Yin Wei re-entered the room. Shi Sheng lay on the bed looking at him. He paused in his steps and walked to the bedside slowly.

"Where is it?"

It wouldn't have gone missing for no reason.

The only thing he could think of was her.

Last night...

Yin Wei suppressed the urge in his heart, trying hard to keep himself from thinking about unscrupulous things.

Shi Sheng blinked, "Guess."

Yin Wei fished her out of the blanket, "Are you okay?"

Shi Sheng crawled into his arms and said, "I'm alive and well, I'm fine."

"Where is it?" Yin Wei made sure that Shi Sheng was okay and asked again.

Shi Sheng curled her lips, reached out, and took out the black jade from his clothes, "Here, it’s with me all the time. You can leave the Venerable Court now."

Shi Sheng hugged Yin Wei's arm, "Can you let me go now? I'll take you away!"

The black jade was not warm anymore. It was a bit cold, but not icy.

"How did you put it..."

"Does it matter?" Shi Sheng shoved the black jade roughly into his clothes, "Now you have to come with me."

"I ..."

"You don't have the right to refuse." Shi Sheng jumped off the bed, "I've tolerated you for a long time. Today you have to leave no matter what!"

Yin Wei was speechless, "I have to make some arrangements."

As Lord Chaplain, he also had serious business to do, not only staying in the Venerable Court all day.

 He reached out and touched the black jade. He was unsure if he could leave the Venerable Court for a long time, but he trusted her.

She would not harm him.

Shi Sheng curled her lips and asked Yin Wei to make arrangements. He did not bring the Divinity Guards. The guards were very worried. If something happened, who would be responsible?

But Yin Wei insisted, so Divinity Guards had no choice.

Shi Sheng had to return to Feng's manor and inform Patriarch Feng. Fortunately, Yin Wei handed the news to Feng's mansion when she was abducted. Otherwise, everyone in the city would be looking for her.

When Shi Sheng was back, she ran into some people along with Feng Yu coming out of Patriarch Feng's room.

As soon as Feng Yu saw Shi Sheng, he became enraged, "Bitch! You bitch, you set up Seventh Miss Feng, it was you ..."

The aura around Yin Wei suddenly changed, and the air around him surged and froze.

Feng Yu's face flushed instantly as if he was having difficulty in breathing. He fluttered his hands in the air.

"Lord Chaplain, be merciful." Patriarch Feng took a few steps forward.

Yin Wei didn't want to stop. Shi Sheng pulled him a bit, and Feng Yu could breathe immediately. Just now, he still had the strength to yell, but at this time, his whole body was weakened and could only be held up by others.

"Take him down." Patriarch Feng hurriedly commanded.

The rumor about Shi Sheng having a divine weapon was spread by Feng Yu. He heard it from those who were saved by Shi Sheng. He spread the news because he was unhappy about Feng Qing Qing's incident.

Shi Sheng just came to say goodbye to Patriarch Feng and soon finished. Although Patriarch Feng was worried about Shi Sheng, he simply couldn't stop her, not to mention that the Chaplain was on her side.

Shi Sheng left the iron sword here. Now Jin Xiu Restaurant was still fighting fiercely, and many people on the mainland were attracted here.


Demon Flame Ridge.

A long time had passed since the mystical creatures rampaged. But traces from that time could still be seen.

Yin Wei thought she came for him. However, he found that he overthought.

She came for the mystical creature.

She blew up those leading mystical creatures of the Demon Flame Ridge. After she took care of them,  she then sat down to talk and agree on terms.

They would lead an army to help her conquer the entire mainland, and she would set up a formation at the Demon Flame ridge so that humans could not enter.

The mystical creatures hate humans, but humans always want to hunt them.

When she gave away the conditions, how could they not be moved? If humans could not enter the Demon Flame Ridge, they did not have to be afraid of being hunted by humans.

But they also had concerns about whether Shi Sheng could complete it.

Shi Sheng was generous enough to help them set up the formation first. The Demon Flame Ridge is too big, so she needed the help of mystical creatures, Shi Sheng told them how to place the crystals, but Shi Sheng had to go personally to depict the formation.

If the mystical creature knew how to draw a formation, they would not need her to come.

Shi Sheng and Yin Wei spent nearly half a year inside covering the entire Demon Flame Ridge with the formations.

"What I promised you are done. I will only help you start another layer of formations when the deal is fulfilled." Shi Sheng glanced at several humanoid beasts in front of her.

One of the creatures with leopard print ears said, "Three months at the shortest, half a year at the longest."

How huge are the mystical creatures in the entire Devil Flame Ridge?

The ones that went out last time are less than one-tenth.

They huddled in the Demon Flame Ridge, being oppressed and hunted by humans. The biggest reason was racial discord. They were unwilling to bow their heads to other races, causing them to be at disadvantage throughout the year.

But this time, Shi Sheng's conditions and her previous schooling method made the leading mystical creatures agree to work with her. Even if the other mystical creatures were at odds, they could only obey the orders.

They needed such a long time because the map board of the whole mainland was huge.

"Wait for the good news."

Shi Sheng led Yin Wei to leave the Demon Flame Ridge.

After she left, the humanoid beasts all sighed in relief, "This young lady is very mighty. What if she backtracks later?"

"No, if she wants to dominate Demon Flame Ridge, she could've forced a contract onto us." Contracting them could also order the profound beasts of the entire Demon Flame Ridge.

"It makes sense..."

"Each one goes back and prepares. The time is set in five days. We'll depart at the same time."

"Hahahaha this may be a good vent before the humans chased us to fight! This action will be called the battle of revenge."


Returning to the human world again, Shi Sheng felt like a lifetime ago.

After staying in Demon Flame Ridge for a long time, she was a little uncomfortable. She leaned against Yin Wei and he inertially hugged her into his arms, preventing people from coming into contact with her.

"I can finally sleep in bed today." Shi Sheng sighed. In Demon Flame Ridge, they could only sleep in caves. Sometimes they could not even sleep.

"Well, we finally can sleep." Yin Wei nodded solemnly.

Shi Sheng looked at him oddly, "Why do I find you immodest recently?"

Yin Wei lowered his eyes slightly so that Shi Sheng could see the softness and pampering in his eyes, " Only to you."

Shi Sheng: "..." Teasing me again, we will have a war at bed tonight!


The mystical creature army launched an attack on the three empires at the same time, using the Demon Flame Ridge as the starting point and spreading the map.

The whole mainland was thrown into chaos.

No one knew why the mystical beast suddenly went crazy and took over the cities. They just took over and didn't kill indiscriminately.

Of course, if you resist too much, you would be killed.

Shi Sheng and Yin Wei's speed was faster than the speed of the mystical creatures. Usually, they walked one stop in front, and the mystical creatures would take over the stop behind.

So, by the time they got to the main city of the Cang Lan Empire, it was more like Shi Sheng and Yin Wei were fighting with an army of mystical creatures.

The defenders of the city were all dumbfounded.

The mystical creature army is commanded by someone?

No one had seen a mystical creature army before. Except for humanoid beasts, no humans have appeared in that army.

 The weirdest thing is if they are not wrong, the most conspicuous man should be their Lord Chaplain, right?

Oh no, Lord Chaplain has rebelled!