The girl in pink ran away crying as if she had been humiliated.
Shi Sheng laughed silently and looked at the person next to her.
Patriarch Feng only had his biological illegitimate daughter, followed by his righteous daughter.
Patriarch Feng had many brothers. At this moment, the hall was occupied by his brother’s family.
Because Patriarch Feng did not have a biological child, so the children of his brothers were ranked, which also means Patriarch Feng had to choose an heir among them.
If Patriarch Feng had an heir, then these people would not have been ranked.
In this trial, only she and Feng Qing Qing participated. Others claimed to be sick. They were not willing to go. They were not too old and they had the elders to back them up, even if they did not participate, no one dared to do anything to them.
But this time, it seemed a little fishy.
The woman in pink ran away. The others looked at each other for a moment. The woman sitting at the front adjusted her expression and asked caringly: "Third sister, why did you come back so much later than Feng Qing Qing? Did something happen on the way?"
"Why do you care?"
Shi Sheng talked back to her with a sentence.

The woman's expression stiffened for a moment, "Third sister, don't misunderstand ... I am just concerned about you."
She looked at Shi Sheng, this is the same person I know. How has her temperament changed so much?
"If you guys are here to see if I'm dead or not, then, unfortunately, I'm not dead. What a disappointment to you guys." Shi Sheng raised her voice so that everyone in the hall could hear, "I'm just a foster daughter, in favor, and I won't share the family fortune with you, so go back to your own families to find your father."
The crowd: "......"
The hall was silent. Everyone was unbelievably looking at Shi Sheng as if she had just said something unexpected.
Shi Sheng calmly took out a handful of sunflower seeds. The crisp sound broke the silence in the hall.
This Feng Zhi Yin doesn’t seem right!
This was the only feeling of the crowd.
The crowd looked up and down at Shi Sheng. this is still the same Feng Zhi Yin, why is her temperament…  
 "Enough of looking, I'm going to charge money further on." Am I the one you can casually look at?
A bunch of retards.

The crowd exchanged glances at each other for a few moments and exited the hall one after another.
One after another, the crowd exited the hall. They immediately surrounded the girl from before.
"Big sister, why does this Feng Zhi Yin speak so impulsively?" In the past, she spoke gently and softly. She did not speak that often. Why is she so fiery today?
"Did she knock her brains out there?"
"She is just an adopted daughter, not even related to our Feng family. If she is not father’s favorite. How did she have the right to call us sister? Disrespectful."
"Exactly, she actually returned this time and Feng Qing Qing......"
"That is enough." The woman scolded, "Take a look where we are now, don't mention it here."
Several people were quickly silenced, afraid to speak.
Shi Sheng slowly walked out from inside after they left, looking in the direction of those few people who left.
[Side Task: The Culprit]
"Bah!" Who permitted you to post the mission!  
The system was shocked and immediately added, [Accepted by default, please refer to the literal meaning of the specific task].  
The system went offline and shut down immediately after the sentence.

I don't want to see myself being abused by the host at all.
Shi Sheng cursed the system manufacturer from the bottom of her heart before calming down a little.
The original plot did not write the ending of the protagonist in the life where Feng Qing Qing died tragically. 
When Feng Qing Qing was reborn in this life, the protagonist's late-life was so miserable. Even if someone wanted to harm her, it only made her life worse.
This is so annoying!
The two empires did offer to take care of the culprits on their behalf.
Patriarch Feng gave the royal family a warning in advance, this did not receive their support but instead allowed the royal family to find the opportunity to question their ill intentions, and provoke war and break the three-country alliance.
The three alliances were concluded for a hundred years to maintain peace and stability on the continent, and whoever broke them first would be guilty.
Cang Lan Empire picked up on this topic, and the other two empires didn't make as much of a fuss.
Shi Sheng did not have the opportunity to see the three countries fighting, but she heard the story of this matter.
When the three countries couldn't hold up much longer, the two empires guarded the edge of the Demon Flame Ridge. Both at the same time were in chaos, the mystical creatures fled to the country, and more people got hurt.
Before the crowd could figure out what was going on, the chaplain appeared with his people and roughly ended this issue by mentioning it was a tie.
Even if the two empires knew that the chaplain had done it, there was nothing they could do.
The Cang Lan Empire's chaplain is notoriously difficult to deal with, and difficult to read. No one knew what he was thinking.
With such a simple and brutal solution, it caught the crowd off guard.
When did Feng Ci start to solve things so simple and brutal?
When Shi Sheng had not paid much attention to each bit of Feng Ci's approach to matters, his life and hers were intensively related. In the case of each other's safety, the two tacitly agreed not to step into each other's circle and interfere with each other.
The only impression she had for Feng Ci in this life was that he was... simple and brutal.

He would set fire upon any disagreement. 
The Venerable Court was not far away from Feng's Mansion. Shi Sheng rushed to find someone.
The Venerable Court was built magnificently. Two black Qilin standing at the entrance. Their eyes were blood-red, it looked lifelike. Their fangs and claws seemed ready to shallow a visitor in a bite.
If you were to see such a thing at night, it would be pretty scary.
When Shi Sheng looked closer at it, it showed a rich aura.
"Miss Feng."
Shi Sheng looked away from the Qilin and looked at the person who called her.
It was a good-looking teenager, wearing the uniform of the Divinity Guard. He stood at the top of the steps, with a faint smile on his face, "My lord said, if Miss Feng likes them, you can take them back."
Shi Sheng pointed at the black Qilin, "This thing?"
"What for?" Such a big pile, it's not like it's edible and usable.
Teenager: "......" Aren't you the one here curious?
"Let your lord give it to me himself." Shi Sheng knew that Yin Wei, that retard, must be here.
The smile on the young man's face faded, "Miss Feng, I don't dare to pass this for you."
The consequences of coveting chaplain ...
Oh, he did not want to tell him.
Although Miss Feng seemed to be a little different from the other adults. He did not think that his lord was in love with Miss Feng.
"Then let me in, I'll talk to him myself." Shi Sheng took a few steps up the stairs.
The young man shook his head and reached out to block Shi Sheng's way, "Miss Feng, you can't be allowed in."
His lord only told him to deliver the message. He didn't say he could let her in.