Yin Wei glanced at the girl opposite him.

He didn't want to bring her here, yet he brought her here, after all.

"My lord, are you back?" A voice suddenly appeared outside the door. The door was pushed open.

The teenager came in from the outside. When he saw Shi Sheng in the room, he was stunned and slightly bent his body, "Third Miss Feng."

Didn't the Lord forbid Third Miss Feng to come in? Why is Third Miss Feng here?  

"Prepare a clean room for her." Yin Wei ordered the young man, "Activate all formations and keep an eye on her, don’t allow her to step out from Venerable Court."

Shi Sheng glared at him, "Are you really forbidding me from going out?"



"I don't feel good." Yin Wei's face turned pale, "I feel terrible."

Shi Sheng: "..."

Teenager: "..."

My lord, where's your diginity?  

That teenager thought he should leave as soon as possible. He ran out in a hurry and closed the door as he left.

Yin Wei reached out his hand and said, "If I can't see you, I'll feel terrible. Can you not leave me?"

Shi Sheng stayed silent for a moment, "I won’t leave, but you need to sleep."

Yin frowned slightly, "Can I not sleep?"

"I'll go then." Shi Sheng got up and prepared to leave.

Yin Wei's hands gripped harder, "fine."


When Shi Sheng woke up the next day, she found out that Yin Wei was gone. She got out of bed and got dressed, ready to go out to find him.

She went to the door and tried to pull open door. She was dumbfounded.

The door would not budge at all.

Shi Sheng had a hunch. She tried again, and the door did not move an inch.

This retard!

Does he think that a stupid room can lock me up?

Where's my sword?

My sword…

Shi Sheng was silent and started to look for a window, but there was none in this room.

"Bang bang bang!!" Shi Sheng raised her hand and knocked on the door, "Yin Wei, you get out now."

The space was slightly distorted. Yin Wei's figure showed up in front of Shi Sheng out of thin air. He was only wearing a shirt, and his hair was still wet.

Shi Sheng grabbed Yin Wei's collar and said nastily, "Are you trying to lock me up?"

This retard is too much!  

Yin Wei slightly lowered his head and reached out to hold her hand. The corners of his lips started to rise, "Don't you want to be with me? I will fulfill your needs now."

"Fuck!" Who wanted you to fulfilling my needs in this way!

A ray of dim light flashed in Yin Wei's eyes. He pulled her towards him, grasping her waist with his broad, warm hand. The environment was ambiguous, "Or, do you regret it now?"

"I don’t regret it." Shi Sheng pushed him away with anger, "open the door for me now."

This retard is way too much!

Yin Wei turned around and snorted, "No, I won’t open."

You want to leave? No way!

"Yin Wei!" Shi Sheng caught up to him with a few steps, "I'll kill you if you don't open the door."

Yin Wei sat on the side of the bed and pulled off his shirt to reveal his tight chest. He hung his head slightly, "I don't think it's a bad thing to die with you."

He took off his clothes and was naked in front of Shi Sheng. He took the dry clothes from the bed and began to wear them.

Shi Sheng ground her teeth and grabbed the clothes from his hand, "Why are you trying to wear clothes? Don’t wear if you have the guts!"

Yin Wei: "..."

He raised his head, "I don't need to wear them when I am with you, but..."

He looked outwards, and the door was being knocked.

When Shi Sheng threw the clothes on him. This retard is not shy anymore!  

However, Shi Sheng didn't know was that Yin Wei's heart was racing. He took a few deep breaths before slowly putting on his clothes.

"Don't think about leaving. If you dare to leave, I will go and find you."

"Are you threatening me?!" Shi Sheng glared.

Yin Wei reached out his hand and touched her face, "I just don't want you to take risks for me. You are so important to me until I don’t mind trading my life for yours. Therefore, I can't let you leave.”

Shi Sheng: "..." Don’t tease me!

"I won’t go, but please let me out." Shi Sheng surrendered.

Yin Wei chuckled a little and disappeared in front of Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng: "..." The retard!

Shi Sheng kicked the table next to her, and the table fell on the ground with a dull bang.

She looked at the fallen table for a long while and took out a sword from the space. She walked towards the entrance, raised up her hand, and slashed at the door.

The sword slashed on the door, only leaving a shallow mark on the door.

Shi Sheng: "..."

What material was the door made of? 

Although the swords in her hand, not all were divine weapons, all of them were powerful, and now they could not even slash open a door?

Where's my sword?

Shi Sheng tried again. This time she used her spiritual power and slashed it hard. The door of the room shattered. A foul smelled wind blew in from the outside. The room that was bright a moment ago plunged into darkness in sudden.

The surrounding was so dark until she could not even see her fingers.

Shi Sheng could only feel the whistling wind by the door.

Something seemed to fly around her.

Shi Sheng shook her hand and pierced her sword at that thing. The]at thing over there quickly moved backward. The darkness faded away like a tide.

An angry black spirit constantly surged up and down at the door.

The black spirit made an ear-piercing screech, "Why don't you have a demon!"

"Demon? Low!" Shi Sheng snorted. “You don’t even have a shape yet you dare to make trouble in front of me.”

"You are low!" The black spirit screamed savagely.

"You're not low? Then show me your shape!"

Black spirit bounced up and down at the door while screaming and yelling, "If it weren't Yin Wei, I would have a shape. It's him! I want to kill him. He cares so much about you, I will kill you first!"

"I'll kill you!"

"I'll kill you!"

The black spirit's sound surrounded the room.

Shi Sheng's expression was cold. The sword in her hand was thrown directly at the black spirit. The black spirit was crossed and went up against the sword. But the long sword made a turn.

Shi Sheng looked at the black spirit amusedly, "Killed a thousand enemies but lost eight hundred troops. You have the guts."
[Note: Killed a thousand enemies but lost eight hundred troops (Chinese idiom) = It means to inflict damage on the enemy while own’s side suffers a smaller but comparable damage.]

The black spirit was about to explode as this woman was so difficult to deal with.

The relationship between it and Yin Wei was complicated. But if it was injured, and Yin Wei would get hurt as well. It intended to use her hand to hurt Yin Wei, so it would have a chance to escape from Venerable court.

Just when the black spirit was about to continue its attack, Yin Wei suddenly appeared. He directly reached out and embraced Shi Sheng into his arms. When they were close to each other, Shi Sheng could hear his racing heartbeat.

His heartbeat slowly calmed down after he confirmed Shi Sheng was in good condition. He turned his head to look at the black spirit that hovered at the door and suddenly raised his hand. The black spirit seemed to be strangled by someone. 

Yin Wei glared fiercely, "If you dare to hurt her again, I will make you wish you're dead more than alive. Scram!"

When Yin Wei flicked his hand, the black spirit seemed to be thrown away by someone and disappeared into the darkness outside the room.

An exasperated scream came from the darkness, "Yin Wei, I will return in one day."