Feng Qing Qing woke up and found herself locked in a room, and the first thing she did was touch her neck. 

But there was nothing on her neck. 

It was gone.

Her space was gone. 


Feng Qing Qing panicked and searched around. She moved her body with difficulty and finally found the pendant in the hay by her feet.

Seeing the pendant, Feng Qing Qing immediately held it in both hands and placed it in front of her chest.

Luckily, it was still there.

Feng Qing Qing re-hung the pendant around her neck. The feeling of having lost it and found it again made her forget about the pain in her body and where she was at the moment.

As long as her space was still there, she still had a chance.

Feng Zhi Yin! Yin Wei! 

I will get back my revenge. 

I definitely will not let the two of you off the hook.


It was on the third day that Shi Sheng heard that Feng Qing Qing had run away along with her instructor, Wan Quan. 

To be precise, it was Wan Quan who went to rescue Feng Qing Qing.

Patriarch Feng hadn't had the time to deal with the incident of Feng Qing Qing running away. When Feng Qing Qing appeared again, they were going to have a huge fight.

Shi Sheng didn’t understand why Patriarch Feng didn’t punish Feng Qing Qing even after several days. 

If it was up to her, she would have killed her. 

"Feng Zhi Yin, Feng Zhi Yin..."

The shouting came from the small building below. Shi Sheng glanced down.

A man was shouting from below, and the servants who around hurriedly ran over and dragged him outside. 

"Feng Zhi Yin, come out, Feng Zhi Yin how can you be so evil, Feng Zhi Yin, you bitch ..."

Shi Sheng was laid on the window sill, watching the man being dragged away. The shouting and cursing became weaker until it disappeared. 

Now that Feng Qing Qing went missing. This man, seemingly called Feng Yu, who used to follow her was the most anxious. 

Shi Sheng turned around with a grimace. Suddenly, there was another person showed up in front of her. She subconsciously pulled out her sword.

Yin Wei looked at the sword in her hand and praised, "nice sword."

Who the hell wants you to compliment the sword! 

Of course, my sword is good.

Shi Sheng slammed her iron sword onto the table next to her and yelled explosively, “When did you get here! You could have scared me to death!” 

"Your guard is too low."

Low your ass! 

This guy can manipulate space. As long as he collects his breath, it’s easy not to be noticed by anyone.  

Shi Sheng looked at him for a few seconds, then walked inside with her sword, "I only let my guard down around you.” 

"I'm honored."

 Shi Sheng grunted, "Good to know, so, is the Lord Chaplain ready to let me sleep with you?"

"You're not afraid that I'll hurt you?" Yin Wei could always automatically ignore such indecent questions from Shi Sheng, and his tone was somewhat probing.

Shi Sheng turned her head and asked back, "Would you?"

Yin Wei shook his head. No.
"Why?" Shi Sheng turned around and took a few steps closer to Yin Wei, coming up to him and asked, "Why won’t you hurt me?"

The two were very close together, and Shi Sheng could kiss him if she moved a little further forward.

There was always a faint fragrance on him. It was neither unpleasant nor sensual. Instead, it had a calming effect that allowed people around him to calm down easily. 

Yin Wei looked down at her slightly, not as flustered and shy as he used to be once Shi Sheng got close. Instead, he was very calm and collected. 

"Because you are ..." Yin Wei's voice stopped abruptly, and he suddenly disappeared in front of Shi Sheng’s face. 

Shi Sheng: "..." What’s the meaning of saying something halfway? I’ll beat you if you’re like this!  

Just at this moment, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard outside. 

“Miss, Miss…” The maid rushed in from outside, panting, “Miss, something terrible happened.”

Something bad indeed happened. My hubby ran away again.  

Shi Sheng's tone was harsh, “Who died?”

The maid froze, “No… no one is dead.”

“If nobody died, then nothing bad has happened.” As long as there’s no death, everything is still okay. 

The maid: “…” 

Why is she acting like she ate some dynamite? She’s so fierce.  

“It’s … it’s Dong Fang Prince. He came.” 

“What Dong, what Fang?” 

“Your…” the maid gulped, “Your fiancé.” 

Shi Sheng was shocked. She turned around and slapped the table, “I have a fiancé?” 

Where did this fiancé come from?  

Host, we need to talk about this.  

“ Sort… sort of." The maid nodded, "But you and Dong Fang Prince don’t have a marriage certificate. It’s just a verbal agreement.” 

What's wrong with Miss? Didn't Miss know about this agreement?  

“It’s just a verbal agreement. That means he’s not even my fiancé. Don’t tarnish my reputation.” Shi Sheng let out a sigh of relief. There is no marriage certificate, so this engagement does not count. 

This Dong Fang Prince should be the same scum that screwed up Feng Qing Qing before she was reborn. In this life of Feng Qing Qing's rebirth. He fucking screwed with the original owner again.  

"That's what they all said before." The maid was innocent. Miss didn't object before and Patriarch Feng also tacitly agreed. So doesn’t it mean that everybody acknowledged this engagement?!  

"What is he doing here?" The scum was visiting. It’s either for the protagonist or for Shi Sheng. 

But we don’t know who this scum came for in this life because the female protagonist didn’t have time to hurt Shi Sheng yet. 

The maid shook her head. She didn't know about that.

Shi Sheng carried her sword and walked outside.

She was going to see what this scum was here for.

Patriarch Feng was welcoming Dong Fang Prince in the parlor. 

Shi Sheng rushed in without a care. At first glance, she saw the man who was sitting down opposite Patriarch Feng. He was very elegant just like a painting. His gaze was gentle, and his speech carried a sense of sophistication. 

Shi Sheng: “…” This is the scum? 


Scumbags these days have such high standards. 

On second thought, if they are not so attractive, how are they going to seduce people.

"Xiao Yin!" When Patriarch Feng saw Shi Sheng barge in, his facial expression changed immediately, “Go back!” 

"What is he doing here?" Instead of going back, Shi Sheng walked in and sat directly opposite Dong Fang Prince. 

Dong Fang Prince also seemed shocked but quickly returned to normal. He smiled gently, "Several years have passed, little sister Xiao Yin has grown more and more beautiful.”

Shi Sheng replied in a fierce tone, “my beauty is not for you to admire.” 

Dong Fang Prince: “….” 

“Xiao Yin, don’t be so rude.” Patriarch Feng chided. 

Shi Sheng pouted her mouth and said nothing. 

“It’s fine. Little sister Xiao Yin is more lively than before.” Dong Fang Prince seemed to be a little emotional, “Time flies, and I haven’t seen little sister Xiao Yin for a few years. I almost couldn’t recognize her.” 

Patriarch Feng’s eyes sank as his gaze swept towards Shi Sheng, who had her chin propped up as she was sizing Dong Fang Prince. Her facial expression was too calm for Patriarch Feng to figure out what she was thinking about. 

Patriarch Feng looked back towards the Dong Fang Prince and chatted with him for a while before the Dong Fang Prince moved on to the reason he was here. 

“Uncle Feng, I am here today for the marriage between little sister Xiao Yin and me. We are not young anymore, so my family’s intention is for us to get engaged first…”

Patriarch Feng sighed internally. This topic came up after all.  

If it was in the past, he would not have objected. But now…

How could he dare to agree with the presence of Lord Chaplain?