Shi Sheng was scolded by Patriarch Feng for leaving the examination halfway.
But it was only scolding. There was no other punishment. No one else could provide this level of pampering.
Patriarch Feng’s pampering of Shi Sheng naturally caused dissatisfaction with others.
The incident of Demon Flame Ridge was being picked out again by someone, she was accused of being cruel. That she was not even a human.
This did not concern Shi Sheng, but the fact that someone was talking about her sword.
At that time, the people on the city wall probably didn't say what broke the defensive formation. Only members of the Feng family that stood below the city wall knew this. This news must have come from those who were with her previously.
Damn it!
There is always some retard who coveted my beauty.

Metal Sword: "...” Weren’t they coveting me? Master, what are you dreaming of! It's me, it's me, it's me!
Shi Sheng suppressed the trembling iron sword.
She was not afraid of someone coveting her things, even this sword...
Shi Sheng thought the news was only spread within Feng's Mansion. She didn't expect the rumors to spread outside too.
The news stated that the Third Miss Feng had a divine weapon, and it could destroy one city.
There was a crowd who fancied the sword gathered outside Feng’s Mansion. And these people hadn't forgotten about the incident in Devil Flame Ridge. Shi Sheng was still a sinner in their eyes.
Before this, they were afraid to make trouble as Patriarch Feng was powerful. But if they saw Shi Sheng outside, they would start to gossip about her.
These people stopped thinking now that there was a collision of benefits.
How can a sinner have the right to possess a divine weapon?
This news was widely spread in a short time.
Feng's mansion was being visited every day. The security of Feng's Mansion has been improved several times. Even some members of Feng's family who went out would encounter an attack.
When a person was being controlled by desire, the person would do anything.
Patriarch Feng didn't expect that the past incident had been so long would be spread out again.
"This must be spread intentionally by someone else." The Patriarch Feng’s disciples were in anger.
"This is just the beginning, how about next..."
"We have gone through so many years. We have experienced various hardships. Do you think we are afraid of them for this time?"
When a family power was enormous, it would be attacked by other people.
The Feng family had been placed at the top of the pyramid for a very long period. Their enemies were countless.
"Don't you think this incident was too weird?" Someone asked.
The news spread too suddenly, and it spread too quickly. It doesn’t take too long for people all over the continent to seem to know about it.
"Where is the Third Miss? Does the Third Miss really have a divine weapon?" They didn't know that the Shi Sheng had any divine weapon.
"I didn't see it; I haven't seen Third Miss in the past few days."
Everyone stared at each other with confusion.
So, what is the current situation?
Patriarch Feng sat on the main seat with a sullen expression, instructed calmly, "Go to check who spread the rumor within the mansion."
"Patriarch! Patriarch, something had happened..." A man stumbled over, "Third Miss set up an arena in Jin Xiu Restaurant and said whoever won in the competition would be given the divine weapon."
"What?" Patriarch Feng was shocked. He almost squeezed open the handle of the chair. 
"Does Third Miss really have a divine weapon?"
"Yet they are setting up an arena in Jin Xiu Restaurant. What does Third Miss want to do?"
The others also begun to gossip about it softly. 

Jin Xiu Restaurant.
Jin Xiu Restaurant was large with small attics on 4 sides and an empty space in the middle. The red lanterns were hanging down from the top of the attic one by one.
There were also red lanterns hanging above the people’s heads.
The whole restaurant looked red at night.
The empty space in the middle was prepared for the contestants. And the attics surrounded were the seats for the audience.
Shi Sheng was sitting below the arena. People who heard the news came one after another and surrounded Shi Sheng in the ring.
"Is it really a fighting arena?"
"She really has a divine weapon?"
"Will she take out the divine weapon? Is she playing tricks on us?"
Shi Sheng sat on the platform and drank tea leisurely. She was not bothered by the discussion below the arena.
"Feng Zhi Yin, what do you want to do?" Someone started to yell. Everyone in the Restaurant suddenly turned silent.
Shi Sheng put down her teacup. With an innocent face, she said"I’m giving out the divine weapon! Isn't it what you want?"
Everyone: "..." This was different from what they thought.
You have a divine weapon that’s coveted by so many people. Shouldn't you hide it?
You even dared to take it out and show it to us.

Shi Sheng pulled out her sword and thrust it into the table.
The arena was filled with chills within a second. Those who stood near the arena could feel the coldness. 
Everyone could tell that it was a rare sword by how shiny it was.
"Is it a divine weapon?"
"I don’t think so... I've never heard of this kind of divine weapon."
The iron sword was too ordinary. It looked like a mass-produced weapon that could be obtained anywhere.
This sword would not be picked up by anyone on the street if they could not feel the power it exuded.
"Don't doubt it." Shi Sheng raised her voice, "Look at me now, we can discuss later if there is any other issue.”
Everyone: "..." Do you think it is auction?
"This sword is definitely a divine weapon. Its capability is more powerful than a divine weapon, so there is no need to question it. It is powerful. It is shameful if you haven’t seen it before.”
Iron sword: "..." Why do I feel like I will be sold by my owner?
Everyone was also dumbfounded. They didn't understand what Shi Sheng was going to do.
"Show us if the sword is as powerful as you said!” One of the audiences questioned.
Shi Sheng sneered, "Are you stupid? Why should I show it to you when I am not selling this sword?"
Retarde shows up every year, but the number in this year is oddly higher.
You came to compete for this sword and asked others to show you the sword’s power. What is in your mind?

"Then how do we know if you are cheating us? What conspiracy do you have?" Who would take out the divine weapon for competition?”
Shi Sheng put her hands on her hips angrily, "Did I beg you to come? Did I ask you to compete for this sword? First, you want something, now you want it to be absolute. Why don’t you bury yourself in the soil and die?.”
The person was speechless.
The others not dared to ask any question.
The owner of this divine weapon was a bit different from the ordinary people they met before.
But, to compete for this or not...
After Shi Sheng had finished refuting the person, she continued: "The rules of the arena are simple. Whoever can defend the arena successfully. This sword belongs to the winner."
Her contract with Iron Sword was more advanced than her contract with space. The space contract was only a soul contract. After her soul was destroyed, the space could still be used by others.
Only this sword could not be used by anyone except herself.
If she died and the sword would also be destroyed.
Even if it was taken away by other people, it was just a broken sword with no effect. However, it still could be used as an ordinary murder weapon. It was this sharp, after all.
If these people wanted it for so much, just come and take it.
It's useless even they got it. So, this doesn’t make her worried.