“Why can’t I do that?”

Shi Sheng asked without any care in the world.

Patriarch Feng looked towards the Emperor, who had a complicated expression on his face. He was silent for a few seconds, “Because you are my daughter.”

Shi Sheng: “…”

The original host and the Emperor don’t look like each other!

There’s no resemblance at all!

How did this rebellion uncover the truth of a birth father?

Patriarch Feng, who stood beside her nodded his head, “Xiao Yin, it’s true. You can’t do this. The Emperor is indeed your birth father.”

The crowd was confused. This development was too weird.

“Why do I have to accept whatever you say?” Shi Sheng looked towards the Emperor, “Where is the proof?”

Fuck, why is it always this kind of melodramatic storyline. I’m not going to do this kind of second lead side story again. I’m not even going to accept it even if it’s by default. It’s too hard for me!

It must be the system that added this kind of melodramatic setting.

[…]  Why am I taking the blame again.

I’m not taking the blame for this!

“Patriarch Feng is the best evidence. Do you not believe his words?” The Emperor sighed helplessly in annoyance, “There was an incident back then. I had no choice but to send you out of the palace.”

Shi Sheng responded, “Truth to be told, I don’t believe anyone else now except for Yin Wei, even if it’s …my father.”

Not to mention, he was the original host’s father, not her own birth father. It’s normal to not believe him!

Patriarch Feng seemed to be deeply hurt by this as his facial expression was filled with sadness and hurt. The daughter that he raised for so many years didn’t trust him!

On the other hand, Yin Wei was so happy that the corners of his mouth curled up.

The Emperor didn’t expect Shi Sheng to say that and was momentary stunned that he couldn’t think of any supporting evidence.

At that time, she was brought out of the palace as soon as she was born. He didn’t even have the time to look at her.

Shi Sheng didn’t want to continue wasting time, so she decided to tie these people up.

If there was anything to be said, they could wait until they were tied up before speaking. In fact, She panicked and was insecure.

So the divinity guards moved to take action again.

Shi Sheng stepped forward to kill the male and female protagonists. Yin Wei didn’t stop her this time, instead, he followed behind her.

He Lian Yu and Feng Qing Qing were standing at the back of the crowd. Shi Sheng rampaged past the crowd and headed towards the back. The people around them unconsciously made room for them.

“Feng Zhi Yin!” When enemies met, they became more enraged. Feng Qing Qing squeezed these words out through her teeth, “You’re looking for death!”

“I’ve always been looking for death, but unfortunately, no one can kill me.” Her arrogant tone even made He Lian Yu annoyed.

A blazing flame sprang out from Feng Qing Qing’s hands, and she came right at Shi Sheng. She wanted to kill her.

To avenge for her past life!

Shi Sheng turned her body aside and managed to avoid the attack. She also used her iron sword to rebound the flame back. Although she was successful in rebounding the flame, she still felt the rebounding force on her arms.

The force was so strong that it made her arm sore and numb.


I’m getting angry!

The female protagonist’s plot armor was going through the roof, making people die every second.

I’m not going to die!

After Shi Sheng steadied her breath, she once again headed towards Feng Qing Qing while holding her iron sword. At that moment, Feng Qing Qing had already adjusted her state, and with her heroine’s armor, she could not do anything to Feng Qing Qing.

The two figures kept intersecting, separating, and intersecting again…

Their skills were actually quite comparable.

What do you mean by comparable!

It was obvious that the female protagonist had suddenly gotten stronger.

I’m not accepting this!

System, quickly come up with a cheat code so I can quickly kill the female protagonist.

[…] You’re in a fight, yet you can still talk about a cheat code. It looks like you don’t really need it. Host, I believe that you’ll be able to tear the female protagonist apart without any cheat codes.


What did I say?

You can’t kill the female protagonist!

He Lian Yu and Yin Wei were just standing at the side looking on at this situation. They both stood at each side, looking at each other wordlessly while doing nothing.

But if there was a strong person present, they would know that these two were competing using their mental strength. Their surrounding was filled with an atmosphere of danger, one step closer and they would die. 

If this Yin Wei was the old Yin Wei, maybe he would have already lost against He Lian Yu, but he was not the same Yin Wei as before. He was Feng Ci, who had experienced countless realms just like Shi Sheng.

When comparing their spiritual power, He Lian Yu was destined to lose.

If He Lian Yu didn’t have the male protagonist's armor, he wouldn’t have been able to hold out for this long.

He Lian Yu’s facial expression grew worse, sweat was starting to form on his forehead, he didn’t expect Yin Wei to be this formidable.


The nearby explosion carried an impact of air currents that swept across the entire hall.

Yin Wei was affected by the airflow, but at this point, it was too late for him to defend himself. Just when he was getting ready to resist against it, his wrist suddenly heated up, and warmth streamed from his wrist to all of his limbs. The hot airflow which was coming towards him instantly dispersed and flowed around his body.

He Lian Yu was not that lucky as he was forced to take a few steps back. Yin Wei took this opportunity to strangle him. He Lian Yu quickly withdrew his spiritual power.

He quickly retreated to Feng Qing Qing, who was tipped over by the air current. He carried her and swiftly broke open the window to escape.

Shi Sheng rushed out from the smoke and dust and ran straight towards the window.

However, it was empty outside. There was nothing.

She ran away again.

Yin Wei rushed to Shi Sheng’s side in a few steps and pulled her into his arms. He quickly led her away from the hall.

Just after he rushed out, the hall collapsed with a loud bang. Some people who were too late to run out were buried directly underneath the rubbles.

Shi Sheng choked on the dust that suddenly rose up.

“Cough cough cough…” She grabbed Yin Wei’s clothes and coughed painfully.

Yin Wei cradled her face and wiped off the dust on her face, “Don’t panic, just breathe slowly.”
“Cough cough cough…” The dust entered her lungs, causing her to feel a sense of sourness. Shi Sheng hurriedly used her spiritual power to circulate a few rounds throughout her body that made her feel better.

Yin Wei landed on the ground while carrying her. The divinity guards had already tied up everybody who ran out. A sudden silence descended the large palace as if they had transcended into a different time and space.

Nothing could be heard.


Dong Fang mansion.

Dong Fang Hai listened to the reports of his subordinates and looked somewhat melancholy at the slightly overcast sky outside. From time to time, he could see one or two pigeons flying by.

“first Childe, should we admit defeat or…”

“Admit defeat?” How could they admit defeat?
The man hesitated, “Now that almost the entire continent is under their control, we …” There are only two options for us to choose from now.

Either we resist until the end and die in pieces.

Or we admit defeat and preserve our strength.

Dong Fang Hai propped his chin in his palm thoughtfully, and after a while, his eyes glistened with sudden strong interest, “How interesting.”

“First Childe?” What’s really interesting?

Dong Fang Hai waved his hand and ordered the man to leave.

As soon as the man left, Dong Fang Hai's face was twisted.

I’m so angry.

This woman never followed the rules. No matter what I do, she could always catch me off guard the next second.

I'm a gentleman. I shouldn't be enraged. Stay calm, keep calm.

How the fuck am I supposed to be calm!

I want to kill her so much. How can there be a woman who likes to destroy the storyline? Is it so hard for her to follow the plot!

Dong Fang Hai’s eyes narrowed.

However, the harder he had to deal with the person, the more intrigued he was.

Dong Fang Hai, no, Mu Bai. That’s correct. He is Mu Bai.

Mu Bai squeezed the teacup which was on top of the table. His fingertips slowly tightening, “Shi Sheng, let’s see who will have the last laugh.”