Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke - There's Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (28)

Shi Sheng brought Jing Xian back to the swamp where the female lead was at.

Le Jin squatted on the islet as if there was nothing left for her to live for. Although this was an islet, its diameter was less than five meters, she did not have much space.

The distance between the islet and the land was about ten meters.
Le Jin could spot Shi Sheng and Jing Xian headed towards her from far away.

"Hua Meng Meng sister!  "Le Jin waved at Shi Sheng. I want to get out of here, wu wu wu, I don't want to stay here!

It is no fun when no one is here, only the monsters in the swamp.
Shi Sheng turned around to see Le Jin waving and hopping frantically at her, dreading that she might not see her.

"Why does she have words on her head?" Jing Xian asked with his brows furrowed.

He then turned around to see nothing on Shi Sheng's head.
"It's her ID."

"What is an ID?"

"An ID is an alias."

"…… why is her alias on her head?"

Shi Sheng glared at him, "why are you asking so many questions? I'm not an encyclopedia. Stop asking!"

Jing Xian, "……" this woman is so scary.

As Shi Sheng was deciding if she wanted to save the female lead, there was an earthquake suddenly, the forest and mountains were starting to collapse.

Everything was happening too suddenly. Shi Sheng could not react in time.

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!
Shi Sheng hugged Jing Xian, jumped onto her metal sword, and flew at the islet center. The swamp started to rumble, and something came out from it.

They did not attack Shi Sheng. They were surrounding the islet Le Jin standing on instead.

When they crawled onto the ground, Shi Sheng only identified that they were crocodiles. Their bodies were as massive as monsters.
Le Jin's face turned pale due to fear. Before that, they were only roaming in the swamp without attacking her.

Now they suddenly surrounded her. Le Jin was too scared to say a word. Her slender body was shaking as if she would fall over any moment.
Shi Sheng sped up and grabbed Le Jin's collar before the crocodile bit her and bring her onto the metal sword.

The speed of the metal sword flying was breakneck. When Le Jin turned around to look back, the islet was indiscernible, the mountains and the ground were breaking down, and if the whole world was collapsing.

The air was flooded with danger like it could kill them whenever.

"Don't be afraid," Shi Sheng untied Jing Xian's ropes.
Jing Xian, "……"

Why does he keep feeling like something's wrong?

There were the sounds of rumbling ringing in his ears, but it felt like nothing was there. The whole world vanished without a sound. Numbers were rolling in the sky faintly.
Shi Sheng grabbed Jing Xian's waist from behind, tapped lightly. She looked downward, calm and collected, without a trace of panic.

Until Shi Sheng dashed out of the Valley of Lost Souls, the words' Valley of Lost Souls' disappeared too, as it had never existed before.
"Hua Meng Meng sister…" Le Jin was probably still in shock with what happened just now. A collapse of a map was not as shocking as a collapse of a dimension, but it was still highly stunning.

She probably did not have such memories.
[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Meng Meng."

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Hua Meng Meng!"

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "Meng Meng, where were you?"

Shi Sheng's private channel was ringing non-stop. This was the first message she saw when she opened her private channel.

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine," long story short, hurry up and log off the game now..."

Before Shi Sheng could read finish the message. Sudden darkness showed up in front of her. The private channel turned dark, so was her surroundings. Jing Xian was getting consumed by the darkness.

"Wait for me!"
Jing Xian only heard that before Shi Sheng disappeared in front of her eyes.

All light was consumed, leaving only him and Le Jin. as they stood quietly in the darkness, they began to glow up, chasing some of the darkness away, letting them see their location clearly.

None of them said anything. They were both dumbfounded.


Shi Sheng slammed open the game pod, jumped out of it, and rushed to the study.

The doorbell rang just as she turned on her laptop.
Shi Sheng watched from the cams and saw Lin Han Yu was standing at her gate anxiously. Shi Sheng pressed the auto gate button to open the door and let him in.

“Meng Meng, are you okay?” Lin Han Yu dashed to the study.

"Is Liang Bing crazy?" Shi Sheng was still calm, without a trace of doubt in her eyes.

Lin Han Yu froze. He stood at the study door, did not know if he should go in or not.
Shi Sheng raised her head and eyed him. She understood something.

"It's your brother."

Lin Han Yu nodded lightly. His brother called him to log off the game and told him to stop logging into the game. He made threats and promises to his brother to know that he was about to switch off the game server.

Switching off the game server would not only affect one server, but the whole game would also stop functioning.

And if the server was switched off out of nowhere would cause some irreversible damage to the players.

His brother did not give him any room to convince him. He only got to inform Majestic Presence and some others.

Lin Han Yu suddenly felt chills.

But the girl standing in front of him looked calm…

That was right. She was too calm and collected.

"Meng Meng?"

"Pak!" Shi Sheng suddenly threw something at the table at him, "tell your brother to wait for me."

I just found Feng Ci. How can this just end like this before I can hold his little hands?

This is some bulls***!

Lin Han Yu,"..."

Something was wrong with the previous dimension, and there is something wrong with this dimension too.
Shi Sheng was mentally exhausted.

"Meng Meng..." why is she so mad?
Shi Sheng opened out her pc folder and found a name list from tons of folders.

They were the people Liang Bing used as experimental subjects. Some of them were normal, some were vegetables.
Jing Xian did not have any memory, most probably was a vegetable. Hence, Shi Sheng checked from the vegetable list and completely ignored Lin Han Yu.

She did not owe Lin Han Yu anything. She repaid him the debt of saving her by telling him about Liang Bing being trapped in the game.

Lin Han Yu felt awkward and left the room after a while to find Lin Han Shu.

Liang Bing had numerous experimental subjects in these five years. Shi Sheng tried to key in 'Jing Xian', but she could not find anything.

She had a codename, which meant other experimental subjects had a codename too.
Shi Sheng could only scan through the forms one by one.

She filtered out the women first, then searched among the men.

Xin Yuan Street 23-1.

This was the oldest street in this town. Every building was stained by the marking of the passage of time.

In the long alley, footsteps were approaching.


A lady wearing an apron in the yard glanced at the gate, put down the weirdly shaped watering can, and rubbed off the dirt of her hands on her apron, then only went out and opened the gate.

The old wooden gate opened with a creaking sound that traveled a long way down the quiet alley.

Outside stood a girl in casual wear, looking delicate and pretty, with a faint smile on her face.

"You're looking for?" The lady only opened the gate to the size of a slit. She eyed the girl from top to bottom multiple times, asking carefully.
"Jing Xian."