Shi Sheng locked everybody up. No matter what the Emperor and Patriarch Feng said, she was unbudging.

In the end, Patriarch Feng left flinging his sleeves, probably because he felt that Shi Sheng was too ruthless and unkind.

Instead of staying at the palace, Shi Sheng went back to the Venerable Court with Yin Wei.

The Venerable Court was not different from when they first left. It was so foggy that it was hard to see far.

As soon as they entered the Venerable Court, Yin Wei felt that the jade on his body grew colder by the second, seeping into his skin bit by bit and taking away the warmth from his body.

“Xiao Zhi.” Yin Wei tugged at Shi Sheng.

“Yes?” Shi Sheng turned around. The fog flowed around the two of them. It was thicker than when they first entered.

“I'm not feeling so good.” Yin Wei handed the black jade over. He did not attempt to hide anything from Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng glanced at the black jade for a second, frowned, and suddenly said, “Sleeping together would fix it.”

Yin Wei: “…”

Don’t joke around during times like this. It’s not funny at all.

“Xiao Zhi.” Yin Wei was annoyed.

Shi Sheng showed her serious face, “I’m not joking, I’m serious. Sleeping together would fix it.”

Yin Wei shook his head, let go of her, and headed towards the study.

“Hey, don’t go. What makes you so sure it’s not true when you haven’t even tried it.”  Shi Sheng followed behind, “Let’s try it!”

Yin Wei was walking fast. Just as he was about to reach the study, his body suddenly stiffened.

The fog around him surged and instantly dimmed. In the blink of an eye, it was so dark that his fingers couldn’t be seen.

Shi Sheng quickly walked towards Yin Wei, groped for him, and kissed him. After being touched by Shi Sheng, Yin Wei felt that his stiff body was slowly warming up.

The darkness around him slowly faded away, and wisps of black air retreated back into the black jade.

There seemed to be a growling sound in the air, it was ear-piercing, but it quickly disappeared, leaving behind the rustling sound of the tree branches.

Shi Sheng licked the corner of Yin Wei’s lips, “I told you that sleeping together would do the trick. Why didn’t you believe me?”

When Yin Wei took back control of his body, he wrapped his arms around Shi Sheng. He didn’t say anything. He just wrapped his arms tightly around her, just like he did last time at the Venerable Court.


Shi Sheng propped up her chin, looking at the sky that was darkening. She leaned over Yin Wei and hooked the black jade that was laying on the table.

She looked at it for a moment, then got up with the black jade and went out.

Standing outside, she took out a small blade and cut her finger expressionlessly, letting the blood drip onto the black jade.

When the first drop of blood landed on the black jade. The black jade instantly absorbed it, but Shi Sheng’s face turned a few shades paler. She was ready to drip the second drop of blood when a hand reached over, and the bright red blood landed right onto a fair hand.

Yin Wei came around from behind, the loose clothes were unable to hide his beauty, but his face was dark as if Shi Sheng had done something wrong to him.

“You feed it with your essence blood.”

What did she mean by sleeping together. Those were all lies.

“It’s a waste.” Shi Sheng looked at the blood in his palm and sighed.

“Feng Zhi Yin!” Yin Wei was furious.

He didn’t need her to do this for him.

“Don’t be so mad.” Shi Sheng put her finger in front of him, “Blow on it for me. It hurts.”

“Now you know it hurts!” Yin Wei glared at Shi Sheng before taking her finger and putting it into his mouth.

Yin Wei only let go of her when her finger stopped bleeding. He carefully wrapped her finger before carrying her into the room.

He held her down on the edge of the bed and stood in front of her. Strictly looking at her, “What the hell are you doing?”

Shi Sheng reached out her hand to touch Yin Wei’s half-open shirt. She slipped her hand inside and caressed his waist.

Yin Wei took her arm out, “Answer my question.”

Shi Sheng sheepishly withdrew her hand, “I'm just…feeding it some essence blood.”

She felt like Yin Wei’s stare was burning her.

Shi Sheng was getting uncomfortable, so she rolled onto the bed and wrapped the covers around her.

The corners of Yin Wei’s mouth twitched. It was the first time he had seen her avoid a question.

In the past, she would either be blunt or lash out in anger. She would not avoid it like this.

Yin Wei got into bed and pulled at the covers until it exposed her head, in a gentle voice, he asked, “Xiao Zhi, tell me what are you doing?”

“Didn’t I say it just now?”

I didn’t tell a lie. I was just feeding it some essence blood.

Yin Wei looked down at her, and Shi Sheng wrapped the blanket around herself again. She could not avoid this even if she wanted to.

The two of them stared at each other wordlessly.

Yin Wei gave up first. He turned around to get off the bed, “Let’s sleep in separate rooms.”

Shi Sheng: “…”


He’s using this method.

Shi Sheng took off the blankets and pulled Yin Wei back by his hand. She rolled over and straddled him, “I can tell you, but don't get agitated. You can’t raise your voice at me either. I know very well what I am doing, and whether I can do it. I never do things which I’m not confident about.”

Yin Wei stayed silent for three seconds before nodding his head slightly.

Shi Sheng leaned over and slightly touched the corners of Yin Wei’s lips. She got out of bed and brought the black jade over.

“Demons strengthen themselves with evil power, and this jade comes from the divine realm. It has the gentlest and purest power. Therefore, it can sap the power of the demon, but as the demon is connected to you, I cannot let it die, so I need to use my essence blood to feed it to keep you safe.”

When the right opportunity arises, she would be able to make the damn thing submit itself, and then the seal would be useless to him.

Yin Wei said after a long while, “So there really is a divine realm in this world?”

Shi Sheng: “…”

So your focus is on the divine realm?

Are you even listening to me!

Yin Wei took Shi Sheng into his arms just as she was about to explode in anger, “Is it worth it doing all of these for me?”

At that moment, Yin Wei only felt his heartache. A pang of pain, just like a million people were stabbing at his heart.

“It’s not worth it.”

This was not worth it in Shi Sheng’s profit and loss ledger.

Because this was a virtual realm. No matter what she did, in the end, it would all be null.

Everything would be for nothing.

Yin Wei’s expression was frozen, he tried to let go of Shi Sheng, but she had already flipped him around and pinned him down onto the bed. She roughly ripped his clothes open, gritted her teeth, and said, “But… I’m willing to do it.”

While Shi Sheng was pulling at his clothes, she said hatefully, “Sometimes, I really feel like killing you.”

Yin Wei laid back and let Shi Sheng undress him, a twinkle forming in his eyes, “You won’t bear to do it.”

“It’s true. I can’t bear to do it.” Shi Sheng pulled the covers over them, “So this debt must be collected in bed.”

“Were we together in our past life?”

“No, don’t move, lie down.”

“Then why do I feel a sense of familiarity between us? Are you sure that we were not together in our past life?”


“Do you believe in destiny?”

“I don’t believe in it.”


“Shut the fuck up, can you focus? Ah… Yin Wei you idiot, I want to be on top.”

“You told me to concentrate…”