Shi Sheng found that Patriarch Feng had called many doctors to perform full medical check-ups on her.

But the result showed that she was healthy. There was nothing wrong with her.

Patriarch Feng was so worried, if she is fine, why is the soul lamp so faint?

And Feng Patriarch's behavior also caused Feng's family members to suspect that something was wrong with her health. 

Shi Sheng was innocent. There was nothing wrong with her.

"Third sister."

As she sent Patriarch Feng away, a figure appeared at the courtyard gate. The person was a little surprised as she saw the Qilin placed outside the courtyard for a few moments.

The Feng family member heard the news that the chaplain sent the Qilins to Shi Sheng.

Due to Shi Sheng's behavior from before, they only dared to watch it from afar. No one dared to question her. 

Shi Sheng stood on the steps, right between the Qilin, with her hands around her chest, watching the woman who slowly came over calmly.

Feng Qi Qi, the eldest daughter in Feng's family.

Feng Qi Qi had two maids with her, and they were holding something in their hands. When she approached, she smiled slightly, "I heard that the third sister is not feeling well, so I purposely brought some supplements for you."

The two maids immediately brought the things forward and opened them as she finished her sentence.

Shi Sheng felt spiritual energy the moment the boxes were opened. Shi Sheng didn't recognize the thing inside the box, but from the strong spiritual energy that it exhibited, those were not some ordinary items.


The weasel pays respect to the hen without the best of intentions.  

[Note: The weasel pays respect to the hen without the best of intentions (Chinese idiom) = With bad intentions]
"I'm in good health." Shi Sheng didn't accept those things, who knew if there was poison in them.

Feng Qi Qi was likely to be the crucial character in the side quest.

Feng Qi Qi glanced at Shi Sheng calmly and said gently and softly: "It is good if the third sister is fine, but since I have brought these supplements, there is no reason for me to take them back, so, please accept it. It's my small act of kindness to you."

"No thanks."

"Does third sister dislike the poor things that I gave?" Feng Qi Qi was a little upset. She retreated to advance, "third sister usually eats and uses the best. You must think that these are not good enough for you."

Shi Sheng grinned maliciously, "Since they are good things, then they should be reserved for your usage."

Feng Qiqi didn't notice the expression on Shi Sheng's face and quickly said, "I don't need these. These are for you."

"I don't want them."

Feng Qi Qi: "..."

Why is it so difficult to send a gift?

Shi Sheng turned around and entered the attic, ignoring Feng Qi Qi.

Feng Qi Qi's expression changed very quickly. Her gaze swept over the boxes in the maid's hands, sighed helplessly, "Let's go."

The maid beside Shi Sheng spoke up only after Feng Qi Qi's figure disappeared outside the small building, "Why did First Miss send those expensive things without any reason?"

"She has bad intentions." Shi Sheng walked to the rocking chair and laid down, "There is no such thing as a free lunch."

The maid was surprised, "No way, First Miss is quite nice!"

Feng Qi Qi's reputation in Feng's house was good. Everyone knew that she was a knowledgeable, gentle, and pleasant lady.

Shi Sheng swung her body while in the rocking chair, "one may know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature. Do you know what she is thinking?"

Some people may praise you in front of others while wishing to chop you into pieces down in their heart. 

Human nature!

Human nature...


Shi Sheng suddenly laughed softly, and the maid asked with confusion: "Miss, what are you laughing at?"

Shi Sheng suppressed her smile, closed her eyes, and said faintly, "Nothing."


Patriarch Feng continued to force medical check-ups on Shi Sheng for a few days before stopping.  He asked Shi Sheng to go to the family's martial arts arena every day to study.

The girls from wealthy families usually study within their families. Only direct descendants or highly talented boys will be sent to the academies.

Ordinary boys could only study in the martial arts arena.

Therefore, the martial arts arena was mixed with boys and girls. Shi Sheng had a personal instructor and did not need to share with other people, but when she arrived, she found that there were already people inside.

A woman with light clothes quickly stood up when she saw Shi Sheng come in.

This woman is a descendant of the family’s side branch. She could be a mentor for the female lead. This showed that she was capable.

"Third miss."

Shi Sheng looked at the person who was meditating.

The instructor immediately explained, "Seventh Miss will study with Third Miss in the future. Is Third Miss okay with it?"

Who wants to study with the heroine!

Who arranged it!

I don't want to stay with the female lead!

I'm afraid that I can't control my mighty strength and kill her.

"I don't agree."

The instructor did not expect Shi Sheng to refuse the arrangement, "But...this is arranged by Mentor Wan."

"Okay, you can just teach her then. Goodbye." Shi Sheng turned around and left.

The instructor was dumbfounded.

It was okay if she argued with her, but then she just gave out her place.

As soon as Shi Sheng turned around, she saw Wan Quan standing behind, staring at Shi Sheng with a solemn look on his ferocious face.

Wan Quan said in a deep voice, "Third Miss, Seventh Miss is considered your sister. It is better to be taught by the same instructor."

Shi Sheng said word by word: "But I don't want to study with her."


Shi Sheng hissed, "If I don't want to, then I don't want to. Why are you demanding a reason from me? What's wrong with you?"

Wan Quan used his position as her mentor, "Everyone has a reason when they do certain things, what is the reason that you don't want to study with Seventh Miss?"

Oh, you think I'm afraid of you just because you’re a mentor! 

"Why do I need to have a reason? If I don't want to, then I don't want to. I am in a bad mood, is it okay?" Everyone has a reason for doing something. These are just excuses for their actions and to make people feel that what they did was right.

"Mentor Wan." Feng Qing Qing already ended the meditation and walked out from the inside with a calm expression, " I can study with other people if Third Miss is not willing to study with me."

Feng Qing Qing felt that Shi Sheng just wanted to kick out of her. So what if she didn't let herself learn. Feng Qing Qing did not need to be taught, she only wanted to hide the fact that she was powerful. 

Wan Quan glanced at Shi Sheng with disappointment. 

"I will teach you personally in the future." Wan Quan said to Feng Qing Qing.

"Mentor Wan, but this does not comply with the rules." The female instructor interjected in a whisper, being glared at by Wan Quan. The female instructor did not dare to speak after that.

Wan Quan shook his head slightly, his voice full of disapproval, "Third Miss, you won't be able to achieve a big success with this attitude."

"Oh." Shi Sheng replied indifferently and raised her foot to move forward. "Whether I can achieve great things or not is not a concern of yours. This is my business."

Wan Quan was maddened by Shi Sheng's attitude. He had been in Feng's Mansion for so long and had never seen anyone who dared to talk to him with this attitude.

The female tutor hurriedly called from behind, "Third Miss, you still have to go to class."

"I don't want to go to class, let’s have a day off..." Shi Sheng waved her hand.

Female tutor: "..."