Patriarch Feng’s cold sweat poured down while looking at Shi Sheng, who was eating sunflower seeds. Patriarch Feng was feeling a bit crazy. 

Xiao Yin surprisingly is not afraid of Lord Chaplain at all.

She is still eating leisurely!

"Father, come and sit down." Shi Sheng waved at the Patriarch Feng.

Patriarch Feng: "..." He dared not to sit if Lord Chaplain did not order him to. 

Yin Wei glanced at Patriarch Feng and nodded slightly. Patriarch Feng carefully wiped at his cold sweat. He walked over to Shi Sheng and sat down stiffly. 

Shi Sheng pushed the pile of sunflower seeds to the Patriarch Feng.

Patriarch Feng: "..." Who is in the mood to eat these!

Yin Wei seems to be waiting for Feng Qing Qing to take something out, but Feng Qing Qing gritted her teeth in silence, pretending she did not steal anything. 

After 10 minutes, Yin Wei suddenly stood up and walked towards Feng Qing Qing.

He looked at Feng Qing Qing condescendingly and raised his hand slowly. Feng Qing Qing watched as his hand approached gradually, her body tilted back along with his movement.

Shi Sheng stopped nibbling on the seeds and seemed to be ready to get up. 

Yin Wei's hand did not land on Feng Qing Qing but the Qilin next to her.

When his hand touched the Qilin, the color on the Qilin turned more beautiful as if it was struck by a layer of light. Its scarlet eyes had a faint light passing by like it was about to come alive.

A gust of wind entered the hall and lifted the hem of Yin Wei's clothes backward. The lobby was filled with a cool breeze.

However, it did not last long. The wind soon stopped, Yin Wei withdrew his hand, and his gaze fell on Feng Qing Qing's neck, saying slowly, "Search her."

The Divinity Guard held down Feng Qing Qing and searched her body.

Feng Qing Qing was hurt, so she couldn't resist. The pendant was discovered and handed to Yin Wei respectfully.

It was a shiny silver pendant of the shape of a budding flower.

"This is..." Patriarch Feng's face changed slightly.

"Patriarch Feng recognize this?" Yin Wei raised his head to glance at Patriarch Feng.

Patriarch Feng shook his head slightly, but he looked coldly at Feng Qing Qing. The disgust in his eyes grew clearer.

Feng Qing Qing's mind was full of thoughts about how her space was going to be exposed. Hence, she paid no attention to Patriarch Feng.

Yin Wei closed his eyes.

"Ah..." Feng Qing Qing suddenly covered her head and shouted.

Feng Qing Qing made a contract with this space. Since Yin Wei forcefully entered, that would hurt her. 

Yin Wei could manipulate space. Entering an occupied space is just a little more difficult for him than an empty one.


This space was not easy to enter.

Just when Yin Wei was ready to give up, there was a sudden warmth in his hand that gave extra strength, and the barrier that was impenetrable just a moment ago was quickly broken with this power.

Yin Wei found the Qilin and bought it out using his mind.

The sudden appearance of the Qilin was placed quietly side by side with another Qilin as if it had been here from the beginning.

He met with a pair of calm eyes as soon as he opened his eyes. A vague smile spread out in the next second, like the water in a vernal pool, gradually warming up the surrounding around him.

Shi Sheng smiled crookedly, "you’re welcome to marry me." She let go of him and stepped aside as if she hadn't done anything just now.

The interaction between the two seemed weird. Outsiders couldn’t understand what they were talking about.

 Yin Wei threw the pendant onto the fainted Feng Qing Qing, looked to the side of Shi Sheng, "Keep them safe."

Yin Wei was naturally talking about the two Qilin.

"You can leave yourself to me for safekeeping." What's the use of keeping two Qilins?

Yin Wei's eyes fixated on Shi Sheng. His lips moved a few times, but there was no sound, and the movement was too small for Shi Sheng to read what he was saying.

Just when Shi Sheng was about to ask, Yin Wei's figure flickered and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The Divinity Guard team exited the hall one by one, silently like when they came.

Shi Sheng: "..."

Damn it! What is this retard doing?

Disappearing like that. 

Say it clearly if you dare!

Only the people of the Feng family were left in the hall. Patriarch Feng came forward with a sullen face and bent down to pick up the pendant on Feng Qing Qing's body.

He squeezed the pendant for a long time. His fingers kept tightening until they turned blue and white, then only he let go of the pendant.

The pendant fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

"Lock Feng Qing Qing up." Patriarch Feng commanded in a deep voice.

Shi Sheng glanced at the pendant on the ground, this pendant... Patriarch Feng recognizes it, but he does not seem to like it much.

Why is that?

Feng Qing Qing was taken away along with the pendant. Only Shi Sheng and Patriarch Feng were left in the hall.

 "Xiao Yin, what is your relationship with Lord Chaplain?" Patriarch Feng surely would ask this question when the time was right.

"It's what dad saw." Shi Sheng shrugged slightly, "Falling in love with each other? Love at first sight?"

Patriarch Feng responded solemnly to Shi Sheng, which was rare, "Xiao Yin, tell me the truth."

Shi Sheng spoke the truth, "Well, I have a crush on him."

Patriarch Feng frowned with disbelief. Yet deep inside his heart, he seemed to have some clarity.

"Are you serious?"


Patriarch Feng stayed silent for a long time and sighed slightly, "You should know who he is."

Before that Lord Chaplain sent the Qilin over, he felt something was wrong. Why did he need to send two Qilin over if it was an apology?

Moreover, when did Lord Chaplain ever give someone a gift?

Shi Sheng looked at the Patriarch Feng and said it word by word: "I don't care who he is. All I know is that he is the one I am looking for."

"Xiao Yin, he is dangerous to the empire, to you, and to the Feng family. He is a threat."

No one knew Yin Wei's background. He worked his way up from the bottom to his current position.

This man had the means, perseverance, and patience.

Shi Sheng said with unknown confidence, a little arrogant, and a little gentle, "But he will not hurt me."

Patriarch Feng did not understand where this confidence of Shi Sheng came from. But when he recalled the incident just now, he seemed to think that she had a point.

He had never seen Lord Chaplain being so indulgent to anyone.

 "Which side would you be if Lord Chaplain were to turn against Cang Lan Empire?" Patriarch Feng suddenly threw out a question.

Shi Sheng looked at Patriarch Feng oddly. Her voice was casually natural, "isn’t the answer obvious? If he wants this world, I will give it to him."

Patriarch Feng: "..."

Do you think you can give away the empire as you wish to like it is a cabbage?

Hold on, I spent so many years raising this daughter. Yet she’s going to choose a man over us so casually?  

Although she was just making an analogy, it still hurt Patriarch Feng’s feelings.

It's like a flower that you've taken good care of, and it was about to blossom. Suddenly a gust of wind blows by, and everything is gone.

Patriarch Feng was so heartbroken that he waved his hand asked Shi Sheng to leave. He wanted to be alone.