Feng Qi Qi against Shi Sheng was the main event. Those who were a bit tired from watching the fights were all pumped up after hearing those two names.

Feng Qi Qi was already on stage.

The other one, however, never went up. 

Shi Sheng, who was sitting at the back like an old man, had no intention of going up on stage at all.

"Why isn't Third Miss going up?"

“Where will she find the courage to go up? First Miss has been working very hard lately, while Third Miss doesn’t even attend her classes. Won’t she just be embarrassing herself if she went up?”


The voices of discussion in the front continuously spread towards the back. People who didn’t like her took this opportunity to say nasty things about her, which were quite a lot of people. 

More and more people started turning their eyes towards the corner where Shi Sheng was seated. 

"Third Miss, it's your turn." Feng An reminded Shi Sheng. 

"I’m not fighting. It’s not fun at all.” 

The originally noisy area somehow turned quiet when Shi Sheng spoke, and her words were heard by almost everyone present. 

"Third Miss, this is the annual exam. You must attend." The elder on the field who acted as the judge spoke up.

"Xiao Yin." Patriarch Feng called out. 

“I don’t feel like moving.” Whenever I fight with my hands, I want to see blood. I’m not interested in fights that only allow us to exchange moves and don’t allow us to beat each other to death.  

Patriarch Feng:"…" What did she say about not embarrassing me during the annual exam? 

Now she just gives up on the fight!  

“Third sister, don’t worry too much. I will give in to you.” Feng Qi Qi shouted sweetly while standing on the stage. 

"I won't fight even if you give in to me."

"Third sister, you're not afraid of big sister, are you?"

"Afraid? You weren't even born when I started bluffing!” 

I am the ancestor of bluffs.  

The others questioned, “Why don’t you go up then?” 

"I’m too lazy to get up there."

Crowd: "..."

No matter what these people said, Shi Sheng would not go up. 

Feng Qi Qi was not willing to let this slide, "Third sister, this is the family's rule. You can't break the rule."

Seeing that the next wave of persuasion was about to strike, Shi Sheng stood up with a scuffle, turned around, and left the venue.

"Quickly go and chase Third Miss back!" Patriarch Feng chided. 

I’m done!

Why is my Xiao Yin getting more and more out of hand?

Patriarch Feng waved his hand, “Let’s proceed to the next group first.” 


Shi Sheng left the arena and scaled the wall, jumping over several courtyards and quickly losing the people chasing after her.

Stepping on the wall, Shi Sheng swept forward quickly.

The sound of the wind blew past her ears, bringing with it a trace of fresh fragrance. 

The corners of Shi Sheng's mouth twitched as she could not stop and crashed directly into the arms of the person who suddenly appeared in front of her. 

Yin Wei reached out and held Shi Sheng's waist, carrying her and landing on the unoccupied path.

Yin Wei looked at the person in his arms who looked unhappy and hurriedly explained, “I didn’t appear behind you.” 

Shi Sheng: "... " Is there a difference between suddenly appearing in front and behind? Is there a difference? This retard!

When she felt the hand placed on her waist, she reached out and touched it. It was a normal temperature and was not cold at all. 

It was totally different from that feeling last time.

"Why are you out?" Yin Wei's eyes fell on her hand that was touching his, "Today's the annual test."

“What business is it of mine?” 

Yin Wei: "..." Every clan's test is crucial. Yet she's asking me what does it have to do with her!

Shi Sheng had taken his entire hand in her hand and was looking at it, "What was that sentence you didn't finish last time?"

"What sentence?" Yin Wei wondered.

"I asked you why you wouldn't hurt me, and you haven't answered me yet." he had gotten away with it the first few times they'd met.

The sun was shining just right. Stars of shattered light were pouring in through the dense canopy, falling on his hair and his shoulders, lining his skin as if it were white jade. 

"Because..." Yin Wei's voice was clear, "I don't want to hurt you."

"Bullshit." Shi Sheng looked up, "That's not what you wanted to say back then.” 

“You’re very clever, huh,” Yin Wei drew his hand back, “Because you're the most comfortable girl I've ever met."

"..." What the hell? What kind of adjective is that?  

"It’s more comfortable to sleep with me.” 

"What's going through your head all day?" Yin Wei was slightly annoyed. 

“Didn’t I tell you what I was thinking of when we first met?” She didn’t think of anything. All she wanted was to sleep with him. 

Yin Wei didn’t want to continue such an indecent conversation with Shi Sheng, so he said softly, "You make me feel very comfortable like we've lived together for a long time."

No amount of time together and understanding was needed to accept everything about her.

That familiarity was etched into his bone and embedded in his soul.

Shi Sheng had an odd look on her face, “Then why are you avoiding me?” 

“I’m not avoiding you.” Yin Wei shook his head, “I have to go.” 

"Wait a moment."

Yin Wei's body paused slightly.

Shi Sheng took her watch out from the space, "Give me your hand."

Yin Wei looked at what was in Shi Sheng's hand but reached out his hand anyway.

Shi Sheng lifted up his sleeve and put the watch on him. Her fingertips touched his wrist, and again there was that piercing chill.

Yin Wei stared at his wrist, looking down at something he had never seen before. Where it laid against his skin, it suddenly started to emanate warmth. 

"Don't take it off." Shi Sheng's face remained unchanged as she withdrew her hand.

"Okay." Yin Wei nodded, "I'm leaving."

Yin Wei's figure flashed, and space seemed to distort for a moment as the breeze lifted, leaves rustled, and the ground shifted in shadow.

Shi Sheng stood there for a long time, turned around, and walked towards her small building.

Time limit, space ...

Are there rules?

Or is it a punishment?

Or is it a backlash?

The plot only mentioned Yin Wei working against the protagonist. It didn't give a detailed account of Yin Wei himself. 

But according to the ordinary setting, unless it's the protagonist, everyone else who could manipulate space, time, and other more counterintuitive abilities, would need to pay for the price accordingly.

The price ...


Venerable Court. 

Yin Wei's figure appeared from the void. His body swayed, and he fell directly onto the chair next to him, his face turned pale instantly, and the teenager waiting on the side stepped forward immediately.

"My lord."

"It's fine." Yin Wei's voice was soft.

"You've been using it too often lately." The teenager was worried, "If you want to see Third Miss Feng, you can just invite her over. Why do you need to ..."

"She can't come in here."

"My lord ..." The teenager was puzzled. There were some bad things in the Venerable Court, but it wasn’t so bad that nobody could come in. With so many of them, surely they could protect one girl. 

Yin Wei looked at the teenager, "Don't go making your own decisions.” 

The teenager's brow furrowed, "Yes, my lord."

"Back down."

The teenager hung his head and went out. The outside was covered in darkness. A darkness that would not allow you to see your fingers when stretched out in front of them.  As soon as the teenager went out. A black shadow swept by, lunging at the teenager with opened teeth and claws.

The teenager glared at it, and the black shadow stopped in mid-air.

Suddenly, the wind was so strong that the teenager's slender body seemed to rise up in the air, "He's going to die, hahaha, he's going to die, isn't he? Hahahahahaha, retribution, retribution!!!"

"Shut up!" The teenager scolded.

Instead, the black shadow became more and more arrogant. Its shrill laughter spread out in the darkness, and ghostly cries and wails rose up.

"Hahahaha, he's going to die. He's going to die ......"