Yin Wei reached out his hand and hugged Shi Sheng tightly as if he was going to fuse her into his body.

The divinity guards outside retreated accordingly, not daring to step forward and disturb.

"Don't do this again." Yin Wei's voice was a little hoarse.

Shi Sheng could feel the tremors from him, like a person who was quivering in fear.

"I'm not as weak as you think..." Shi Sheng sighed. If she hadn't cared about his health, she would have killed the black spirit.

Other people did not have any idea how to deal with the black spirit, but she was the one who had many ideas.

"I know." He knew that she was amazing.

Shi Sheng was great, but it had nothing to do with his concerns.

"I don't want you to get hurt." Yin Wei kissed Shi Sheng's forehead, followed her nose all the way down, kissed her lips, and tasted it.

By the time Shi Sheng slept on the bed in the other room, she only realized that she was being fooled again.

I was supposed to go out.

This retard knows how to trick me!

No way!

Shi Sheng pushed Yin Wei away and prepared to leave. Yin Wei pulled her back to him, and held her body down with his long legs.

With his face buried in her neck, his voice was a little rough, "Where are you trying to go?"

"I... I want to kill someone to cool down. Please let me go."

"You want to leave me?"


"Yes, you are."

"No, I'm not."

Yin Wei didn't say anything. Shi Sheng waited for a moment. She was going to leave again when she did not hear any sound. In the next second, she felt a pain in her shoulder.

The teeth rubbed against the muscle on her shoulders. It hurt a little. Shi Sheng even smelled her blood from her shoulders.

He is biting me!

Ah! Is he a dog? This person was mentally retarded! I'm done!

The tip of Yin Wei's tongue licked the shoulder that he had bitten. Shi Sheng felt a trace of numbness and shivered slightly.

"Don't think about leaving. I don't allow it."

Shi Sheng: "..."

Whenever Shi Sheng tried to leave, Yin Wei would immediately stop her. If it did not work, he would stop her forcibly.

He would pretend to be sick when he was about to get beaten up by Shi Sheng.

This was the first time Shi Sheng thought that her man was clingy.

"Can you be reasonable!" Shi Sheng looked at Yin Wei, who pretended to be sick in bed, "I need to do something serious."

"I am something serious." Yin Wei’s said with a solemn expression.

Shi Sheng exploded. She paced at the side of the bed with her hips akimbo, gritted her teeth, and said, "You are the serious matter? Okay! I will do this serious matter today!"

Shi Sheng rolled onto the bed and pulled Yin Wei's clothes. She said: "I'm going to make sure you'll be so exhausted until you can't get off the bed. Or not I'll take your surname".

When Shi Sheng said to make Yin Wei can't get out of bed, she was dead serious about it. Both of them have spiritual power, so they were suitable for pairing cultivation(sex).

However, Shi Sheng did not allow Yin Wei to use spiritual power. Without spiritual power, a person's physical strength and energy were limited. Yin Wei soon became fatigued and was not able to cope with it.

After all, she cared about his body, so Shi Sheng didn't continue.

Shi Sheng sneaked out of the room while Yin Wei was resting. 

The Venerable Court was enormous, and it was dark. There were only lights in the corridor. 

The Venerable Court can only be entered by specially trained divinity guards. Ordinary people would be trapped in the demons if they entered.

Therefore, there were not many people in the Venerable Court.

Shi Sheng walked along the corridor and soon discovered the black spirit. It was floating on a pond.

"Why are you here?!" A sharp voice screeched as soon as Shi Sheng approached.

"If you want to lure other people to come here, you can just yell." Shi Sheng stood by the pond calmly, watching the black spirit hopping up and down.

The black spirit flew left and right. It drew close to Shi Sheng with a jerk, "What kind of thing are you?"

Why does she not have a demon?

Even that man Yin Wei also has one? Why doesn't she have one?

"Only you are a thing!" Shi Sheng glared over.

The black spirit was distorting in her eyes, forming a variety of shapes and appearances, "You and Yin Wei will not have ended up well together. I won’t kill you if you leave him."

"Really?" Shi Sheng's lips curled up slightly.

The light in the corridor reflected her shadow, and strands of black spirit soared around her, but none of them dared to approach her.

"I will kill you if you're with him!" Black Spirit threatened fiercely.

"Come on!" Do you think I am afraid of one who doesn’t have a physical body and shape?

Black spirit was probably enraged by her. In addition to the previous incident, the black spirit hovered up and down in front of Shi Sheng and suddenly rushed towards her.

It was going to kill her.

I’m going to make Yin Wei regret it for a lifetime, hahaha.

Shi Sheng successfully avoided the attack of the black spirit by sliding aside. The black spirit was just a mass of gas, so she couldn't catch it at all. However, spiritual qi was also considered as gas.

Shi Sheng and the black spirit fought at the side of the pond. Her spiritual qi pushed the black spirit to the corner bit by bit.

By the time the black spirit realized that it was already too late. Oncoming it was a long rope of spiritual qi that tied it up firmly.

"Just who are you!"

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "I am your ancestor!"

She raised her hand, and there seemed to be a light flashing past her hand. Black spirit instinctively perceived there was a danger. The next second it felt that something was sucking on itself, and it went in that direction uncontrollably.

The black spirit was completely sucked in the jade. The surrounding darkness was reduced a lot. Amidst the fog, the building could be vaguely seen.

"Where is this! Let me out... let me out..." Black Spirit was trapped in the narrow space. No matter how hard it hit, it couldn’t get out.

Shi Sheng looked at the black jade in her hand, "Just stay inside! The more you use your power, the weaker you'll get."

"What do you want?" The black spirit seemed to calm down.

"I want you to abide on him."

"Impossible!" Black Spirit continued to scream. If it abided towards that man, it would be disappeared, "Stop dreaming. I will drag him together to disappear if I disappear. I won't let him off."

"Then, just stay inside!" Shi Sheng snorted coldly.

Shi Sheng returned to the room. Yin Wei was still asleep. She climbed onto the bed and lay in his arms, and put the black jade back on his body.


Yin Wei woke up from a dream. His eyes opened sharply and spotted the person lying next to him at a glance. He breathed a sigh of relief. Shi Sheng did not leave.

"My lord... something had happened." someone said to Yin Wei. He looked at Shi Sheng and gently placed her down. He got out of bed.

When he stood on the ground, he almost couldn't stand steadily. He circulated the spiritual power in his body a few times before he recovered.

He opened the door and saw the teenager and a few members of the divinity guards waiting outside. All of them looked nervous.

They seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as they saw him come out of the room.

Yin Wei raised his sight and saw that the dark surrounding of Venerable Court seemed to be shrouded in a layer of fog. No longer in the darkness where they could not see their own fingers. The building loomed out of the layer of fog.

"The black spirit disappeared." The boy hung his head. "Sir, how is your body..."

Yin Wei frowned, "I'm fine."

The boy eyed up and down Yin Wei a few times. His face looked normal, and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with him.

But that black spirit disappeared.

"My lord..." So, what's going on?