Because of the Iron Sword, many of the strongest people in the continent were drawn here. So this was the final battlefield.

When the divinity guards received the news, they quickly came out of the city and stood behind Yin Wei respectfully despite numerous obstructions from the citizens.

The white uniforms were incomparably eye-catching amongst the group of mystical creatures.

At that moment, the city walls were overflowing with people discussing the situation that was happening down below.

Here they are, fighting over the divine weapon while the owner of the divine weapon had already swept across the continent with the mystical creatures and is about to unite the Mainland.

So what is the point of them fighting over the divine weapon?

Why is this plot development so bizarre?

  […] The host doesn’t follow the rules. The female protagonist hasn’t been abused yet! She hasn’t even exacted her revenge yet! Why conquer the Mainland first? You should have left it until the end!

Besides, her method of conquering the Mainland is unexpected too.

The style of the host is becoming weirder. She destroys the rules whenever there’s some form of disagreement.

Just as the crowd was discussing this matter heatedly among themselves, a group of people ascended the city wall, and they immediately gave way to this group of people.

The person leading the group was wearing a bright yellow dragon robe. This should be the Emperor of the Cang Lan Empire.

Patriarch Feng stood beside the Emperor of Cang Lan and looked down below directly at Shi Sheng. At that moment, Patriarch Feng was devastated as his Xiao Yin had returned with an army of mystical creatures.

The Emperor reprimanded with a dark face, “Lord Chaplain, what is the meaning of this?”

“It is as you have seen.” Yin Wei’s voice was not loud at all, but all the people on the city wall heard him.

Lord Chaplain has indeed rebelled!

The Emperor had always guarded against Lord Chaplain, in case he rebelled. But to his surprise, even after a thousand layers of defenses, Lord Chaplain eventually came back and rebelled with an army of mystical creatures.

How the fuck is the Emperor supposed to defend against this!

That was an army of mystical creatures.

It’s not just one or two, or a group of them, but a whole fucking army.

From the city walls, the darkness of the mystical creature was all they could see, and there was no end in sight.

They could crush the humans just by their numbers.

How are they supposed to fight this war!

The Emperor was so furious that he almost had a heart attack. Why didn’t anyone say anything before? Why did no one inform him that the mystical creatures were led by Lord Chaplain?

What have the scouts been up to?

It’s not that no one saw anything. But throughout the journey, Shi Sheng and Yin Wei were not together with the mystical creature, and they only gathered here.

“Master Qing Feng.”

Voices suddenly rang out behind the Emperor. A fair-looking gentleman with a clean look walked up calmly.

He was followed by a man who was wearing a mask. The man exuded a cold and hard aura that repelled strangers from coming closer.

Everybody around knew him.

He Lian Yu.

He was also an Emperor, but instead of presiding over the situation that was happening in Chi Yan Empire, he was here accompanying the young prince.

“Imperial Monarch, Patriarch Feng.”

“Master Qing Feng.” The Emperor's face eased a little. This young prince has been in high demand lately. Not only was he incredibly strong, but he had good elixir skills too.

Many great clans were trying to win Master Qing Feng over, and the royal family was no exception. But before anything was achieved, the mystical creatures attacked the city.

This Master Feng Qing was none other than Feng Qing Qing, who was dressed as a man.

Feng Qing Qing looked at Shi Sheng, who was standing below. An intense hatred burst out from her eyes.

“Oh! They’re all here!” Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes and smiled.

The male and female protagonists are present, just in time to break up the couple.

May I ask how the host is planning on splitting them? Using your hands?

Feng Qing Qing said something to the Emperor, who was nodding in agreement. The people on the city walls immediately leaped into action.

Patriarch Feng looked anxious and kept talking to the Emperor about something, which caused the Emperor to be a little hesitant at first. But Feng Qing Qing said something else, and the Emperor was firm about his decision immediately.

Shi Sheng licked her lips and moved her fingers slightly.
The iron sword, which was left standing in the Jin Xiu Restaurant suddenly rose up into the air and rushed up into the clouds with a ‘whoosh’.

The people who were still inside the Jin Xiu Restaurant were collectively dumbfounded.

The iron sword sliced through the sky and landed with a magnificent aura. A wave of arrogant air current swept through the city walls.

Everyone who was on the city walls all took a few steps back.

They all recognized the Iron Sword, which had been standing in the Jin Xiu Restaurant for so long. It was not that nobody had won the fight, it was that they simply could not lift it up.

No matter how the crowd tried to lift it up, it didn’t move a single step.

The crowd steadied their body and looked at the Iron Sword, which was suspended in the air. Their faces all held different expressions.

She left the Iron Sword here. Everybody thought that she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to guard the divine weapon but who knew that she was not fucking scared at all.

She left it there for people to take, but nobody could even lift it.

Shi Sheng took the Iron Sword and waved it in the air. Bloodshed was about to take place.

“There’s no need for you to do it personally.” Yin Wei suddenly stepped forward and pressed Shi Sheng’s hand, “It’ll dirty your hands.”

He gave a signal to the divinity guards, who were standing behind. They immediately disappeared in the place where they were standing.

Immediately afterward, chaos erupted on the city walls as white shadows flashed through the crowd, each one looking like a ghost.

The speed of the attack was so fast that the people on the city walls all fell down onto the ground before they could react.

Yin Wei held onto Shi Sheng, not allowing her to go up. Shi Sheng was annoyed as she just wanted to go and kill the female protagonist to destroy the couple.

“Be a good girl.” Yin Wei held Shi Sheng firmly in his arms, a killer move that instantly soothed Shi Sheng’s temper.

The mystical army also began to charge forward. The thing that Feng Qing Qing needed to prepare was not ready yet, and the sudden attack by the divinity guards and the mystical creature led the people on the city walls to slowly back down.

As long as the ordinary citizens on the street did not attack the mystical creature, they were not harmed as the mystical creatures were very organized and did not take the initiative to provoke those citizens. The citizens were swept into the palace by the mystical creatures.

The Imperial Palace was in a state of chaos as all the strongest people were gathered here to protect the members of the royal family.

The Empress arrived at the main hall hurriedly and quickly walked over to the Emperor, whose wrinkled face was filled with worry, “My Emperor, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” The Emperor pulled away from the Empress, “What are you doing here instead of waiting in the palace?”

“I was worried about you.” The Empress said as if she couldn’t sense the distaste the Emperor had for her, “I heard that it was Lord Chaplain who led the people for the rebellion?”

“It’s better if he brought people!” The Emperor snorted coldly.

Lord Chaplain’s divinity guards were already hard to deal with. They had almost infiltrated all of the Cang Lan Empire.

Now they were faced with not only the divinity guards but also an endless army of mystical creatures.

The Empress’ eyes turned, “I heard that Lord Chaplain and Third Miss Feng have a great relationship. This time, they even led the rebellion together, the Feng family…”

The Emperor looked fiercely at the Empress, “Just look at the situation happening now, put away those thoughts of yours!”

The Empress, who was shouted at by the Emperor stood frozen for a moment before calming herself down, “Although my words aren’t nice. My Emperor, do we have any other choice now? They have already fought until the outside of the palace…”

“Leave!” The Emperor was full of annoyance.
The Empress was also furious, rushed forward, and yelled, “You’re still concerned about it at this time. Do you want the entire royal family to perish? Her daughter is human, but my daughter is not?”