“Do you know what am I thinking?” Shi Sheng squinted her eyes. 

The man returned with a faint smile. That domineering aura became more intense. 

His lips parted and with his voice spilled out of his mouth, “I know what everyone’s thinking.”

Shi Sheng relaxed, “Is that so? Then what am I thinking now?”

The man looked into Shi Sheng’s eyes. He seemed to see his reflection in the bottom of her eyes, or not. It was vague as if nothing was inside. 

He replied, after some time, “you’re not thinking about anything.”

Shi Sheng blinked her eyes and tilted her head, “guess again.”

The man did not have to look into her eyes to know what was on her mind. He frowned a little. 

Shi Sheng asked with a grin, “Lord Chaplain, I need someone to warm my bed. Are you interested?”

It was really easy to come by. 

Yin Wei, the master of the Venerable Court. 

He’s Feng Ci…

“Feng Zhi Yin,” Feng Ci called her, ignoring what she said a moment ago, “why did you destroy my formation?”

Shi Sheng,”...”

When did I do that?!  

“When did I destroy your formation? Isn’t this the first time we met?” just because you’re Yin Wei, that doesn’t mean you can simply spew nonsense!  

“Demon Flame Ridge.” Feng Ci reminded Shi Sheng.

“Be sensible,” Shi Sheng was furious, “He Lian Yu was the one that destroyed your formation. I won’t bear this blame!”

I don’t care about what others say except for him!  

Feng Ci looked at the girl standing in front of him. She was gorgeous and confident. There was no room for doubt that she was a beauty. However, there was elusive darkness about her as if he would fall into an endless abyss if he was not careful. 

“What proof do you have?” Feng Ci looked away. 

Shi Sheng asked as a reply, “what proof do you have that I destroyed the formation?”

Feng Ci did not answer. Shi Sheng felt the surrounding froze for a few seconds. When she blinked, Feng Ci was not there anymore. 

Beneath the hill, the palace bells were ringing and the carriage and along with the team had traveled for some distance. 

Shi Sheng,”...”

Damn Feng Ci! Can’t believe you’re so powerful this time.  

Space and time were two completely different concepts, as Yin Wei could manipulate space… 

Feng An and the others looked at the group that left, baffled, “weird, when did they begin to depart?”

“I don’t know. They were there within the blink of an eye.”

The Feng Family disciples all felt the same way. The group that was beneath the mountain disappeared from their original location and showed up somewhere in the distance. 

Shi Sheng hopped off the mountain and chased after the carriage. 

“Third Miss, please wait...”

“Third Miss...” 

The divinity guard captain watched the girl chasing after them, backed off to the side of the carriage, “Lord Chaplain, shall I chase her away?”

“Let her be.”

The captain felt that was strange, but he did not dare question him, “yes, sir.”

Although the carriage was swaying on the outside, it was perfectly still from the inside. 

Yin Wei propped his chin with his sight dropped on the desk next to him with several paintings, with a lady on them in different poses. 

He swiped through one of the paintings with his fingertip, and it was torn into pieces instantly. 

The corner of his mouth curved up slightly. 


The divide guards did not chase Shi Sheng away when she approached the carriage, but they would chide the disciples when they did the same. 

Shi Sheng strode to the carriage and lifted the curtain to look inside. 

The space in the carriage was much larger than looking from the outside. It looked comfy with a faint fragrance. 

No one was in the carriage. 

“Third Miss Feng.” the divinity guard captain walked from the side and bowed respectfully, “Lord Chaplain needs to rest. Please don’t disturb him.”

“Where is he?”

The captain did not answer him. It was evident that he did not intend to tell her. It could be an instruction from his superior that he could not tell Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng put down the curtain and walked back resentfully.

The captain could not understand what Lord CHaplain was thinking. After Shi Sheng left, he then bowed the carriage, “sir, Third Miss Feng’s gone.”

Nothing came out from the carriage. The captain maintained the same position for some time. As he wanted to say something again, he saw Shi Sheng was left returned in high speed and lifted the curtain swiftly. 

It was still empty. 

“Why are you bowing at the empty carriage?” 

The captain, “...”

Did she just boomerang back?!  

“Third Miss Feng, I’m training my waist energy.” the captain answered without missing a beat. 

Shi Sheng glanced at his waist and said slyly, “you should train your waist on the bed. It’s more practical.”

The captain took a while to understand what Shi Sheng meant. His mouth twitched. Is Third Miss Feng a lady for real? 

How dare she say that.

And in such a confident tone. 

A girl should be more conserved!  

“I know you’re there. If you don’t want to see me, that’s fine. I have plenty of time.” Shi Sheng turned around and left. 

Damn! You think you’re so great just because you can control time, is it?!

I would’ve chopped you into pieces if I wasn’t scared that you’re going to die and teleport to another dimension!  

The last statement obviously was not directed to the captain. The captain could not help but shake his head, you can never guess what Lord Chaplain’s thinking.  

[Hidden Mission: Mountains and Rivers as Betrothal Gift]  

The System announced the hidden mission the moment Shi Sheng was out of the divinity guards’ sight. 

Although this mission was practically useless to the Host. 

[Mission Goal: Yin Wei. Make Yin Wei marry you with mountains and rivers as your betrothal gift.]  

Shi Sheng,”...”

How about I marry him with said gifts?  

[Host, please remember that you’re a girl. You’re a lady. You’re female.] It’s crucial, so it had to repeat thrice. 

A lady should be delicate and coy, know how to act cute, and be pampered. The Host would be the only female that liked to get into fights, kill people, and spoil her man.

Mountains and rivers as betrothal gifts. 

How about I conquer the world, give it to him and have him gifted back to me?

I’m such a genius!  


# My Host always likes to go off the script. #

Yeap, but before that, I still need to break up the couple.

This is the real deal. 

# She also likes to break up couples yet display her affection as publicly as possible. What kind of mental illness does she have?#

Shi Sheng stopped following Yin Wei. Since she confirmed that he was Feng Ci, he's not going to run away. So she did not have to rush.

She was oddly confident that she could win over Yin Wei.

Yin Wei did not have any reaction when he heard that Shi Sheng had left. As if he intentionally let a lady that had an unknown intention at him, follow him for a while. 

Whether she left or not had no impact on him.