Feng Qing Qing escaped.

While Shi Sheng was talking to Yin Wei, she ran away without saying a word.

This refreshed Shi Sheng's understanding of the female protagonist.

Because of Feng Qing Qing's leaving, the black energy of the formation began to overflow and spread all over the place.

The black energy gradually became lighter and thinner until the situation inside the formation was visible.

Mu Bai's body crawled on the ground in a bizarre posture, like a devout sacrifice.

His body had long lost its vitality. At this point, he was like a dried-up tree trunk, giving an eerie feeling.

No one knew what happened in the formation in the end.

Except for Mu Bai.

The corners of Shi Sheng's mouth curled up slightly as she looked at the black energy flying around in the sky.

This is going to be fun.
Feng Qing Qing became a demon. If she couldn't restrain the desire in her body, she would kill people soon, and the continent would be a bloody storm.

Yin Wei stood beside Shi Sheng, holding the black jade, looking at her gently as if to carve her figure into the bottom of his heart.

Shi Sheng turned her head to meet Yin Wei's tender eyes.

"Find a place and get it over it." Shi Sheng didn't have any charming thoughts. She pointed the black jade in his hand and said calmly.

She felt uneasy if this thing wasn't fixed.

Yin Wei: "..."

The black jade was full of evil spirits at this moment. It would be a great benefit if the demon inside could absorb him, but the point was that it couldn't absorb it.

There was too much of it.

Too much that he couldn't handle that massive amount of power.

But it still wanted to give it a try.

Maybe it would work?

If it succeeded, it could avenge itself and kill that abominable woman and Yin Wei.

Just when it reached the final crucial moment of absorption, it suddenly felt that its own strength was losing rapidly. It wanted to resist, yet it was futile.

It didn't want to disappear. 

It still had so much left to do. It hadn't claimed the continent yet. It didn't want to die.

I don't want to die. 

I have to drag someone with me if I were to die. 

That’s right!

    Shi Sheng stared closely at Yin Wei, seeing him looking worse as time passed, her eyes sank. She knew that thing would not be so obedient.

She quickly used a trick and reached out to cover Yin Wei's back.

The absorption that Yin Wei found difficult a moment ago became smoother. Hence, he speeded up the absorption.

With Shi Sheng's help, the demon in the black jade was taken care of by Yin Wei before it could gather the power to explode.

Almost at the same time, at the Venerable Court, which was ten thousand miles away, collapsed with a loud bang, and the black energy inside spread out rapidly.

Yin Wei opened his eyes slowly and looked down at his hands for a long time.

It was only after a long time that he slowly raised his head and looked at the lady leaning to the side, "Thank you."

Shi Sheng raised her eyebrows slightly, "How are you going to thank me?"

Yin Wei reached out and held Shi Sheng's hand, gently pulling her into his arms, "How about devoting myself by marrying you?"

"I approve of this." Shi Sheng nodded solemnly.

Yin Wei laughed and rubbed her face affectionately, "Can't you be more reserved?"

"Why do I need to be reserved with you?" Shi Sheng almost couldn't help rolling her eyes. If she was reserved with this bastard, she wouldn't get to sleep with him for the rest of her life.

"From now on, you just need to stand behind me." He could stand up for her too. He could give her anything she wanted.


Shi Sheng agreed quickly, but it remained unknown that whether she could do it or not.

"What do you want from Demon Flame Ridge?" Shi Sheng remembered a serious matter. This guy had always thought that she wanted to do something for him. She did think about it, but she didn't even know what he wanted to do.

The mystical creatures riot in Demon Flame Ridge must have something to do with him, as well as the blood Qilin that appeared inexplicably.

Yin Wei gave a somewhat strange look at Shi Sheng, "You... you don't know?"

"Am I a know-it-all? Know everything?"

Yin Wei was silent for a moment, "A divine artifact."

He wasn't talking about a divine weapon, it was a divine artifact.

There was a big difference between a divine artifact and a divine weapon. Many of the divine weapons did not come from a god. A divine artifact was definitely from a god.

This realm probably had gods in existence in ancient times.

"That blood Qilin, is it a guardian?" Every treasure has a guardian, this must-have setting.

The blood Qilin didn't appear in the story. It only appeared because Yin Wei changed the plot.

"Hmm." Yin Wei touched Shi Sheng's collarbone and whispered, "It doesn't matter. I have you."

Nothing was more important than her.
It was a phrase that Yin Wei understood the moment he met her.

A long time ago, Yin Wei always had the illusion that with his wife in hand, he owned the world.

What's up with his wife spoiling him instead of the other way round?

He just wants to spoil his wife in his life quietly. Why is it so difficult?


Feng Qing Qing had fallen to be a demon because her hatred for Shi Sheng was so intense that she simply had no way to control the demonic energy in her body.

She needed to kill someone. She needed the taste of fresh blood.

Feng Qing Qing curled up in her room. Her entire body was wrapped in a black robe tightly.

She squeezed her body tightly, and a voice in her heart kept urging her.

Kill someone.

Kill someone.

Killing will make you feel better.

What was so good about people? Hypocrisy, greed, selfishness, they all deserve to die.

By killing these damned people, you can become powerful.

Don't you want to revenge?

Feng Zhi Yin is laughing at you, she is laughing at you, look ... here she comes ...

You're a piece of shit! Rubbish!

You can’t compete with her, just like in previous life. Even in this life, she still has a better life than you.

"No!" Feng Qing Qing roared hoarsely.

Why does she live better than me? I should be the one that controls the country with my gift. This is so unfair... this is so unfair…

That voice came again.

If you are not reconciled, kill someone. As long as you are powerful, it is easy to kill her. Only if you are strong, you can trample those who humiliated you under your feet.

"Knock knock, miss, the hot water you request." A knock sounded abruptly outside the door.

Feng Qing Qing's face buried in her arms rose sharply. Her pupils were scarlet red, like a life-lusting evil spirit from Hell.

Her cheeks turned hideous for a moment, but it was quickly suppressed.

"Come in."

The door was pushed open, the waiter came in with hot water and put the hot water on the shelf. When he lowered his head, he suddenly saw a face reflected in the hot water.

"Ah ..." his scream broke off before he could get out.

The waiter's body slowly fell downwards, knocking over the hot water. The copper basin smashed against the waiter's body with a dull thud.

She opened her eyes. She could feel the dread lingering inside her.

After Feng Qing Qing killed the first person, the feeling of pleasure made her unable to restrain herself any longer. She wanted to kill more people.

She wanted to become stronger.

She wanted to kill Feng Zhi Yin.