“Dong Fang Nephew, this matter… depends on Xiao Yin’s wishes.” Patriarch Feng politely said, “Things such as relationships should not be forced. If Xiao Yin agrees, then I have no problem with it.” 

Dong Fang Hai frowned but quickly smoothed out his eyebrows and said gently, “I believe that young sister Xiao Yin will not object. We are…” 

“I don’t agree.” Shi Sheng interrupted Dong Fang Hai. 

Dong Fang Hai couldn’t believe what he heard, “Young sister Xiao Yin?” 

“I. Don’t. Agree.” Shi Sheng said word by word, “Do you understand me now? Go back where you came from. I won’t see you off.” 

“Xiao Yin!” Patriarch Feng said with dignity as the head of the Feng household. How can she drive people off like that? 

“Young sister Xiao Yin, are you mad because I didn’t visit you for so many years?” Dong Fang Hai stood up anxiously, “I’ve been out training, so I couldn’t come and visit you, but I prepared a birthday gift for you every year.” 

Shi Sheng: “…” 

Whether you visit me or not, it’s none of my business!”

“From now on, I won’t go out. I’ll stay by your side. Don’t be angry.” 

“Are you leaving or not!” Shi Sheng said fiercely, “If you’re not leaving, I’ll find someone to beat you up.” 

Dong Fang Hai was truly shocked as he took a step back, he was incredulous. He couldn’t believe that the unrefined person in front of him was the same meek girl in his memory. 

“Xiao Yin, how can you speak like that.” Patriarch Feng got up and walked towards Dong Fang Hai, just enough to separate the two of them. “Dong Fang Nephew, Xiao Yin has her own opinions now. It’s not good to force relationships. You should not be so upset…” 

Dong Fang Hai seemed to calm down once Patriarch Feng advised him, “I may have rushed this.” 

Patriarch Feng patted Dong Fang Hai on his shoulder. This child is actually quite handsome, a comparable household as ours. He also has talent and is quite good at dealing with people.  

If there wasn’t the presence of Lord Chaplain, he would have hoped that Xiao Yin would marry him. 

“Young sister Xiao Yin, don’t be cross. We can try to get along for a while until you fall in love with me. It’s not too late to get engaged then.” Then as if afraid of Shi Sheng’s disagreement, he said hurriedly, “Uncle Feng, I should go first. I’ll come and pay my respect to you some other day.” 

“Let me see you off.” 

“It’s fine. I do not wish to bother you.” Dong Fang Hai rejected politely. 

But Patriarch Feng had something to say to Dong Fang Hai, so he insisted to send him off. 

Shi Sheng watched the two disappearing figures thoughtfully. This time, Dong Fang Hai came for her. 


After that day, Dong Fang Hai had been visiting the Feng mansion frequently. 

Patriarch Feng was in a dilemma because of this. 

He is the heir to the Dong Fang Family. If he stopped him from visiting, wouldn’t that be embarrassing the Dong Fang Family?  

Shi Sheng was annoyed by Dong Fang Hai and was waiting for a chance to beat him up. 

When she heard that Dong Fang Hai came again, she purposely asked someone to bring him to a less crowded place. 

As she walked over slowly. Before she could get closer, she heard a resigned voice. 

“Brother Dong Fang, why didn’t you come to visit Qi Qi when you came back?” 

“I’ve been a bit busy lately. I’ll make amends to Eldest Miss later on.” Dong Fang Hai replied politely. 

“No, no, I don’t mean it. I just haven’t seen Brother Dong Fang in a long time…” Feng Qi Qi trailed off. 

Shi Sheng stood at a distance, listening to the two of them talk. Feng Qi Qi obviously liked Dong Fang Hai. It’s no wonder that she’s always targeting Shi Sheng. 

Feng Qi Qi and Dong Fang Hai spoke for quite a while before saying their goodbyes.

Shi Sheng looked around and saw that there was no one. 

She rushed out immediately. 

Dong Fang Hai saw Shi Sheng coming over and immediately showed his gentle smile. But before his smile reached his eyes, he realized that Shi Sheng’s vibe did not seem right. 

She didn’t look like she was here to see him. 

She clearly looked like she was here to beat him up. 

“Young sister Xiao Yin…”

“Who are you calling young sister Xiao Yin!” Shi Sheng rushed over with a few steps, kicked Dong Fang Hai, and continued to punch him before he could use his mystical energy. 

Dong Fang Hai wanted to defend himself, but Shi Sheng cut off his mystical energy before he could use it. 

Shi Sheng grabbed him by his collar and held him down on a nearby pillar after beating up Dong Fang Hai, “Do you still want to be engaged to me?” 

“Young sister…Xiao Yin…” Dong Fang Hai gasped, unable to speak well, “I… I really like you.” 

“Do you like me even when I beat you up like this?” 

Dong Fang Hai broke down internally. Who would like a violent maniac!

“Little sister Xiao Yin… can you….let go of me first. I’m in so much pain.” 

“Let me warn you, don’t dream of getting anything from me. You’ll never get it,” Shi Sheng’s eerie voice beside Dong Fang Hai’s ears made him tense up instantly. 

“Young sister Xiao Yin, you misunderstood me. I really like you.” 

“Like me? Are you willing to die for me then? Show me then.” 

Dong Fang Hai was horrified, “Young sister Xiao Yin…”

Shi Sheng let go of Dong Fang Hai and wiped her hands with her handkerchief in disgust, “You’re not even willing to die for me. How can you say that you like me?”

Dong Fang Hai coughed a few times, leaning against the pillar behind him to catch his breath. Fear could still be seen in his eyes. Why do I have to die to prove that I like you. What kind of logic is this.  

He calmed down and said, “Young sister Xiao Yin, if I died like this, how else can I be with you? I can die for you but not in such a meaningless way.” 

Dong Fang Hai was very good at saying nice words. 

Shi Sheng ground her teeth and tilted her neck from side to side while squeezing her fist. She approached Dong Fang Hai. 

“Young sister Xiao Yin…” 

Dong Fang Hai took a few steps backward while Shi Sheng got closer towards him. He gulped, turned around, and ran for the gate of the Feng mansion. 

“Retard.” Shi Sheng didn’t run after him. She only showed her middle finger at his retreating figure. 

Why didn’t you kill him, host?

“Do you want me to kill him?” 

Not really. 

According to your personality in the past, you would have pulled out your sword as soon as you got up to him. Yet you only gave him a beating? 

It doesn’t fit your style!

“Who are you talking to?” 

A voice suddenly appeared from behind Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng: “…” 

Where is my sword!

Why does this retard always like to suddenly appear behind her? What the hell!

“I was talking to a ghost.” Shi Sheng turned around to look at the person standing behind her and blew up, “Can you stop appearing out of nowhere behind me? Do you want to scare me to death so that you can find a new lover? 

Do you think you’re so mighty just because you can manipulate space?  

Yin Wei: “…” What the hell is a new lover?  

Yin Wei replied seriously, “I don’t have a new lover.” 

The anger in Shi Sheng suddenly cooled down, “What are you doing here? Aren’t you unwilling to meet me?”

You come and go as you please.

Shi Sheng’s face darkened, causing the system to warn her, prompting her not to be impulsive. 

This is your beloved Feng Ci, not your family pet. Stop thinking of trying to snatch him back so that you can raise him.  

“I just came to see you.” The corners of Yin Wei’s mouth hooked up slightly. That aggression in him faded away, leaving only a calmness in him, just like a breeze swirling over a lake. 

Shi Sheng suppressed the excitement in her heart. 

“Marry me so that you can see me every day!” What is the point of looking at me like this?