Countless mystical creatures were charging at them. The slow runners were trampled into meat pies by the mystical creatures. The large team was separated as they were escaping. 

Shi Sheng ran the fastest. No one caught up to her. In the end, she was alone. 

No one was behind. Shi Sheng took out her sword and flew up. 

She saw the trees were collapsing from the sky, like a doomsday scene. Amidst the thick layers of fogs and clouds of dust, the mystical creatures’ figures were vaguely visible. 

Shi Sheng sat on her sword, watching the countless mystical beasts rush under her feet. As she turned around, she noticed a bunch of dark creatures approaching her. 

“Oh shoot!” how can I forget about those that can fly!  

Shi Sheng hurriedly drove her sword to fly forward. 

Several figures sprang up from the front, stepping on the branches, and flew over her. 

Shi Sheng flew between them, and one of them flung a wave of mystical energy at her. 

Shi Sheng dodged the mystical energy, braked her sword, and turned around to take a look at those behind her. 

There were four of them. All were handsome men wearing the same, pure white uniforms. 

Shi Sheng looked at the man on the far left according to the direction of the mystical energy. 

Two of them did not stop. They flew past Shi Sheng while the other two paused and made eye contact with Shi Sheng. 

“What’s your problem?!” why did you hit me for no reason?!  

“Pardon me, miss. Hahaha, I thought you were a mystical creature.” the man that hit her apologized openly. 

“Bah!” have you seen any mystical creature as good-looking as me? 

Freaking retard!  

The man,”...” bah… ?  

Shi Sheng stopped nagging him and continue to fly forward. They looked at the sword Shi Sheng rode, strange. 

However, the rumbling sound from behind did not spare them any time to look deeper into the sword. They hurriedly chased after the other two. 

After some time, Shi Sheng finally saw the edge of the Demon Flame Ridge. But the sound behind her was as loud as before. Those mystical creatures had run out of the Demon Flame Ridge. 

Outside the Demon Flame Ridge was a desolate mountain wilderness. Shi Sheng saw a row of people dressed in snow-white uniforms surrounded the Demon Flame Ridge outskirt. 

Shi Sheng,”...”

What’s going on?

Is this MLM?  

Shi Sheng escaped Demon Flame Ridge faster than those four men and stopped on top of that line of people. 

“Miss, don’t stay here. Faster leave.” the men from below shouted at her. 

Shi Sheng looked at them and charged at the ground. As she approached the ground, she hopped off her sword and dropped in front of the man, “what are you doing?”

At the same time, the four men behind her rushed out as well. They dropped to the ground and glanced at Shi Sheng weirdly. 

Her sword was so fast. 

They only stopped looking at her when someone came up to talk to them. 

“How’s the situation inside?”

“Not great.” one of them answered. 

“We need to hurry up and activate the formation.”

“There are still people inside. We have to wait for them.”

“Get ready.”

Those four joined the line immediately and stood there firmly. 

The man who stood next to Shi Sheng said to her, “Miss, please don’t intervene with us.”

“What are you doing?”

The man did not hide their intention, “we can’t let the mystical creatures out.”

Shi Sheng blinked. The formation they mentioned just now… and that they could not let the mystical creatures out. Are they trying to get stop the mystical creatures with the formation?  

Tsk tsk! 

This is great!  

Shi Sheng took a few glances at their uniforms and searched through the storyline. She found out who they were. 

They were the disciples from Venerable Court. 

Tian Yan Continent was divided into three sections. The country she was at was called Cang Lan Empire, where the Venerable Court was incredibly respectable. 

Instead of saying they were respectable, it was more like Cang Lan Empire’s citizens were afraid of them. 

Shi Sheng back off obediently. She then squatted somewhere nearby and began to eat her roasted seeds. 

Someone turned around to look at her. How is she not concerned at all? How can she enjoy her roasted seeds so casually? Why do I feel like we’re putting on a show for her?  

Before Shi Sheng finished her roasted seeds. A bunch of people emerged from the edge of the forest one by one. They were escaping from the forest while panicking. 

Some of them were from the Feng Family, some were strangers. 

The disciples from Feng Family saw Shi Sheng from afar quickly gathered around her, “Third Miss.”

Shi Sheng looking at them in a mess and passed over her roasted seeds quietly. 

Everyone, “...”

Damn, we’re on the verge of dying! Who wants to eat your roasted seeds!  

That was what they thought, at least. When the seeds were delivered to their hands, they still accepted them. come on, this was given by Third Miss, how can they not accept it.  

More and more people came out from the Demon Flame Ridge. Those from the Feng Family would gather around Shi Sheng.

Since they saw Shi Sheng squatting on the ground, so they followed her example and squatted on the ground as well in order not to stand out. 

Hence, those that came out from Demon Flame Ridge would see a line of Venerable Court’s disciples first, then another line of Feng Family’s members squatting on the ground. 

“There’s not enough time.”

“Activate the formation!”

The Venerable Court’s disciples shouted. Those at the edge of the forest ran out of there with their lives on the line. 

The Venerable Court’s disciples had their backs facing Shi Sheng, so Shi Sheng did not know what they were doing. All she could see was their motions. 

The Demon Flame Ridge suddenly emitted a powerful white light along with their motions. The white light was blinding to the eyes even it was still in the daytime. 

The white light spread upwards quickly until the greenish Demon Flame Ridge was covered with white light. 

“Piang!” it sounded like someone or something hit the white light. The white light swayed slightly then receded like a tide. The greenish forest showed up again. 

Two of the Venerable Court’s disciples suddenly spat blood and stumbled forward. The others suffered from the reverse attack as well after those two disciples. The whole team fell into chaos. 

The white light faded away in seconds. 

“Third Miss, Third Miss...” the nerve-wracked disciples looking at the diminishing white light, “let’s quickly escape.”

“Bah! ” Shi Sheng spat out the shells of the roasted seeds and continue to eat the seeds. “Why escape? Even if we die, we’re going to be the first to die,. Why are you so worried?”

The Feng Family’s disciples, “...” that sounded sensible. But why does it feel weird?  

The rest had already escaped. Who knew if disciples from the Venerable Court could stop the mystical creatures or not. They should run first. 


Another disciple spet out blood. The white light became even fainter. 

The while light was already behind to the forest. The thundering tumbling sound was like a hammer to their heart.