The guards were resolute that Feng Qing Qing had barged in to cause trouble.

Feng Qing Qing snorted coldly, "I didn't expect that the Venerable Court would fail to distinguish right from wrong."

Feng Qing Qing and the Venerable Court did not get along in the plot. Hence, Feng Qing Qing definitely would not be kind to the divinity guards no matter what. 

The Venerable Court was of very high standards in the hearts of ordinary civilians, and the Divinity Guard was a strong existence compared to an army.

However, the reputation of the Venerable Court was not good. Whatever the Divinity Guards did was based on Yin Wei’s decision.

Whatever he said was right. No one else could disrupt.

Yin Wei was unpredictable. Sometimes he had done a good deed, and sometimes he did terrible things.

So such an existence that could rebel anytime was like a time bomb in the eyes of these people. He might rebel at any time in the future.

Feng Qing Qing also understood that she could not fight directly with the divinity guards at the moment.

She could not reveal her strength yet. She was still too weak.

So, she held back the anger and let them go first.

The heroines who could endure were the ones who could achieve great things.

However, Shi Sheng just found it inexplicable and was too unbelievable.

The scriptwriter tried hard to make Shi Sheng and Feng Qing Qing fight against each other.

The Divinity Guards carried the Qilin and left.

Many in the crowd knew the two iconic Qilin.

In the Cang Lan Empire, only the Venerable Court dared to guard the gate with a Qilin.

"Aren't those two Qilin outside the Venerable Court? Where are they going to be sent?"

"Let's follow them and take a look."

So, the Divinity Guards sent the Qilin into the Feng Mansion while being surrounded by the crowd.

Patriarch Feng looked inexplicable, "May I ask what does the Venerable Court mean by sending these?"

"Patriarch Feng, we are just following the order."

The wise Patriarch Feng did not continue the question, "These Qilins..."

These are the two Qilin outside the Venerable Court!

When they were just outside, many people coveted them. Back when the chaplain did not have a reputation; those who were brave would try to steal the Qilin.

But the consequences...

It’s tragic to think about it.

How did these things be sent to his home by the Venerable Court? What is the meaning of this?

"It's for your third daughter."

Third daughter?

Xiao Yin!?

What happened between Xiao Yin and the chaplain? Why is he gifting these Qilins to Xiao Yin?

"Goodbye." The Divinity Guard did not solve the confusion for Patriarch Feng and quickly left the Feng Mansion.

As soon as the guards left, Patriarch Feng immediately asked someone to call for Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng took a shortcut and arrived at the house before the Divinity Guard.

So, when Patriarch Feng's people came to call her, she was already in her room.


Patriarch Feng walked around the Qilin solemnly until he did not notice that Shi Sheng had arrived.

"Father." Shi Sheng called him.

Patriarch Feng headed up and pointed at Qilin in the next second, "What's going on?"

"It was sent by the chaplain!" Shi Sheng answered as if it was some ordinary matter. 

Patriarch Feng, of course, knew that this was sent by the chaplain to Shi Sheng.

"Why did the chaplain send you this?"

Shi Sheng pondered for a moment, "Maybe as an apology for wronging me?"

It may also be a love token…

It is hard to guess the retard's mind.

"He wronged you? What did you do to the chaplain?" Patriarch Feng's expression became anxious.

What did the chaplain do to Xiao Yin!?

"It's about the incident in Demon Flame Ridge. He thought it was me who broke his formation..."

Shi Sheng told Patriarch Feng the incident in Demon Flame Ridge in detail.

Patriarch Feng has been busy with his business lately, so he forgot about this.

"What about the rumors that you broke the defensive formation of other people's cities?" The rumors seem to be spreading more than before.

"They wanted to lock me outside the city gate, is there any problem that I broke their formation?" Shi Sheng asked seriously.

This sentence is informative.

Is she admitting that she broke other people's formations?

And someone wants to lock her outside the city gate?

Who is so bold to do that!

"Xiao Yin, how do you know the way to break the defensive formation?" He understood how capable her daughter was.

In the city near Demon Flame Ridge, the defensive formation is much more advanced than other cities, it is not easy to break the defensive formation.

"I just know how." It’s that easy for a genius like me.  

Her Sword: "..." You didn't even move 1 finger, how can you feel so proud? Where’s your face?  

No matter what Patriarch Feng asked, Shi Sheng would dodge the questions with words like 'innate', 'smart,' and 'self-taught'.

Patriarch Feng should not be the head of this family anymore as he couldn't find out that Shi Sheng was different from Feng Zhi Yin.

Patriarch Feng was full of suspicion. He changed the topic back to Qilin, "the chaplain is not easy to get along with. So, don't get too close with him."

How is it possible not to get too close to him?

He is the one I want to dote on.

Although Patriarch Feng asked her don't get too close to the chaplain, he did not mean to restrict them. He also asked the Qilin to be sent to her yard and placed directly outside the garret.

Later, Shi Sheng learned that the Qilin came with an anti-theft function.


After Patriarch Feng allowed Shi Sheng to leave, he went to the ancestral hall alone, where the ancestors of the Feng family were enshrined.

Patriarch Feng paid his respect first. 

He then stepped forward and reversed the ancestral tablet position, and the table where the tablets were placed suddenly split into two, a dark passage appeared.

Patriarch Feng entered the passage, and the door behind closed automatically.

He went all the way in, walked through the long and dim passage, and entered a larger space.

There were many shelves here, with a lamp in each compartment.

Some of the lights were stronger, while others were weak as if the oil had run out.

The Patriarch Feng walked directly to a lamp that was lit but very faint.

Patriarch Feng froze there, no way...

Is this true?

With suspicion, Patriarch Feng took out a stone from the compartment where the lamp was placed.

He brought the stone out and went straight to the small building where Shi Sheng was.

Patriarch Feng stood outside, and the stone began to glow slowly as he moved, the stone still exhibiting a very faint light.

Patriarch Feng found an excuse to go in and chat with Shi Sheng.

Patriarch Feng's expression was even stranger after he came out.

Yes, it is Xiao Yin, but why is Xiao Yin's soul lamp so weak? Even the induction of the soul stone is also weakened…

In this world, when someone in a big family is born, they would light up the soul lamp and get a soul stone. The soul lamp could let people know that the person was still alive, and the soul stone could determine the location of that person and could also determine whether that person is real or not.

Patriarch Feng discovered that Shi Sheng's personality had changed and suspected that she was not Xiao Yin. So, he decided to go on checking the soul lamp.

But this result made Patriarch Feng have more doubts.

The soul stone can't be wrong. The person inside the building is indeed Xiao Yin.

Now, the question is...

Why is the light so faint, as if it is about to disappear?