"Hold on!"
A man walked out from the crowd, "May I ask Third Miss Feng, what is the name of this divine weapon?"
What should it be called?

Iron Sword: "..." Master, please don't change my name randomly. My real name is very noble!
Shi Sheng thought for a while, then said, "Jue Shi Sword!"
Everyone: "..." Why do you think for so long? Did you name it casually in front of us? The name is too random!
"One more thing, I am not responsible if anyone dies in the arena. If anyone dares to come to me demanding responsibility, I will be responsible for killing all your family members." Shi Sheng sneered. After saying this, she jumped down from the arena. "Let's start."
She did not take the iron sword away.
Everyone was looking at the cold iron sword in the arena.
So, she just put the sword on it like this?
Why doesn't this girl follow the usual rule?

There was a moment of stagnation in the arena, and no one moved.
Shi Sheng went upstairs and sat in the best viewing seat. Someone finally jumped onto the arena and straight away grabbed the iron sword.
His action had stimulated other people to jump onto the arena one after another.
Patriarch Feng rushed to the arena with followers and saw everyone was jumped onto the ring. Then being bounced off at the next second. They were being smashed onto the wall surrounding the arena and started wailing.
His daughter was leaning on the window upstairs, looking down with a malicious smile, "You have to pay the price if you don't follow my rules. Do you really think this sword is so easy to obtain?"
The people who were bounced off didn't know what was going on. As soon as they jumped up, even before they stood still on the arena, they were bounced off on the next second.
The force that bounced them off was so swift, and there was no way to resist.
Everyone then looked upstairs with shock.
How could she not be prepared? And dare to put the sword on the arena?
Patriarch Feng led the followers upstairs from the side while the crowd did not pay attention to them.
"Xiao Yin, what are you doing?" Patriarch Feng pulled Shi Sheng in from the edge of the window sill, "Did you know the consequences of doing this?"
"Father, what's wrong with me giving it to them if they want it?"
Patriarch Feng was so angry that he started to gasp, "You're being nonsensical!"
Shi Sheng spread her hands, "It's impossible to cancel the event now. So I can only continue this tomfoolery."
Patriarch Feng looked down at the crowd below attempted to grab the iron sword on the stage restlessly but was still being bounced off.
The rules have been set, and the arena was set up. Those who heard the competition were now coming here.
It was impossible to cancel the competition now.
Patriarch Feng felt that he had to talk with Shi Sheng, "All of you can go out now."
They stared at each other a few times and left the room one by one.
When the door was closed, Shi Sheng and Patriarch Feng were left in the room.
Patriarch Feng took out a stone from his sleeve and put it on the table. The stone flashed with a faint light.
The light seemed like the light of the firefly that was about to go off at any time.
"Xiao Yin, please tell me honestly. What happened to you in Demon Flame Ridge?"
Shi Sheng glanced at the stone, "nothing happened there."
"If nothing happened, where did that sword come from? Your...why did your personality change so much?" Patriarch Feng looked at the stone, and a faint light flickered in his eyes, "Your soul lamp is about to go off. "
Her soul lamp was getting weaker day by day.
"Xiao Yin, do you know what it means if the soul lamp goes off?"
"Death." Shi Sheng answered softly.
"You need to tell me what was happened to you in Demon Flame Ridge so that I can save you."
He has been thinking about this matter recently. What made her personality change drastically, and her soul lamp was about to go off.
The only possibility I can think of the cause was the incident in Demon Flame Ridge.  
Demon Flame Ridge was mysterious and unpredictable. Anything could have happened.
He had asked the disciple who came out from Demon Flame Ridge. They stated that they met a fifth-level mystical creature in Demon Flame Ridge. After they dispersed, they felt that she became different when they met again.
Shi Sheng sat down, propped her chin, "But I'm fine."
The person who died was Feng Zhi Yin.
The arrival of Shi Sheng, who currently used Feng Zhi Yin's body probably caused the original owner's soul lamp not to go out immediately.
Patriarch Feng started to choke.
This was what made the issue stranger. There was no problem with her body, and she was healthier than other girls.
The weaker the soul lamp, the weaker the person's vital signs. Yet she didn’t look like a person who was about to die.
"Then why is your personality had changed so much?"
With the proof of the soul lamp and soul stone, Patriarch Feng had eliminated the suspicion that his daughter was replaced by someone else. But he still could not understand why she had changed so much.
Shi Sheng started to move her mouth and said softly, "Father, every human has to grow up, and personality will be changed over time. Who knows if the good and kind people who have been doing good and accumulating virtue will become evil in the next second?"
Shi Sheng paused and started to spew nonsense, "People are deceptive and will cover up the personality that they think is bad. Maybe I think that my other personality is better in the past. But after experiencing some incidents, I think that people need to be happy while being alive. Then why do I need to care too much about how people think of me?”
[......] Heh! I don't want to talk with the host.
Damn it!  Do you think everyone has such a capability similar to you that does whatever they want?
The whole world is your enemy.

Patriarch Feng was stunned for a moment. He couldn't understand what Shi Sheng said.
Shi Sheng was able to fool Patriarch Feng.
But the issue in the arena could not be easily fooled.
"Is that sword really a divine weapon?"
"Yes, it is."
"Why do you let them fight in the arena?"
"Don't you think they are annoying?" They kept wandering outside Feng's Mansion every single day, so she decided to give them a chance.
Patriarch Feng: "..." you let them come to fight in the arena to stop them from annoying us?
"What if someone takes the sword away?" There were countless capable people on this continent.
"Nevermind, just let them take it away, I can take it back at any time" Can this group of retards take away something that even Feng Ci can't take away?
Patriarch Feng choked, speaking lightly,”‘will it return if you summon?”
If Shi Sheng knew that Patriarch Feng thought so, she would seriously answer the question.Yes, it could.
No matter what Patriarch Feng said, Shi Sheng could refute until he couldn't reply a word.
This arena had been set up. If it was forced to be canceled, these people would have to go directly to Feng's Mansion and kill all Feng’s family members.
In the end, Patriarch Feng could only agree with Shi Sheng.
If a divine weapon caused an enormous loss to Feng’s family, the loss would be more than the worth.
With a huge family as a responsibility, you can't do anything you want as the lone. Death did not matter to them.
Patriarch Feng was carrying the responsibility of the entire family.
He had to make the right choice by considering the best interests of the whole family.
Only the right choice will make the family go further.