The next day Shi Sheng was visibly low on energy and yawning constantly.

"What about this continent?" Yin Wei asked as he dressed her.

"It’s for you." Shi Sheng lifted her arm, "Then marry me."

Yin Wei gave her a look, "The continent as a dowry?"

"No." Shi Sheng tugged her dress and grabbed Yin Wei's chin in a domineering manner, "Use the mainland as a betrothed."

"And then what?"

Shi Sheng blinked, "What else then?"

"Who is in charge of the continent?" Yin Wei withdrew his chin and pinched Shi Sheng's cheeks. This girl has no shame.

Shi Sheng rubbed her brow, "How about you?"

Yin Wei leaned close to Shi Sheng, breathing warmly in her ear, "I just want to be the master of your house alone."

He never meant to rebel, nor to unify the continent.

He developed his power only to find her.

To find the one who keeps appearing in his dreams and makes him think about it day and night.

Now, the world is conquered, but there is no one to take care of it!

Shi Sheng had no choice but to release the emperor and let him be the emperor.

"Since you don't want to be the lord of this continent. Why go through all this trouble to toss it around." Yin Wei couldn't figure it out.

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "Just to gift it to you!"

Yin Wei was confused, "But, I didn't want it."

He always thought that she had gone to all this trouble to take over the continent because she wanted to claim the throne herself.

Shi Sheng didn't want to explain that all girls in love are mentally retarded.

"It's enough that I have you." Yin Wei continued to attack.

 "Stop, stop, stop. Don't tease me over nothing!" Shi Sheng interrupted Yin Wei, "You need to be responsible for teasing me."

What makes you think you can tease me for fun?

Yin Wei held her hand and smiled lightly, "I will be responsible for you for the rest of my life."

Shi Sheng: "..." No.

This baby can't stand the Feng Ci that teases people.

Shi Sheng showing her poker face got up and exited the room extremely fast.

Yin Wei sat there with a confused face. What did he say wrong?

Shi Sheng's head popped out from outside, "Keep up, do you need me to carry you, huh?"

Yin Wei immediately got up, "Yes I can carry you."

Shi Sheng continued to have a cold face.

Try to tease me again!

While eating breakfast, Yin Wei habitually teased Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng gritted his teeth, put down his chopsticks, tugged on Yin Wei's collar, and took a bite at him.

The fragrance of porridge flowed between the two, and when Shi Sheng was about to pull back, he pressed the back of her head to deepen the kiss.

In the end, he said ambiguously, "It seems that I didn't work hard enough last night. Don't worry, Xiao Zhi, I will work hard in the future."

Work hard your ass!

You're still retarded even if you try harder!

Calm down!

Don't bother with the retard.

Shi Sheng slapped Yin Wei's hand and went back to continue to eat her porridge.

Yin Wei stared at her the whole time.

"You'll be full just looking at me?"

"Xiao Zhi is beautiful and delicious."

This is nothing.

This will not affect me in any way.

Yin Wei teased Shi Sheng even more, knowing that she could not stand it.

This mentally retard can be a god in heaven and in front of Shi Sheng...


Damn, what a difficult retard.

But she still likes it.

I can't stand him.

Shi Sheng had enough of his clinginess. So after being teased a few times, Shi Sheng started to whack people.

Whenever Shi Sheng wanted to beat him, Yin Wei showed a particularly aggrieved expression. At first, his expression was a bit stiff and weird.

After a few attempts, he found that Shi Sheng was particularly immured to this look, and after practicing hard, he can now do it in perfection.

Whenever Shi Sheng blew up, he immediately pretended to be innocent and aggrieved.


The mystical creatures had left the mainland and returned to Demon Flame Ridge. Shi Sheng refused to acknowledge the emperor as her father and married Yin Wei. She left there right away.

Going back to the Demon Flame Ridge to complete the last condition of the deal. Humans will never be able to enter or leave the entire Devil Flame Ridge again.

Of course, this wasn't permanent. Shi Sheng knew that she wasn't strong enough to do that.

As for how long it would last, she didn't know.

Anyway, she had made it clear in the beginning, and both sides had agreed.

Now all that was left for the female lead and the male lead to settle.

Shi Sheng asked the system to locate the female lead.

Although the system was reluctant, it had to give her the location.

The female lead was in a city not far from Demon Flame Ridge.

Yin Wei's divine guards were everywhere. As Shi Sheng and Yin Wei were just on track, someone sent a carriage.

"My lord, madam."

The carriage was the same type as Shi Sheng first met Yin Wei. The breeze brushed by, and the veil swayed, the sound of the palace bells spreading.

Shi Sheng carried a palace bell and asked curiously, "Why do you have this?"

Does it sound good?

You're not a lady!

"Madam, this is a divine weapon." The Divine Guard replied on Yin Wei's behalf.

Shi Sheng: "..."

You hang a divine weapon on the carriage.

I will give full marks for this.

Yin Wei helped Shi Sheng get on the carriage. Going up, she realized that the space inside was larger than what she saw.

She could roll around in it.
"You were in there that day, weren't you?" Shi Sheng sat down beside Yin Wei's feet, resting her head on his lap and looking up at him.

Yin Wei lowered his head, "Yeah."

"Why did you hide from me?"

Yin Wei's fingertips lifted a strand of Shi Sheng's hair and pinned it behind her ear, "I've been away from the Venerable Court for a long time, and I don't want to meet you in that state."

"I don't mind that." Shi Sheng muttered.

The corners of Yin Wei's mouth rose in a pretty curve, "But I care."

He was holding on to the last bit of strength, and appearing in front of her in that manner was his limit.

He can show the most embarrassing side to her now, but at that time, he couldn't.

The first time they met, she was so assertive and confident.

He was afraid he wouldn't be good enough for her if he showed up in a discomfiture state.

The young girl laid on his lap with a quiet and docile expression. Yin Wei’s fingertips caressed her delicate skin, and the sound of the palace bells outside the vehicle was melodious, like a call from an ancient relic.


The Chi Yan Empire no longer exists, and only the entire continent was left with the Cang Lan Empire.

He Lian Yu himself felt that what happened recently was like a fantasy.

Everything he deployed was useless at all in that situation.

A figure suddenly sat down in front of him. He Lian Yu glanced at him cautiously.

"Do you want to get back what belongs to you?" The man opposite to him asked with a gentle voice and a bit of temptation, "I can help you."

He Lian Yu's eyes narrowed, "Dong Fang Hai."

Mu Bai smiled decently. At first glance, he looked like an elegant and noble childe.

He Lian Yu was filled with wariness, "Why do you want to help me?"

Mu Bai smiled lightly, "Because we have a common enemy."

"Feng Zhi Yin?"

Mu Bai nodded his head. Yes, that little bitch!

He Lian Yu's eyes turned slightly, "I recall you're her fiance, you are being cuckolded?"

Mu Bai: "..." You're being cuckolded. Your whole family is cuckolded!

I doesn't like that bitch!