The news of Shi Sheng not attending class was quickly spread to Patriarch Feng. 

After learning about what happened, Patriarch Feng grimaced with displeasure in front of Wan Quan for the first time. In the past, Wan Quan was a privileged existence in the Feng household. However, he was given a look of disfavor this time because of what happened. Deep down, Wan Quan could not wrap his head around this. 

“Patriarch Feng, Seventh Miss is your biological daughter, Third Miss is just…” 

“Shut up!” Patriarch Feng rebuked, “You don’t know anything.” 

“Yes, I do not know anything.” Wan Quan looked solemn and continued to say: “Seventh Miss and you are inseparable by blood, she is your closest family member, why are you treating her like this? You have raised Third Miss by your side for a long time, it is inevitable for you to have feelings of fondness for her, but to treat your own daughter like that for someone with a different surname, I can’t understand that, and I can’t approve of that.” 

Patriarch Feng’s gaze turned dark, “Wan Quan, when I took you in years ago, it was not so that you could preach to me now.” 

Whatever I do, there was no place for an outsider to comment on it.

Wan Quan’s expression changed slightly as if he thought of something. He hung his head and did not speak. 

Patriarch Feng was silent for a moment, “Since you think so highly of her, she will be put into your care.” 

Patriarch Feng flicked his sleeves* and left, leaving Wan Quan standing alone in the hall. 

[Note: A Chinese saying that translates into leaving angrily]


Feng Qing Qing had been following Wan Quan since then. Meanwhile, Shi Sheng had not been able to persevere in her studies, causing her tutor to be very free. 

Patriarch Feng nagged Shi Sheng about this several times since Shi Sheng promised not to embarrass Patriarch Feng during her finals, so Patriarch Feng decided to let her off the hook. 

Even though Shi Sheng did not go to class, she did not fall behind in her practice. 

The female lead was constantly improving, so how could she be left behind without any improvements?

It was just that the female lead was practicing alchemy, but Shi Sheng was not interested in learning. She could not learn it either. It was too delicate a job, and it also required patience, which was a great test for someone like Shi Sheng who would draw her sword at the drop of a hat. 

“Third sister, I haven’t seen you come to the martial arts arena in a long time.” Just as Shi Sheng approached the martial arts arena, Feng Qi Qi appeared out of nowhere with a few sisters and greeted her with a smile. 

“Third sister.” 

“Third Miss.”

The group of sisters bowed to Shi Sheng according to their status. 

“What’s up?” Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Feng Qi Qi. 

Feng Qi Qi has not been messing around after she gifted me the offerings. Bah! Supplements. Even when we met at the martial arts arena, she only greeted me politely. There haven’t been any cases of them surrounding me like today.

Shi Sheng’s gaze made Feng Qi Qi uncomfortable as if it could penetrate through her skin and see her soul, making it almost impossible to maintain the smile on her face. 

Feng Qi Qi avoided Shi Sheng’s eye contact, trying to ignore Shi Sheng’s gaze, “There will be a test later, third sister should come too.” 

“I’m not going.” 

“Third sister, you haven’t been practicing properly lately. Are you afraid of losing?” The younger sister beside Feng Qi Qi picked up the conversation immediately in a provocative tone. 

Everybody knew about Shi Sheng missing her classes and her various acts of laziness. 

The corner of Shi Sheng’s mouth was slightly hooked, and her eyebrows were raised with arrogance, “I’m afraid of crippling you guys.” 

“Third sister is really good at joking, big sister’s strength is on par with yours, even if she can’t win, she’ll be able to have a neck-to-neck fight with you. Besides…”

After that sister finished bragging about Feng Qi Qi, her tone shifted, “Recently Feng Qing Qing has made tremendous improvements, she spread the word that she is the most powerful among our generation. Third sister, you must teach Feng Qing Qing a lesson. 

After beating around the bush, the talk still circles back to the female lead. 

These people are here to sow discord between us!

“Do you guys want to try and see if I can cripple you?” Shi Sheng didn’t answer the sister and instead circled the topic back to them. 

That sister: “…” Nobody asked you this.

Why doesn’t Feng Zhi Yin follow the flow we wanted?

“It is very hurtful for the relationship to discuss things like this, third sister. We know that you have the best talent. Nobody can win against you.” Feng Qi Qi came forward to smooth things over, “Feng Qing Qing is nothing, she is just an illegitimate daughter. No matter how powerful she is, she can’t compare to you.”

Listen to what she is saying. 

If it was anyone else, they would have already run to duel with the protagonist.

“What did Feng Qing Qing do to provoke you guys that you have to keep pushing her against me? Do you really want me to beat her up so that you guys can take the fisherman’s profits*? That’s not a bad way to kill two birds with one stone.” 

[Note: A Chinese saying that translates into two people fighting until they are hurt, then the third party can swoop in to take the benefit]

It’s all a ruse!

When Shi Sheng didn’t act according to the plan, Feng Qi Qi froze there for a moment, not knowing how to continue the conversation. 

After a while, Feng Qi Qi said, “Third sister, we didn’t have this intention.” 

Shi Sheng continued to pursue and asked, “Then what do you mean?” 

“I …” Feng Qi Qi meant exactly that, but at this time, she could not think of any other reason. Originally, she didn’t even need to say it. She only needed to add fuel to the fire at the right moment and provoke Shi Sheng to fight with Feng Qing Qing. 

Who knew Shi Sheng wouldn’t take the bait and expose her instead?

“It was Feng Qing Qing who went overboard. She said that third sister is nothing at all. She is the true genius of the Feng family. Third sister, listen to what she said. She doesn’t take you seriously.” The sister beside Feng Qi Qi hurriedly helped out. 

Shi Sheng smiled meaningfully, “Is that so?”

“Yes! Now that Feng Qing Qing is under the training and protection of Instructor Wan, she takes herself seriously and thinks that she is the star of Feng family.” 

“Feng Qing Qing is nothing. In our Feng family, third sister is still the most powerful. Feng Qing Qing is just a countryside girl. How can she compare with third sister? Third sister, you have to teach her a lesson. Let her know who the true master is.” 

The people that Feng Qi Qi brought with her were talking badly about Feng Qing Qing. 

Shi Sheng slapped her palms together, “You said it right!” 

The surrounding people’s faces lit up, and Feng Qi Qi let out a sigh of relief, thinking that Shi Sheng can’t possibly not care about Feng Qing Qing. 

Shi Sheng asked, “Where is Feng Qing Qing?” 

“Over there, over there, I just saw her there.”

“Third sister, I’ll take you there.” Immediately, someone ventured out and went in one direction. 

Shi Sheng followed along with a light smile on her face. Feng Qi Qi walked beside Shi Sheng, saw the smile at the corner of her mouth had sent chills down her spine for some reason. 

Before Feng Qi Qi had time to think about it, she had already arrived at the place. 

Feng Qing Qing was sparring with someone,. She announced to the public that she could use 4 elements, but she usually used the fire element.  

While the others could only send out unshaped attacks, Feng Qing Qing's flames already had shapes at this point.

Feng Qing Qing made a fierce charge and chose to fight in close quarters. The flames in her hand rubbed out and slapped onto the opponent's chest.


Feng Qing Qing did not show any mercy. The man she was fighting with fell to the ground uttered a wail along with a painful expression.

“You’ll only suffer for a few days, you won’t die from it.” Feng Qing Qing looked at the man as she stood over him, “If you dare to hurt my people again, you’ll end up worse than today. Leave!” 

Shi Sheng: “…” The female lead stole my line!

  […] The host is sick and should take the medicine. This is the heroine’slines, not yours.