Shi Sheng was stopped outside the Venerable Court.

The teenager did not allow Shi Sheng to enter.

"Third Miss Feng, the lord doesn't want to see you." The boy said euphemistically.

Shi Sheng glared at the teenager, "I want to see him."

Teenager: "..."<i> You want to see him, that's your business! </i>

Regardless of what Shi Sheng said, she was still not allowed to enter.

Send these two Qilin to the Feng house." Shi Sheng pointed at the two Qilin sculptures before leaving.

<i> They are given by Feng Ci, it's better to take it rather than not. </i> 

The corners of the boy's mouth twitched. <i>You just said that it's not useful to you, then why are you taking it? </i>

Of course, the young man didn't dare to speak out, slightly bent over his body, and answered with "Yes."

When Shi Sheng left the Venerable Court and walked around the street, she unexpectedly met Feng Qing Qing.

Feng Qing Qing had been released from the small black house. She was walking on the street with a young man. Shi Sheng remembered that young man, he was the one who was bitten by a snake in Demon Flame Ridge.

Shi Sheng didn't expect that he was still alive.

However, he was with the female lead, so it didn't seem strange that he survived.

Two of them happened to walk out from a herb store. Shi Sheng stood at the bottom of the steps of the herb store, tilting her head slightly to look at Feng Qing Qing.

A ray of hatred started in the gaze of Feng Qing Qing, she missed a divine beast because of this woman.

That's a blood Qilin, a rare creature to be seen in a thousand years.

It was because of her that she was punished severely by Patriarch Feng. As the daughter of Patriarch Feng, she seemed like an insignificant outsider.

After being reincarnated, Feng Qing Qing had no hope in kinship. She only wanted to become stronger and more powerful.

Feng Qing Qing suppressed her emotions and led the man past Shi Sheng. As the female lead, she did not want to cause any unnecessary conflict.

Shi Sheng didn't stop Feng Qing Qing and let her pass.

As the young man passed by, he gave Shi Sheng an odd glance.

He remembered the words she said in Demon Flame Ridge very clearly. Although she was right, the man felt that Shi Sheng was too cold-blooded compared with Feng Qing Qing, who had rescued him.

"What are you looking at?" Shi Sheng glared back fiercely, "Be aware, I'll poke your eyes."

Shi Sheng's voice was not loud, so Feng Qing Qing, who was walking at the front, didn't hear her.

Disgust grew in the young man’s glance. <i> How can such a vicious woman be compared with Seventh Miss? </i> 

He turned his gaze and trotted a few steps to catch up with Feng Qing Qing.

Shi Sheng took a look at the herb store where Feng Qing Qing had walked out. The female lead must have come here to buy herbs for alchemy.

Similar to all fantasy novels, there was a shortage of elixir on this continent.

The heroine, who had the continent's lost elixir pellet recipe, will soon shine and be praised by all.

And the male lead would get closer to her as he needed the recipe from her. 

It would be fun to let Feng Qing Qing kill He Lian Yu with poison.

<b>[...Do you think the female lead is a fool? To poison the male lead? Besides, your mission does not involve the male lead, so don't harm him.]</b>

<i>Don't harm the male lead?


He framed me, and you want me to forget about it?

Do you think I don’t hold grudges? </i>

Shi Sheng ground her teeth, " I do think that the female lead is retarded."

<b>[...Who is not retarded in your eyes?]</b>

Shi Sheng shifted her glance, and then she chuckled slightly, "All of them are mentally retarded."

<i> All retards are equally retarded. </i> 

"Isn't she the Feng family's third daughter? She still dares to come out."

"How do people like her know the plight of ordinary people. She only behaves as she pleases."

"If I had caused such a big trouble, I would have committed suicide a long time ago to apologize with my death."

Suddenly, people on the street started pointing fingers at Shi Sheng.

Although the incident in Demon Flame Ridge was resolved by Yin Wei, the people in the Cang Lan Empire thought that Shi Sheng was the culprit for the whole incident.

Shi Sheng turned around to face the people who were talking about her, and suddenly they stopped the discussion.

Shi Sheng sneered, placing her hands on her hip, with a frantic expression, "Just come to kill me for the sake of people if you can!"

<i>Come on!

Let's hurt each other! 

I don't afraid of you! </i>

The gossipers began to have chills at their backs and retreated with a few steps back.

But then they remembered they were a group of men, they should not be afraid of a girl.

"You're a lady, why are you so cruel!" one of them boldly accused her.

"Who says women should not be cruel?" Shi Sheng glared over. Her tone was as fierce as it could be, "Do you create the rules? Or is it the emperor's regulations?"

<i>When the man is ruthless, people will say that he is capable of doing great things.

And when women do the same, people will say they are cruel and vicious.

Who stipulates that a woman must be kind, not ambitious, and have to stay home to serve her husband and educate the children?</i>

Shi Sheng's aura felt like she was about to murder them if they dared to disagree with her.

They glanced at each other and hurriedly turned around to run away.

This third daughter of the Feng family was like a lunatic.

<b>[…My host is always creating trouble. Making trouble is the patent of the female lead. Why are you stealing others' work?! Why can't you do your missions quietly? ]</b>

Shi Sheng strolled around the street and bought a bunch of weird things. From the System's perspective, they were strange things.

When Shi Sheng passed through a path that required her to go back to Feng Mansion, she was blocked in the street.

It was heavily crowded and there was no way to tell what was happening inside.

Shi Sheng pulled a girl and asked, "What's going on inside?" <i> Good dogs don’t stand in the way. These people blocked the street and I can’t cross it! </i> 

The girl shook her head and answered, "I don't know, I just got here."

Shi Sheng tiptoed and looked at it, but she could not squeeze through the crowd.

It took a lot of effort for Shi Sheng to squeeze her way to the front.

The first thing she saw was a black Qilin standing in the middle. The Divinity Guards were standing around the Qilin, and the heroine, Feng Qing Qing stood in front of them. 

Feng Qing Qing's face turned pale, and she was held by the man next to her.

Shi Sheng: "..."  <i> What are you trying to do! </i> 

Feng Qing Qing confronted the Divinity Guard that she did not start the quarrel. She was chasing after someone and coincidentally ran into the Divinity Guards who were escorting Qilin.

The guards thought that Feng Qing Qing was going to create trouble, so they fought with each other.

Feng Qing Qing didn't dare to reveal too much of her strength and ended up getting beaten by the Divinity Guards.

"Are the people from the Venerable Court so unreasonable?" Feng Qing Qing was mad. If she wasn't afraid of exposing her power, she would not have been beaten by them. 

The Divinity Guard responded solemnly, "Feng Qing Qing, you were the one who barged in first."

Feng Qing Qing sneered, "I was chasing someone else, yet you stopped me and let that person go. Is it possible that the person is under the Venerable Court?"

The Divinity Guard remained calm, "We don't know who you were chasing, and we didn't see them, but it's a fact that you barged in."