent over to the pile of clothes and looked for some time and found a slightly burnt herb. She threw the plant at the Heavenly Wolf Ape, “here you go.”

The Heavenly Wolf Ape caught the herb and sniffed it. It then made a… crying expression, probably. 

The corners of its lips and its eyelids hung low with its mouth open. 

“Roar!” this abominable needs to repay my herb with her life!

Shi Sheng quickly grabbed the sword next to her, held it in front of her chest, “hey, be sensible! You burnt that yourself!”

Feng Qing Qing slipped the herb to the original owner, and the Heavenly Wolf Ape targeted her from the smell. 

It was responsible for the burnt area. 

This has nothing to do with me!  


Shi Sheng roughly translated that roar - I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening! 

Although the Heavenly Wolf Ape was huge, it was agile. Its legs bent and hopped at Shi Sheng after the roar. 


This monkey is unreasonable!  

It knew how to fly and spitfire. The fire dragons were spat out as if they did not require any effort. 

Shi Sheng could only dodge. Her injuries were not fully healed yet, so she could only escape. 

“Stop chasing me. I’ve returned your stuff.” Shi Sheng sat on her sword, watching the ape destroying the forest down there like a manic. 

Plants were living organisms too. This gibbon was so cruel. 

The ape pounded its chest at Shi Sheng.

“Roar!” Come down!  

Shi Sheng was utterly awkward. She did not know why she could understand the monkey, but she did anyway. 

Could it be her gift? 

[...] don’t overthink. This is the original host’s ability. 

Shut up, no one told you to answer me.

Can’t you let me show off a bit?  


Shi Sheng looked down at the irritated gibbon and curled her finger, “you come up here.”

“Roar!” you come down!  

“You come up.”

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” you better come down!  

“I won’t go down. Come up if you can!” She was no fool. If she went down based on her current combat power, even if she managed to defeat the gibbon, it would be a mess. 

As a self-cultivated scum, how can I collude with the villain, bah I mean to show my embarrassing side?