“Feng Qing Qing, you better watch out! Ouch! What are you guys standing there for? Faster go and call for a doctor. Feng Qing Qing, I won’t let you off the hook…” 

A few followers went up and carried the man who was blabbering.

"Seventh Miss ... will he retaliate against you?" A girl ran over from afar. It was the same girl who was at the Devil Flame Ridge that stubbornly wanted to go back to find Feng Qing Qing. Her name was Feng Xiao Lian.

“If he dares to come, I will cripple him.” Feng Qing Qing’s expression was ruthless. 

One of the sisters behind Shi Sheng suddenly shouted, “Who will you cripple? Feng Qing Qing. Do you not have any orders? This is a martial arts arena. It is a felony for people of the same clan to kill each other.” 

Feng Qing Qing followed the voice and looked over, seeing Shi Sheng surrounded by a crowd. Her face turned sullen and cold. Her eyes were drenched with coldness.

Feng Xiao Lian was frightened by this confrontation and hurriedly shrank behind Feng Qing Qing. 

Feng Qing Qing said in a cold voice, "What are you guys doing here?" Usually, these people never failed to make things difficult for her. And today, they even brought Feng Zhi Yin over. It did not take a genius to know that they don’t harbor any good intentions. 

Feng Qing Qing felt her guard coming up as her eyes fell on Shi Sheng. 

Shi Sheng, who was very shrewd, reached out her arm to gesture to the sisters beside her, “They want me to cripple you in a fight.” 

All the girls turned pale in unison and looked at Shi Sheng incredulously. 

This is different from what was promised! 

What does she mean by we want her to cripple Feng Qing Qing in a fight? 

We were just provoking her. We didn’t say anything like that. How dare she talk such nonsense?  

“What?” Feng Qing Qing didn’t quite understand. 

“I said, they wanted me to maim you.” Shi Sheng repeated, “but I don’t think you’re worth my effort, so I think it’s better to let them do it themselves.” 

The pretentious Sheng was online. 

“Third sister…” 

“Third what sister? I don’t do relationships with ladies.” Shi Sheng said with a serious face, “Well, I am done pretending with you guys. Quit plotting schemes behind my back. If I catch you doing that…” 

Shi Sheng sneered at them, “I’ll send you guys to heaven.” 

Shi Sheng left calmly after being arrogant, leaving a group of dumbfounded people behind. 

This is completely different from what we expected!  

Feng Qing Qing sneered. Was this their plot? 

But Feng Zhi Yin…

Seems a bit off.


Feng Qing Qing was performing well in the martial arts arena. With Wan Quan as her instructor, together with her talent, she was slowly showing her true strength to the others. Nobody dared to belittle her anymore. 

Feng Qing Qing was also secretly winning over the people of the Feng household. 

Starting with the top disciples of the Feng household.

Feng Qing Qing had soon acquired a group of foolish fans. 

There was peace as Shi Sheng didn’t appear in front of Feng Qing Qing, so they couldn't get into a fight. 

That night, Shi Sheng had just exited her practice state when she sensed an unfamiliar aura outside. 

In the blink of an eye, she drew out her iron sword and jumped out of bed. Heading towards the direction of the window that was cracked open by a little bit, she peeped through the crack and saw two black shadows who were rapidly exchanging blows below. 

The both of them seemed to be aiming for the two qilins in front of her door. 

Speaking of that qilin…

Probably afraid of waking people up with the noise, they didn’t use their mystical energy. Instead, they fought with their fists. One was petite and was obviously a girl. 

Shi Sheng quietly pushed the window a crack wider, and her line of sight became wider. 

Meanwhile, the two people below had now locked each other in their grip, sticking very close together. 

“We are both aiming for the Dark Flame Mystical Crystal. Since there are two of them, how about we each take one?” The man with a bigger build spoke in a lowered voice. 

The voice was a bit odd like he had changed his tone.

“How do I know that you won’t go back on your words?” The girl’s voice was very familiar to Shi Sheng. It’s Feng Qing Qing.

“It’s fruitless for us to keep fighting like this.” 

Feng Qing Qing was a little reluctant. She stayed silent for a few moments, “I’ll count one, two, three, and we’ll both let go at the same time.” 

The man agreed without any hesitation, “Fine.” 


They let go of each other at the same time but didn’t let their guard down. After holding their position for around 30 seconds, they slowly backed off a little. 

“You can take it first,” the man said while continuing to step back, indicating that he wasn’t going to play any dirty tricks. 

Feng Qing Qing looked at the man warily for a few moments. She was also afraid that someone would suddenly appear out of nowhere, but this Dark Flame Mystical Crystal was of very good quality and thus very hard to find. She had no choice. She needed this for her practice. 

Feng Qing Qing looked around for a moment and quickly walked towards the qilin. 

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

How dare they steal the token of affection given by Feng Ci!  

Shi Sheng suddenly opened the window wide open in an angry manner and shouted, “You guys just divide up my stuff like that. Did you even ask for my permission as the owner?” 

The loud shout startled both Feng Qing Qing and the man. 

The man’s reaction was faster than Feng Qing Qing’s. Shi Sheng could barely finish her sentence when the man swayed his body and started moving speedily towards the qilin. 

“Crap!” Such an awesome thief, he’s walking all over me.

Shi Sheng jumped down from the window sill while swinging her iron sword at the same time. A cold light flashed through the qilin’s scarlet eyes continuously. 

Seeing that the man was about to touch the qilin, a sword fiercely swept over from the side, bringing with it the cold air. The air in their surroundings seemed to be frozen in general. 

The man’s body instinctively moved backward in response. 

Feng Qing Qing also snapped out of her daze at this moment and swiftly moved towards the other qilin. 

She was lucky enough to touch the qilin, and her palm was strangely burning, but luckily she managed to put the qilin away. 

She looked down at her hands, and her palm was already red and swollen, aching in pain. 


The iron sword slashed down from above Feng Qing Qing's head. It was already too late for Feng Qing Qing to dodge. A strong oppression squeezed over in all directions. Chills penetrated into her skin and into her bones and blood until she couldn't even move.

Just when she thought she had been cut. There was a sudden extra force on her wrist, pulling her to the side. The iron sword that brought about the cold air along with it, slightly grazed her cheeks and arms, cutting into a clump of flowers and trees beneath her. The flowers and trees were instantly turned into powder.

Feng Qing Qing was half-carried away and was swept back a distance in an extremely fast manner and landed in the direction of the doorway.

Feng Qing Qing's heart thumped wildly, and the feeling of almost dying slowly crept up. 

She had almost died.

Shi Sheng ground her teeth in anger and charged towards Feng Qing Qing with her iron sword.

This time, Feng Qing Qing and the man separated and swept away in two directions. Shi Sheng was alone, so she could only chase after Feng Qing Qing. 

After Feng Qing Qing found her path blocked by Shi Sheng, she could only face Shi Sheng head-on. 

Feng Qing Qing had the plot armor, so no matter how Shi Sheng flung her sword. In the end, Feng Qing Qing was able to coincidentally avoid it due to the air resistance. 

It just would not let her hit the female lead.  

If you don’t let me do it, I'll do it even more!

When she met with the resistance again, she poured all her strength into the iron sword.

The resistance suddenly reduced, and Shi Sheng pressed down the iron sword immediately. The sharp blade cut Feng Qing Qing’s shoulder. If it was any ordinary people, their arms would already have been broken. Yet it was merely a cut for Feng Qing Qing. Shi Sheng even felt that she didn’t even hit Feng Qing Qing’s bone, and no matter how hard she tried to push the sword down, it wouldn’t go deeper. 

Bravo,my heroine!