Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke - There's Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (29)

The lady was Ah Yue. She was a maid.

In an era where robots were globalized, having a maid was considered a relatively backward option.
Shi Sheng asked to meet Jing Xian, Ah Yue hesitated for a moment before agreeing. She led Shi Sheng into the old attic.

Stepping on the wooden attic felt somewhat unstable.

"He's here." Ah Yue pointed at a door and pushed open, "squeak-"

The room was tidy. Shi Sheng spotted the healing pod lying in the middle of the room in a glance. The exterior was similar to a gaming pod. The only difference was the color.
Shi Sheng approached the healing pod, and the person laid in there was getting clearer.

He laid in there quietly, with some equipment hooked to his body. The lights were flickering in the healing pod, reflecting on his pale appearance.

He was a teenager, a gorgeous teenager.
Shi Sheng glanced over the healing pod and turned around to ask Ah Yue, "who sent this healing pod?"

Ah Yue shook her head, "it's already here when I arrived."

Shi Sheng walked around the healing pod and observed. Although its appearance was no different from the usual healing pod, there were extra internal parts. This was obviously a modified healing pod.

"Does he have any relatives?"

"I'm not sure about this. I was hired through a website, it gave me an address that moment, and the salary was paid right away, and they paid me annually. I haven't seen anyone visit him." Ah Yue was an honest lady. She answered anything Shi Sheng asked.

"Can I have a moment with him?"

"Sure." Ah Yue nodded.

As a mother, she would sometimes pity him seeing such an adorable kid lying in the pod all alone.
Ah Yue left the room and closed the door on her way out.

Shi Sheng gazed at the person in the healing with his chin supported. The gaming light was still on. He was still in the game.

I have to get him out.

Shi Sheng walked downstairs, and she happened to hear Ah Yue was on a call.

"Is it severe? I'll think of a way to go there… yeah, yeah, sure..." Ah Yue hung up hurriedly.  

Ah Yue was probably calling someone close, asking them to help her take care of Jing Xian for a few days, but they all rejected her. She cried out of desperation.
Shi Sheng headed down," you have an emergency?"

Ah Yue wiped her eyes, sobbed, "my child is severely sick. His life is in danger."

"I'll take care of him for a few days. Are you okay with this?" Shi Sheng was already planning to steal him anyway. Now that Ah Yue had an emergency, it saved her some trouble.

"Are… are you sure?" Ah Yue's eyes widened, then shook her head, "no, I can't trouble you with this."

Most importantly, Ah Yue was still worried at the bottom of her heart.

Ah Yue chose her child over Jing Xian when the hospital kept calling her.

This was human nature.
Ah Yue was a careful person. She wrote down everything that she did daily. All she needed to do was to pass Shi Sheng the notebook.

Shi Sheng returned to her villa and got her gaming pod after waiting for Ah Yue to leave hurriedly.

She saw traces left by burning talismans in the yard when she returned that did not get destroyed. Shi Sheng squinted her eyes, and stuck the talismans back up, and headed upstairs.

She needed to get Jing Xian out of the game, but there was a risk. It was a fifty-fifty chance.
Shi Sheng laid in the gaming pod. She could not return to the game as the game's server was down. Hence, she had to rely on Jing Xian's transmission link.

She converted her consciousness into a bunch of data. This feeling was quite similar to the sensation when she left the game and entered into this body.

It was very unbearable.

Her surroundings were in darkness and all sorts of weird noises. It was deafening.

"Cough cough!"
Shi Sheng flipped open the gaming pod, her chest inflated and deflated quickly.

No, she could not get in.
Shi Sheng tried again out of disbelief, but the same consequence. There were lights in front of her eyes, but every time she tried to move forward, she could not.

Shi Sheng supported her chin, stared at the healing pod for a moment. She heard something and her sight moved to the outside.

"Someone has a death wish." Shi Sheng got out from the gaming pod, took her sword, and headed outside.

Only the dim light shone from the lamps in the corridor. A silhouette was hidden under the yard, Shi Sheng headed downstairs.

She went through the yard and headed in the direction of the kitchen.

As she entered the kitchen, the silhouette showed up from the yard and dashed towards the antic.


As the silhouette was getting near the door, the metal sword suddenly appeared in front of the silhouette. The silhouette seemed to be dreaded of the metal sword and back off right away. He looked at the metal sword cautiously.

"Showing up in the middle of night unsolicited, do you have a death wish?"

A clear voice came from the bottom.

The silhouette approached the corridor and looked downward.

The metal sword was charging at the silhouette before he knew it. The silhouette flipped over and leaped off the corridor, falling in the middle of a flowering shrub.
"Shi Sheng, you win this round, but I look forward to seeing you again." The silhouette lowered his voice so that no one could recognize his authentic voice.

"Don't make it sound like you're letting me win." Shi Sheng dashed at him, grabbed his arm, and pressed him onto the ground, "who are you?"

Whoever knew her real name was definitely not from the dimension.

"I prepared a gift for you, hope you'll like it. See you next time." He snapped his neck as he finished the sentence, taking his own life.
Shi Sheng, "…"

He was quick at taking his own life.

As he knew that he would not end up well in her hands.
Shi Sheng stood there for a while, got rid of the man's body, and returned to the attic.

[Host, do you know him?] The system asked carefully.

If someone really broke into the dimension, and they were targeting the host…

Master, if you don't come back soon, something bad's gonna happen.

"I should be the one asking you this." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes in despise.

How could she know that some sort of moron ambushed people?

And he even dares to ambush me.

I'm so mad!

[... I don't know anyone like that.] its knowledge was given by its master. Without its master, its database could not stay updated.
Shi Sheng did not expect any help from this retard system anyway.

Shi Sheng deduced some information.

This person knew her and had a particular understanding of her.
But this understanding was something he observed from the previous dimensions. Hence, he might not know her from that world.  

He did not hesitate when he killed himself. He must be merciless.

His goal was probably to… kill her.

As for a reason behind this, she had to ask the retard system's retard master.

There is always some retard trying to set me up!

I'm scared.
"What did your ex-master want me to do?" first sending her into virtual worlds, and now shoving a man into her arms, no way he's trying to hook her up.

[...] What ex-master, that's its master alright, [I don't know.]

"What's the point of having you here."

[...] come on, if the master tells it something about this, the information will get stolen by her any minute.

Its master was not a retard.