[...] Host, this is too much.  

The System could not bear to watch that. 

“It’s important to be happy when you’re playing games. This is a virtual world. How is that too much?”

[...] Why do you like to create chaos whenever we’re in this kind of dimension?  

“Besides, they framed me first. If I don’t avenge for being framed, then I’m a retard. This is logical!” 

All she did was destroy their formation. She did not lay a finger on them. 

Those that killed them were the mystical creatures. 

She should not take this blame. 

This stubborn Host has crossed the line! This is not a game. Please don’t treat those people as mere NPCs!  

From Shi Sheng’s point of view, those civilians were NPCs, so no matter how much the System protested about it was utterly useless. 

The System was too mad to argue with her. 

It wanted to find its master. 


Some of the disciples could not accept what Shi Sheng did and left the team to return to the family by themselves. 

Shi Sheng was chill about it. She did not feel anger nor any emotions. 

Their choices were insignificant to her. 

She did not go out of her way just to save them. Hence, she did not care if they were grateful or not. It did not affect her mood. 

“Crackling… ”

The remaining seven disciples watched speechlessly Shi Sheng, who was still eating her snacks peacefully. How many roasted seeds does she have on her? 

No, this is not the point.  

“Third Miss, shall we return to the family?” Feng An, who was slightly older asked Shi Sheng carefully. 

“Of course.” how am I going to watch the female protagonist if we don’t return.  

Feng An was a mere side branch disciple, so he did not have the chance to meet the higher-ups. He only heard that Third Miss was easy to get along with. 

After this incident, Feng An could not help but think, how is this easy to get along with? 

This is someone that would kill you without blinking an eye just because you disagree with her.  

Feng An lived at the bottom of the Feng Family. He had seen countless nasty things. If they wanted to stay alive, they needed to be powerful. 

Deep down inside, he felt that what Shi Sheng did had crossed the line. But, he was certain that if it were not for Shi Sheng, all of them would be dead. 


A huge crowd of mystical creatures was roaming on the mainland, numerous cities were destroyed. And the news that the Feng Family Third Miss was the culprit was spreading all around. 

Along with the news that she destroyed the defensive formations and released the mystical beasts into the cities. 

The name, Feng Zhi Yin was resented by everyone. 

It was all because of her that civilians were killed and families were separated. 

Shi Sheng did not feel a thing as people cursed her when she walked past. The disciples, on the other hand, thought that this was unfair for her. 

Their Third Miss was not as vicious as rumored. 

“A wicked woman like Feng Zhi Yin should be chopped into thousand pieces. She’s a living plague that hurts us all.”

“Chopping her into thousands of pieces is too generous to her. I think we should strip off her flesh and see what her heart is made of.”

“Bla Bla...”

“Third Miss, this is too much.” Feng An walked to Shi Sheng’s side as he could not bear listening to those curses. 

It was true that it was Third Miss’ fault that the city got destroyed, but Third Miss did not chase the mystical creatures to the mainland. The Venerable Court disciples’ failure was the cause of those mystical beasts on the mainland. 

How could they blame it on Third Miss? 

Now it was more than just those two things. Whichever city got attacked by the mystical creatures would be blamed on Shi Sheng as well. 

“Oh, you should kill them then.” Shi Sheng’s said with a faint expression. 

Feng An’s expression changed. How are we going to escape if we murder all of them?

“If you don’t have the guts to take their lives, then let them be. Let it go in one ear and out the other. You don’t have to care about what they say.”

Shi Sheng tapped on Feng An’s shoulder solemnly. 

Feng An,”...”

How did she make it seems like he’s the one that getting resented by everyone on the mainland?  

Feng An and the others who planned to rest in the city for the night at first decided to scratch that plan and continued to travel after listening to all the curses. 

“Third Miss, someone’s in front.” the disciple scouted ahead returned hurriedly, “they seem like the divinity guards.”

“The divinity guards?” Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows. Someone mentioned this before. 

She pondered for a moment. This seems like the name used to address those people from Venerable Court.  

“Yes, they stopped in front of us. Seems like something happened.” 

The divinity guards did not show up after they left the Demon Flame Ridge. 

There was no news from the Venerable Court while the mystical creatures roamed on the mainland. 

Shi Sheng ordered the disciple to lead the way. 

They were on the high ground while the divinity guards stopped on a path at the bottom of the mountain. The atmosphere was heavy. Many of them were glancing at the carriage parked in the middle of the path frequently. 

However, the carriage did not emit a sound. The sound of the mountain breeze rustling the half-transparent curtain, and the corners of the curtain were decorated with palace bells. The sounds of the palace bells ringing were echoing in the mountains. 

About half an hour later, the sound of the bells stopped abruptly. The swaying curtain maintained at its final position, paused in mid-air. 

The divinity guards looked at the carriage while getting more anxious every second. 

When the palace bells rang again, the divinity guards gathered around the carriage immediately, yet they did not dare to show an ounce of anxiety. They stood there respectfully. 

The heavy veil was lifted by a hand. A lavender hem of the garment was revealed from inside, revealing his waist, then chest…

He came out with his hand clasped behind his back, the translucent curtain flipped vigorously and covered his figure.

The curtain fell slowly. 

He hopped off the carriage. As he stood on the ground, the curtain behind him returned to its original position without making a sound. 

“Lord Venerable.” the divinity guards bowed in unison. 

The man faced Shi Sheng with his back, so Shi Sheng could not see his face. But based on his temperament, he did not seem to be someone who was not good-looking. 

“Are you done staring at me?” Shi Sheng’s body was stiffened by the clear sound entering her ears. She jerked and turned around instantly. 

A slightly domineering face entered her pupils. 

Shi Sheng did not care about his looks but the feelings he gave her. It was that kind of feeling where she would recognize him in a glance even in countless safflower and green willows. It was incredibly eye-catching. 

Yet, it was not mere beauty. It was a kind of domineering that made others defensive. 

This man…

He was down there a moment ago, yet he appeared behind her within a blink of an eye.

The air stopped circulating, and the disciples stood motionless somewhere not too far away from them. They appeared to be frozen. 

Time manipulation…

“It’s not time. It’s space.” the man answered calmly.