Feng Qing Qing rolled onto the ground in an attempt to get rid of Shi Sheng's iron sword. She covered her shoulder and stumbled away. 

The only thing she didn’t expect was that the sword in Shi Sheng's hand was so powerful. 

She had already gotten the Dark Flame mystical crystal. There was no need to waste time.

Feng Qing Qing only wanted to leave this place now and not continue the fight with Shi Sheng. 

After taking the token of love given to Shi Sheng, would she let Feng Qing Qing walk out safely?

That was definitely not possible.

Feng Qing Qing had just run to the door when she was caught up by Shi Sheng, who leaped through the air and landed in front of her.

She was only wearing a dark garment, and her expression was hidden in the darkness, but the eerie coldness that emanated from her body made Feng Qing Qing's heart skip a beat. 

The scenery in front of her seemed to be degrading extremely fast, plunging into the darkness where eerie lights flickered on and off, and the swaying trees behind her looked like demons who had their teeth and claws open. 

 She was suddenly a little confused as to where she was present.  

 A pain pulsed through Feng Qing Qing’s body and made her head spin slowly.

Just when Feng Qing Qing thought that Shi Sheng was going to attack her again. She suddenly shouted at the top of her lungs, ''Someone help! Someone help! There's an assassin!"

Feng Qing Qing was startled. The darkness in front of her quickly faded. Fire lit up in the distance, and the sound of chaotic footsteps came in a flurry. Feng Qing Qing hurriedly ran in the other direction.

Before she could take two steps, she was stopped by Shi Sheng.

Feng Qing Qing was anxious and attacked Shi Sheng, who could not kill her but had no problem stopping her.

The guards of the Feng Mansion arrived very quickly and surrounded the two who were still fighting. 

When Feng Qing Qing took her eyes off Shi Sheng to survey the situation around them. Shi Sheng took advantage of her distraction and kicked her in the calf and then grabbed Feng Qing Qing’s arm with her hand and brought her down onto the ground. 

"Ah!" Feng Qing Qing had an injury on her shoulder, and being grabbed by Shi Sheng and put down on the ground like that caused a tearing pain in her that she was not able to bear, and she screamed out loud. 

However, in the very next second, a cold light flashed in her hand, and she stabbed Shi Sheng in an extremely fast manner. Shi Sheng's abdomen shrank, and the sharp dagger slashed past her clothes.

Damn it!

I forget that the protagonist can manipulate space.  

Feng Qing Qing was not able to stab Shi Sheng, so her hand rose upwards immediately, and this time it was aimed towards Shi Sheng's throat.

Her aim was not to kill Shi Sheng. Her goal was to make Shi Sheng let her go. But of course, if she could kill Shi Sheng, Feng Qing Qing would be happy to do so.

It was all because of this woman that she had died so miserably in her previous life.

She absolutely could not let this woman ruin her life this time. 

However, she thought wrongly. Shi Sheng did not let go of her. But twisted her body to the side, avoiding her dagger. Feng Qing Qing's hand was twisted from the left to the back, following Shi Sheng's movement, and her whole body was flung onto the ground. 

Shi Sheng was about to kick Feng Qing Qing. Suddenly an additional figure showed up next to her, and the flow of the entire space instantly slowed down.

The man slowly revealed himself.

He just appeared out of thin air, and this time, Shi Sheng did not see wrongly. 

When his figure was slowly revealed, that spatial flow immediately returned to normal.

Several white shadows appeared from the surroundings, and they all stood behind the man without a word. 

Shi Sheng: “…”

Where is the hero saving the damsel in distress? 

I had already taken care of Feng Qing Qing. Why did you even show up for!

Fairy tales are all lies.

“Arrest her.” Yin Wei’s voice was slightly cold. It sounded even colder and more piercing together with the cold night breeze. 

Two white figures stepped forward and pinned Feng Qing Qing down.

Shi Sheng slowly let go of her hand and casually shook her somewhat sore hand, "You're late."

Coming to act cool at this time. I’ll give you a poor review.

Yin Wei tilted his head slightly, "Feng Zhi Yin, you lost my stuff."

Shi Sheng looked towards the small building in the distance. The place where the qilin was placed before was empty now. 

One of them was with Feng Qing Qing. The other one must have been taken by the male lead when she was chasing Feng Qing Qing. 

"You've given it to me, then it's my stuff. It's none of your business if I lose it." This idiot actually came just to ask about the two qilins.

Yin Wei asked back without slowing down, "When did I say I’ll give them to you?"

"You said..." Shi Sheng paused. The corners of her mouth twitched.

He only said that she could bring it back, but he didn’t say that he would give the qilin to her. 


Feng Ci, why are you suddenly so cunning now?

Not giving in, Shi Sheng said aggressively, “Anyways, I’ve already lost it, I’ll pay you back for it! I can warm your bed for you, I can fight. What do you want?” 

When the Feng family guards arrived, they happened to hear Shi Sheng shouting these words.

The crowd first froze, then when they saw the person standing beside Shi Sheng, they all bowed in fear, "Lord Chaplain."

Yin Wei gave a meaningful glance at Shi Sheng and slightly raised his hand, indicating that the guards did not need to be polite.

Yin Wei suddenly took off his outer robe and draped it over Shi Sheng, his body leaning forward slightly. Shi Sheng could easily see the expression on his face.

It was very faint.

A very faint kind of doting.

Long, dense lashes caused a shadow to form across his face, just enough to hide his eyes.

His breathing was long and calm.

Long, slender fingers traced the collar of the outer robe, tugging gently, then releasing it. 

The outer robe carried a faint scent, the same one Shi Sheng had smelled in the carriage.

What is this idiot up to?  

Shi Sheng frowned slightly, "I said..."

Yin Wei's figure began to turn blurry, and when Shi Sheng blinked, there was only darkness in front of her. He was already gone. 

Shi Sheng: "..." Don't run away if you have the guts!  

As soon as Yin Wei was gone, the divinity guards handed Feng Qing Qing over to the Feng family guards and disappeared into the dark night. 

Lord Chaplain came just to clothe their Third Miss?

The guards were collectively confused, and it took them a while to react and look at the person they were holding down.

One of the guards pulled off the black cloth from Feng Qing Qing’s face, revealing a familiar face.

"Seventh Miss!" That guard exclaimed in shock. 

How could it be Seventh Miss ...

Feng Qing Qing was in so much pain that she couldn't speak. The wound she felt was much more painful than a normal wound like someone was pouring saltwater into her wound.

Feng Qing Qing raised her head with difficulty and looked at Shi Sheng who was standing behind the guards. The wavering firelight danced in her eyes, but Feng Qing Qing felt that what she saw was a pool of stagnant water, a pool of stagnant water that drowned people silently.

Because the assassin who was caught was Feng Qing Qing, the seventh young lady; and the one who was assassinated was the third young lady, the most favored of the Feng family. Patriarch Feng got up very quickly. 

In the brightly lit hall, Feng Qing Qing was tied up and pressed down wretchedly in the middle of the hall while Shi Sheng, who was draped in Yin Wei’s purple outer robe, sat on the left side, propping her face up with one hand and stared at the ground with a vacant gaze.

As soon as Patriarch Feng entered, he saw Shi Sheng's clothing that stood out in the brightly lit hall. His gaze changed extremely quickly, then suppressed the doubts in his heart and strode towards the main seat with a stern face.