The Empress' words seemed to provoke the Emperor. His eyes suddenly became cold, the surrounding temperature seemed to drop. The Empress' face looked pale as she stepped back.
Her lips moved, and her eyes were full of anger, "I will leave."
When the Empress went out, Patriarch Feng brought a group of people in. The Empress probably relocated her anger and gave the Patriarch a fierce glare.
Patriarch Feng felt inexplicable, but he didn't think much about it at this time. He quickly entered the hall.

“The Majesty."
The Emperor condensed the emotion on his face and asked in a deep voice, "How is it?"
"The Mystical Creature army stopped outside the palace. I didn’t see Chaplain and the divinity guards." The Patriarch Feng paused and tried to say something, but he didn’t.
Feng Qing Qing and He Lian Yu were also in the crowd. The Emperor looked at He Lian Yu, "He Lian, do you have any solution to this problem?"
Now that everyone had been forced to this point, the feud between empires was not bothered anymore.
Everyone's attention was focused on He Lian Yu.
"The Mystical Creature army has captured nine-tenths of the cities on the mainland. Now the only solution is ..."
He Lian Yu paused and spat out two words in the crowd's expectant line of sight, "Admit defeat."
When the Mystical creature army conquered the continent, he happened to be with Feng Qing Qing. By the time he wanted to go back, it was too late. The Mystical Creature army continued to be sweeping through. Such a huge team was powerful and could not be stopped by just a single person.
"What? Admit defeat?" The crowd shrieked when He Lian Yu said this, "How can you admit defeat, Emperor He Lian? You are known as brave and invincible, the most likely person to unify the continent. Why do you want to give up?"
"It's not reached the end yet, isn't that too early for Emperor He Lian to admit defeat?"
"I also agree with Emperor He Lian." Feng Qing Qing intervened, "The current situation is unfavorable to us. Admit defeat is the only way which allows us to preserve more strength.”
"How do you know we will lose before the strongest person in the clan has even made a move? I won't admit defeat!"
"I won't admit defeat either!"
The hall was noisy, and the Emperor yelled with a headache, "Go and invite the seniors."
Everyone started to calm down. Every large clan had one or two ancestors who had lived a long time and were far more powerful than others.
They would only help when the clan was in distress.
The current situation has reached a critical stage.
However, those who were going to invite them were kicked in and hit the pillars of the main hall with a “bang”.
White figures silently move in from outside, and the crowd inside the hall immediately takes a step back.
Everyone stared at the door.
The white figures flickered, and a corner of the clothing appeared at the corner. In the next second, a familiar figure showed in the crowd's view.
Yin Wei stood outside the door and did not enter, looked at the crowd seemed to have penetration so that they were afraid to look at him. There seemed to be a pressure in the air, forcing them to bow their heads.
Only a few in the hall who could still look directly at Yin Wei were Feng Qing Qing, He Lian Yu, and the Emperor.
"Chaplain." The Emperor's face was pale. He called out with gritted teeth.
This man was also appearing inexplicably previously and had the aura to make others surrender. 
"Yin Wei, you let the Mystical creature army sweep across the continent. Do you know how many innocent people died tragically? Your reputation will plunge even you become the Emperor." Feng Qing Qing chided.
"What a joke, every Emperor who unified the world encountered rivers of blood and millions of floating corpses." A clear voice originated behind Yin Wei.
Shi Sheng walked out from the shadows with a smile, "Also, I am  the one who let Mystical creature army sweep across the continent.”
"Feng Zhi Yin!" Feng Qing Qing's expression changed suddenly. Anger, hatred... all kinds of emotions intertwined.
Why does Zhi Yin always pop out to ruin everything whenever I think I’m getting better? Is this fate? Can’t I change the situation?

I don't believe it.
Since God gave me a chance to live again, I should be able to change.
"Hey." Why did you call me!
Crowd: "..."
"All right, stop talking nonsense." Shi Sheng waved her hand, "Let's start."
Delaying time was not helpful to Shi Sheng. It was a tiring task to compete time with the scriptwriters.
"Xiao Yin ..." The Patriarch Feng stood beside the Emperor, looking at Xiao Yin with a complicated expression.
When she left, the situation was already messed up then. So it was appropriate for her to leave, avoiding her from getting picked on by the citizens. 
Who knew that this was how it would be when they returned. 
Shi Sheng glanced at him and didn't speak. Only the divinity guards moved, various mystical energy flashed in the hall.
The Guard team did not attack Patriarch Feng. Tthis was suspicious, when Patriarch Feng was not paying attention, someone came up to him and held Patriarch Feng as a hostage.
"Stop! Stop it all!" The man yelled towards the chaotic crowd.
The member of the divinity Guard had been ordered not to hurt the Patriarch Feng before they entered the hall,. As Patriarch Feng was being held hostage, they were forced to stop and quickly retreat to the door.
"I'm sorry, Patriarch Feng." The man holding the Patriarch Feng as hostage said in a harsh voice.
"Threats are useless to me." Shi Sheng looked at the man with a calm expression as if the one being held hostage was not her father but an insignificant stranger.
"Humph, if it's useless, why did you order the guards to stop?" The man sneered, "Get out of the way and let us out. Don't make any moves else I'll kill your father."
"Why don't you believe it?" Shi Sheng shook her head and gave him a retarded look. The man had not understood the words. He felt his body stiffen instantly and the air surrounding him seemed to become stagnant and unable to circulate.
When he came back to his senses,  Patriarch Feng was gone.
He looked across incredulously. Patriarch Feng was standing properly beside Shi Sheng.
"You ..." How is that possible?
The Patriarch Feng is also confused. He was standing over there just now. How was he teleported to here within the blick of an eye? 
"Xiao Yin ..." the Patriarch Feng murmured.
Shi Sheng twisted her head and smiled slightly, "Feng Family is fine.”
"Patriarch Feng, have you colluded with her for a long time?" Someone pointed at the Patriarch Feng instantly and chided him.
"Feng Family has planned to rebel. Isn’t it?"
"Patriarch Feng ..."
Some more accusations and speculations ended up saying that this incident was planned by Patriarch Feng.
Patriarch Feng was emotionally exhausted. He did not want to rebel, and he had no idea about his daughter's rebellion.
Besides, he was incapable of commanding the Chaplain to start the rebellion!
"Feng Zhi Yin." The Emperor suddenly took two steps forward with a solemn expression, “Do you know what you are doing?"
Shi Sheng moved her gaze away from Patriarch Feng, looked up and down at the emperor, and said, "Rebellion!"
Otherwise, do you think I am here to spar with you? Retard!
"Xiao Yin, you can't do that." Patriarch Feng was anxious.