The gibbon was stomping the forest down there angrily. Soon the surrounding woods were either burnt or fallen, leaving a mess. 

Shi Sheng propped her chin and occasionally directed her sword to dodge the fire dragons spewed by the gibbon. 

Shi Sheng noticed that her sword could only reach a certain height. The pressure would force her down if she tried to go any higher. She was incapable to force her way up based on her current state. 

This is Demon Flame Ridge. The endless forest stretched out infinitely, containing countless mystical creatures. 

That’s right, the gibbon below was called a mystical creature in this dimension. Above it would be holy creatures and deity creatures. 

Mystical creatures could be classified into nine ranks. This gibbon was only at the fifth rank. 

The difference of one rank in mystical creatures was several levels of gaps for humans. 

Anyway, no one could beat a rank five mystical creature on the mainland. 

A third rank mystical creature was intelligent, while a rank five mystical creature’s intelligence was equivalent to a ten-year-old child. Shi Sheng suddenly understood the behavior of the idiotic gibbon. 

Wait a minute. So I can’t even beat a ten-year-old child. Why am I such a retard?  

Shi Sheng stayed silent. 

She then took out a few energy balls from her space and threw them at it. The gibbon caught the balls in its hand firmly, probably due to it grabbing it the last time. 

Shi Sheng, “...”

It’s a waste that a monkey that can catch balls barehanded did not be an athlete.  

Its mouth still had the energy ball from before. The gibbon shoved the other energy ball into its mouth after catching it. 

Shi Sheng looked at it enjoying the energy ball. She did not get it. 

Is that thing delicious?  

Shi Sheng glanced at an energy ball for a while before licking it. It was chilly and cool, like ice cream in the summer, but it did not have any taste. 

She could not understand a child’s enjoyment. 


The monkey roared abruptly and startled Shi Sheng until she almost crushed the energy ball in her hand. She quickly put the energy ball back to her space and looked in the direction the ape was looking at. 

After staring at it for quite some time, Shi Sheng did not know why did it roar. But she knew was that the ape returned to destroyed the forest after that roar, 

Shi Sheng,”...” is this monkey dumb? 

System, check if there’s any strange stuff around here.

[...] I’m not your search engine. You don’t have the authority to view.  

Shi Sheng only had the access to search for specific items. She was unable to search for a wide range. 

“You’re no use then.” Shi Sheng despised it deeply. 

The System’s mad. It’s not it did not allow her to search that.

Shi Sheng felt like she should find a place to rest. But the gibbon kept following her as if it would not leave until it killed Shi Sheng. 

It was like a CCTV on Shi Sheng. No matter when she went, he would follow her around, 

“Roar! Roar! Roar!” the gibbon was still provoking Shi Sheng.

Just kill it. Just kill it.  

Those were the only thoughts circling in her mind. 

She directed the sword to fly lower. The moment the gibbon saw her approaching, it immediately spewed out flames. Everywhere the flames passed through turned into scorched black. 

Shi Sheng dodged the fire and landed at the bottom area of the mountain filled with protruding rocks. 

There was a huge rock erected there for some reason, and Shi Sheng was standing underneath it. 

“Roar!” dumb human!  

Shi Sheng,”...” I’m not really interested in what you just shouted.  

Shi Sheng stretched her hand at the ape and signaled, “if you’re not dumb, then why don’t you come here?”

The gibbon pounded its chest and roared with fury. It charged at Shi Sheng after stomped at the ground. 

Its speed was so fast, the human eyes could only see its afterimage. 

Shi Sheng stood under the mountain. She did not move an inch. 

In the shrubs stood several figurines. All of them stared at the scene dumbfounded. 

“Lord, should we help her?” one of them asked the man that stood in the forefront. 

The man’s face was covered with a mask. He stared at the lady’ who was standing still under the mountain rock, “so we know her?”

“She’s the daughter of the Feng Family, Feng Zhi Lu.”

He did not give an answer, while the others dared not to speak much. They could only watch her from afar. 

Shi Sheng forced out every inch of energy from her body to dodge to aside when the gibbon was close to her. The gibbon did not manage to stop in time, so it cracked directly into the mountain boulder. 

The boulder cracked into countless rocks and fell onto the gibbon. 

The ape dropped to the ground with its face facing the ground. Its chin knocked on a piece of stone, and its bit the energy ball in its mouth. A boundless wave of energy spread out, and the monkey’s eyes widened… 


Shi Sheng fell to a side due to the explosion, with a layer of dust on her body. Fortunately, she was not injured. 

She looked at the large pit and shook off the dust on her body unsophisticatedly. 

You think I’m a free meal, is it? 

Freaking retard.  

Shi Sheng went around the pit while dragging her sword. 


Everyone’s face was filled with shock after Shi Sheng left. 

“Lord...” what exploded just then?  

“Let’s have a look.” the man went out of the shrubs. They were pretty far away from the explosion, so they had to get closer to watch clearly. 

The enormous pit was shimmering with lightning. The entire pit emanated an intimidating power.

The closer they approached, the more unbearable they felt. Their legs were trembling so much until they had the impulse to kneel. 

After some time, someone asked incoherently, “what… is that?”

The huge boulder that was erected there just now vanished into thin air. The crushed stones scattered on the pit were the proof that there was once a large boulder here. 

The pit was utterly deep. It was at least 7-8 meters away from the ground. The bottom of the pit was spotless. There was no corpse of the Heavenly Wolf Ape nor the soil inside the pit. 

The crowd looked at the pit in dismay. After around ten seconds, they turned their glance to the man. 

They had never seen such a bizarre phenomenon. 

The man took out an item and threw it into the pit. 

The lightning was still sizzling. 

Once the item entered the pit, it was struck by a bolt of lightning out of nowhere. It vanished into thin air in front of everyone, leaving no trace of the item behind. 


The man looked in the direction Shi Sheng left and murmured softly, “ Feng Zhi Lu.”