The news of the fight for the divine weapon spread in the continent in a short time. Many came for the divine weapon.

Jin Xiu Restaurant was overcrowded by people every day.

On the third day, Shi Sheng asked people to set up a signboard at the door. They needed to pay an entrance fee to watch the fight. Every participant also needed to pay before entering the arena.

In addition to that, it was only a one-time payment. They needed to pay again the next day.

If someone doesn’t want to pay?

Then they only can wait outside!

The consequences of trying to enter forcibly were miserable. After a few similar incidents occurred, no one dared to make trouble anymore and paid the fees obediently.

Feng's family had earned a lot of money every single day although part of the revenue was being paid to Jin Xiu Restaurant.

This way of making money was amazing.

The system doubted that Shi Sheng took out her broken iron sword just to make money.

Shi Sheng didn’t come to Jin Xiu Restaurant every day, she would only visit the restaurant occasionally. 

"Come and place a bet!"

Someone shouted on Jin Xiu Restaurant's ground floor. When Shi Sheng passed by, the crowd automatically made way for her.

She glanced at the contestants in the arena and betted on one. When she had just placed a bet, the others immediately bet on the other contestant.

Third Miss had never won her bets before.

Whoever she betted on, the contestant would lose with no doubt.

Shi Sheng ignored their glances and went upstairs to her usual room.

A purple figure leaped into her sight after she opened the door. A man stood with his hand supporting the window in front of him.

This was the first time the two have met since Shi Sheng gave him a watch previously.

Shi Sheng closed the door, "Why are you here?"

Yin Wei did not turn around and still looked down, "That should be very important for you. Why did you let them compete for it?"

"It's very important." Without it, I can’t boast how good I'm.

It was a powerful weapon that helps me to brag!

So, how can it be not important to me?

Iron Sword: "..." Hehe, so I am only the tool for you to flaunt?

"Those people will not give up if I don’t take out the sword." Shi Sheng walked to him, "Do you think anyone can take things away from me?"

"This is not your only goal, right?" Although Yin Wei asked interrogatively, his tone sounded declarative.

The calm pool in Shi Sheng's eyes rippled, "Don't you know me well?"

Yin Wei turned around and stood face to face to Shi Sheng, "What are you trying to do?"

"Something great." I am going to conquer the sea of stars and marry a fair, beautiful, and wealthy girl. Bah, I mean, marry you!

[...The host is going to make trouble.]

The system guessed that she did this to make money. Now, that opinion seemed too naive. Of course, the host had put a lot of effort into organizing this event, so the goal was not only to make money.

Yin Wei's fingertips felt a little cold so he shrank his hands into his sleeves, "Every city has a team of the divinity guard. They will listen to you if I ordered them."

He didn't ask her what she was about to do but gave her all his power and resources.

"You're not going to ask me to stay?"

Where's my true love?

I'm giving you a bad rating!

"You will be back." He knew that she would return.

"Then..." Shi Sheng moved towards Yin Wei, "Are you sure you won't give me a goodbye kiss? We may not see each other for a long time."

Shi Sheng's palm grabbed Yin Wei's arm, and through the clothing, Shi Sheng could feel the coldness exuding from his body.

Shi Sheng frowned slightly, "You..."

In the next moment, her lips were shut by Yin Wei’s lips, and she couldn’t proceed with her words.

Yin Wei's kiss was not jerky but with the faint fragrance. It stimulated all the senses of Shi Sheng.

He let go of Shi Sheng as he ended the kiss and took a step back. His fingertips were getting colder as time passed, "I..., I have to go now."

"Hold on."

Yin Wei looked at Shi Sheng confused, with a solemn expression, "Is it I...I didn't kiss well enough?"

"Have you kissed someone else before?" Feng Ci's kisses were terrible from the previous dimension. How could he kiss so well here without any experience?

Yin Wei immediately shook his head, "Nope, only you."

He dreamt of this scene countless times. The only difference was that he couldn't see the person's face in his dreams but only remembered the feeling she made him feel.  

So, when Yin Wei met her at first glance, he knew the person in his dreams was her.

Shi Sheng took out a piece of jade from the space, "It can suppress the..."
She paused, "The seal on you."

Yin Wei stared blankly at the jade in Shi Sheng's hand. The jade was pitch black, yet it exuded a sense of warmness. He felt much better than before.

"How did you know about it?"

Shi Sheng put the jade in his hand, "I went to the Venerable Court before, just that you didn’t realize."

She went to the Venerable court after he left.

She thought that his body was paying the price for using the power of space, but she realized that her assumption was wrong when she saw the objects in the Venerable Court, 

It was a seal.

He serves as the center point of the seal. So he could not leave the Venerable Court for too long. Otherwise, the objects in the Venerable Court would attempt to break the seal.

And the two Qilin he gave her were crucial to sustaining his life. If Qilins were destroyed, he would die.

He said at that time. 

—I had already given my life to you a long time ago.

Shi Sheng stretched her hands around Yin Wei’s waist and leaned on his chest, "Wait for me to come back."

Yin Wei let her hug him.

"Are you doing this for me?" Yin Wei suddenly grasped Shi Sheng's arm as if he had understood something, "I forbid you from doing that."

"I must go, not only for you, as I have my own goal." Shi Sheng sounded indifferent.
"It's not as simple as you think." Yin Wei shook his head, "Please don’t go. As long as I don't leave the Venerable Court, I will be fine."

Yin Wei's body was getting colder. His time was approaching an end.

Yin Wei saw Shi Sheng didn’t say anything. He gritted his teeth and embraced her. They disappeared at the same time.

When both of them reappeared, they were already in the Venerable Court.

The room was not very dark, but it was pitch black outside.

Yin Wei looked pale and released Shi Sheng from his hug, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that."

Shi Sheng looked around the room curiously, "The Venerable Court can't stop me. If I want to go, I can definitely go."

Yin Wei held onto the table next to him. His breath was unstable. Shi Sheng retracted her gaze and stepped forward to give him a hand, "Are you okay?"

Yin shook his head slightly, "It's fine."

Shi Sheng asked him to sit down and pour him a glass of water, "Are you dumb? If those creatures want to harm the outside world, just let them go. Why seal them up for? You're making yourself sick."

This did not seem villainy at all. 

Alright, Yin Wei did look quite badass on the outside. 

"I'm not as kind as you think." Yin Wei looked at the rippling waters and said softly.

"I think so., too" Shi Sheng sat next to him, "So, what was your original purpose? Use them? Or do you want to tame them for your own use?"

The demon was a must in the mystical world.

It would help anyone to dominate the mainland if they could tame it and use it.

If someone did not use it properly. The demon would take advantage to attack the owner, just like the retard in front of her.

"You said I know you well. Don't you know me well too?"

"Because we were a match made in heaven!"