Shi Sheng had everyone tied up, including the Emperor. No one was missing.

Of course, it would have been perfect if the male and female protagonists were here.

Such a pity!

The more prominent members of the palace, such as the Empress, princesses, and princes were all taken to the hall by the divinity guards while the others were locked up together.

The Empress and a few of the princesses were standing together. Her expression twisted as she glared at the woman sitting above her.

With such intense hatred, it was hard for Shi Sheng to not notice her.

The original host and the Empress didn’t have any grudge. Why did she have an intense hatred for her?

I don’t believe it.

“Feng Zhi Yin, are you really going to kill your birth father?” Although the Emperor was in such a situation, he did not forget his dignity as the king of an empire.

Shi Sheng asked with a serious face, “Why not?”

Why not…

Of course not!

The Emperor calmed himself down, “I know that you must be resenting me, but there was a reason for what happened at that time. Don’t you want to hear the reason?”

Shi Sheng shook her head calmly.

I don’t want to listen.

I’m not listening.

I’m not listening.

The Emperor: “…”

“Ha ha ha!” The Empress suddenly burst out laughing, grimacing afterward, “This is the little bitch that you were trying to protect. Look at her now. Not only did she overthrow your kingdom and usurp your throne, but she’s also even disowning you right now. Hahaha, karma!”

The Emperor’s face turned even more unpleasant as if a flame of rage was burning.

“I should have strangled her to death in the first place,” The Empress continued, ignoring the unpleasant look on the Emperor’s face, “Just because of my moment of kindness, it led to this trouble.”

“Shut up!” The Emperor chided.

The Empress probably thought that all hope was lost, so she didn’t restrain herself and continued to splutter out the events of what happened that year.

Shi Sheng propped up her chin and listened to the Empress’ emotional story while gnawing on her sunflower seeds.

Her mother was a concubine of the Feng family, but she was raised by Patriarch Feng’s mother, so she became closed to Patriarch Feng.

Patriarch Feng and the Emperor were as close as brothers, so he often visited the Feng family. Naturally, he got to meet the young concubine of the Feng family. Although her personality was eccentric, she knew how to read and write and when he ascended the throne, he immediately took her into the palace.

As an Emperor, he had limited freedom as to what he could do. This lady was only a concubine, so she could not be crowned Queen. The Emperor was forced to marry someone else who was the Empress now.

The Empress was deeply in love with the Emperor, but he only treated the young concubine well. This ignited jealousy in the Empress.

In a state of jealousy, she did a lot of things to separate the two of them.

The separation method she used was effective. By the time the young concubine was pregnant, the relationship between the two of them had fallen to a freezing point, and there were many misunderstandings.

At that time, the Empress was also pregnant. The Emperor stated that whoever gives birth to the child first will be the future crown prince, regardless of gender.

The Empress was behind the young concubine’s pregnancy by two months. The Emperor clearly did not want her child to succeed on the throne.

The Empress was unhappy and decided to play some dirty tricks.

So when the young concubine gave birth, she bribed the matron to take the child out of the palace. She only had the matron take the child out of the palace and not kill the child.

She had someone tell the Emperor that the baby was born dead.

Cang Lan Empire had a tradition that was if a dead baby was born, the fetus had to be sealed off immediately, and nothing was allowed to be seen.

It was told that this was to prevent the child from having grievances. Many children were killed in places such as the palace, and people in the palace were taboo about this.

The matron took the child out of the palace but was intercepted by Patriarch Feng, who received the news. He secretly got rid of the matron and brought the child back to the Feng family.

The Empress didn’t know about this matter and thought that the matron had got rid of the child.

Sometime after that, because of the loss of her child, the young concubine’s health declined, and she passed away not long after.

“I shouldn’t have been soft-hearted in the first place, and let you, a little bitch, live for so long.” The Empress glared angrily at Shi Sheng.

 If it were the current her now, she would have strangled her then and there.

Unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret in this world.

“Are you finished?” Shi Sheng put down her sunflower seeds, “You instructed Feng Qi Qi to harm me?”

The Empress was fearless at this point, “Yes, you deserved to die!”

She had planned to let her die at the Demon Flame Ridge, but who knew that she would be lucky enough to come back.

Later on, she prepared a gift and asked Feng Qi Qi to give it to her, but Shi Sheng refused the present.

The development after that was totally out of the Empress’ control.

[…]  The host has completed this task too easily.

There were no twists and turns.

There were no plot twists.

There was no excitement at all.

It was simple and straight to the point. 

Everything that could be handled with violence was not considered a problem by the host.

She's a professional, so amateurs please do not imitate.

“Xiao Yin, I really am your birth father.” The Emperor’s face was filled with guilt, “ Back then, this vile woman’s family was too powerful. I couldn’t go head to head with her, so I didn’t dare to bring you back even if I knew you were alive. I had my reasons.”

“You can’t even protect your beloved lady. What’s the use of talking about your difficulties now. Can she be revived? It’s better to die together.” Shi Sheng’s eyes were calm as she looked at Yin Wei, who was standing beside her.

In her eyes, any love that could not live and die together was bullshit.

If you truly love her, you should die together with her!

[Host, please don’t be so extreme.] The system reminded habitually.

 The host’s thoughts are quite deadly.

Shi Sheng’s thoughts are undoubtedly dangerous. However, she is different from other radicals. She wouldn’t be suspicious for no reason, she was calm and sensible, and she trusted Feng Ci.

She would change some of her tactics for Feng Ci, but she would never forget her ultimate goal.

Even if she didn’t meet Feng Ci in the other realms, she wouldn’t be anxious. She was just very calm in confirming, and after confirming that it wasn’t, she would never think about him again as if he didn’t matter to her.
The system simply can’t understand the host. What kind of monster is she?

“I also wanted to go along with her, but I am the Emperor, the entire Cang Lan Empire…”

“To put it bluntly, you still can’t let go of power and glory and wealth.” Shi Sheng interrupted the Emperor, “But this is also part of human nature. It’s the same for everybody.”  

The Emperor wanted to explain, but before the words could be spoken, he met with Shi Sheng’s calm eyes, and the words that were by his mouth could not be said.

Her eyes were too calm, so calm that one could not feel a hint of warmth, making the heart appalled.

The Emperor moved his glance to Patriarch Feng, hoping that he could help him out.

Patriarch Feng was in a difficult situation. On one side was his long-time friend and allegiance, and on the other side, it was his sister’s daughter, whom he had raised for so many years.

He was in such a dilemma.

It didn’t seem right to help anyone.

He hesitated before saying, “Xiao Yin, no matter what, the Emperor is still your birth father. If you do this, how will the people of the continent look at you in the future?”

The reputation of killing one’s father was not good.

“It’s not like I care.” Shi Sheng had an indifferent expression on her face.

It’s not like reputation is worth anything. So what if her reputation is terrible? The people on the continent could say nothing before her fist.