“Third Miss...” 

Some Feng Family disciples already ran away, while some were still standing, shouting and calling for Shi Sheng.

“Run.” Shi Sheng landed at where the disciples were standing and rolled her eyes in annoyance, “are you waiting to die?”

Feng Family’s disciples, “...” We’re waiting for you!  

Shi Sheng followed the disciples and ran to the nearest city. The city gates were closed as they were late. A variety of defense formations were activated. It was impossible for the citizens to open the gates for them now. 

The crowd gathered at the walls looking down at the group of people. 

“Third Miss. What should we do?”

“They’re not opening the gate, and the mystical creatures are coming.”

“Third Miss...” 

Shi Sheng looked up to the walls to see Feng Qing Qing and He Lian Yu among the crowd. 

“The formation over there hasn’t activated. We can let them in from there.” someone at the wall suggested. 

“She broke the Venerable Court’s formation. The mystical creatures wouldn’t even come out if it weren’t for her. Why should we open the gate for her?”

Someone shouted agitatedly, everyone stopped talking at the same time. 

“Which eye of yours saw me breaking the formation?” Shi Sheng shouted back in rage. This is He Lian Yu’s fault. Don’t blame it on me! 

I won’t take the blame!

Someone shouted in return, “someone saw it with their own eyes!”

“Don’t open the door, don’t let her in!”

“It’s all her fault we’re in this situation! Don’t let her in!”

“Don’t let her in!”

The walls began to chant. 

Shi Sheng gritted her teeth with one hand on her waist. Her sword plunged at the ground as if she was going to cut them in the next second. 

“Third Miss, the mystical creatures… they’re coming!” the disciples gathered around Shi Sheng, trembling in fear. 

They could see the mystical creatures running at them. 

“What am I supposed to do, welcome their arrival?” Shi Sheng’s anger made her respond rudely to them. 

Feng Family’s disciples, “...” we’re going to die if we don’t get into the city in time.  

The mystical creatures did not spare a second and charged straight at the city. 

Shi Sheng thrust her sword into the ground and wiped up clouds of dust at the creatures. The fastest beasts were overturned by an invisible force and crashed into other beasts, causing the mystical creatures group to get into chaos. 

The Feng Family’s disciples were in shock collectively, “...”

My gosh. When did Third Miss become so powerful?  

The creatures probably sensed danger from her and went around the sword and continued charging at the city. 

Hence, the bizarre scene was formed beneath the city walls. 

None of the mystical creatures dared to take a step within a five meters radius of the group. They ran past them on both sides, forming an invincible shield. 

Not only the Feng Family’s disciples were in shock, but even those in the city were dumbfounded as well. 

Shi Sheng drew her sword, “destroy their formations.”

It was the same saying. If we’re going to die, all of us are dying together. 

Since they did not let her in, she would not let them live a peaceful life as well. 

“Buzz… buzz...” why are you asking me again?  

Shi Sheng shot the sword a glare, “are you telling me to tear down the city barehanded?” 

“Buzz… buzz...” master, I believe in you.  

“Just go do it!”

The sword vibrated for a few seconds before flying up into the sky reluctantly. It was flying in the opposite direction of them. 

Everyone was stunned by what they said. did it run away from Third Miss?  

However, a few seconds later, a silhouette shot over from afar and plunged straight at the city gates. 

Everything seemed to freeze for a second. The next moment, the city gate cracked open with crackling sounds. The defensive formations protecting the city were destroyed one by one. 

Before everyone realized what happened. The mystical creatures had already broken into the city. 

The mystical creatures from the sky were aiming at the civilians at the city wall. The sounds of screaming were everywhere. 

Shi Sheng squatted on the ground, continued enjoying her snacks. 

“Have some of these to calm yourselves down.” she even shared some of them with the Feng Family disciples. 

The Feng Family disciples, “...” this is no way to calm down, come on!  

In a situation like this, they were in no place to say anything. They accepted the snacks from Shi Sheng and squatted on the ground collectively to eat their roasted seeds. 

Feng Qing Qing spotted a young girl eating her snacks while squatting on the ground without sophistication through the chaotic civilians beneath her. 

It was an utterly bizarre scene. 

Shi Sheng probably noticed Feng Qing Qing’s gaze and looked up slightly to meet her eyes. They exchanged eye contact as if they were fighting with their glances. 

“Seventh Miss, let’s go.”

Someone tugged Feng Qing Qing, and she stumbled a bit. Someone next to her broke her eye contact with Shi Sheng. By the time she looked back at her again, Shi Sheng had already lowered her head and resumed eating her roasted seeds. 

The mystical creatures crossing the barrier were like doomsday. 

By the time the mystical creatures ran past the city, the city wall was demolished, leaving piles of ruins with black fogs rising up. 

Strong scent of blood wafting in the air. 

“Third Miss… how could you...” one of the Feng Family disciples came out, her eyes were filled with terror, “so many civilians… had died.”

Shi Sheng patted the hem of her dress and got up. The others proceeded to stand up from the ground as well, some helping each other up. Many of them could not accept what had happened as well. 

A city of civilians died because of their Third Miss. 

“Do you think they’re innocent?” Shi Sheng turned around and asked them. 

Although they were mad that they did not let them get into the city. But, the others were innocent. What have they done wrong?

“There… there were many innocent civilians in the city. Third Miss, you… you should be able to protect us. Why… why must you destroy the city gate?” 

“Even if I don’t break it, the city gate will also get destroyed sooner or later. They’re still going to die. All I did was give them a hand so that they can die earlier and get reincarnated earlier.” Shi Sheng could not care less. 

She paused, then continued with a derisive tone, “besides, whether I can protect you or not, or how I protect you, that’s all up to me.”

I don't have the obligation to protect them. 

Yet they are telling me what to do and what not to do. What a joke! 

Those civilians inside were innocent. Are we not innocent? 

If I were not capable, those that died would be us. 

Would those civilians inside mourn for our deaths? 

What a bunch of retards!  

“But...” that disciple was still unconvinced. 

Those were human lives. How could Third Miss see them as something insignificant, something worthless? 

When did Third Miss become so cruel? 

“That’s enough.” another disciple stopped that disciple, “if it weren’t for Third Miss, we’d be dead a long time ago. As for those civilians in there, they were watching us die without offering any help.”

Shi Sheng glanced at that disciple, “don’t always think about how kind humans are in this world. Kindness… is subjective. Now that I’ve saved you all. Is that not kindness for you?”

There was no absolute good or evil.