Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke - There's Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (31)

The laboratory.

A gaming pod was running silently in a luxurious room. Le Jin woke up little by little. Her limbs were feeble, her body was exhausted, her eyes were sore and unbearable, she blinked multiple times.

The images previously ran in her brain in a loop.

All kinds of memories were gushing up in her brain and filling it up.

Le Jin could not bear the enormous amount of memories and cried in pain.

The security alarm in the room went off immediately.

The door was pushed open, a tall silhouette rushed in.
Liang Bing's eyes filled with excitement when he saw the girl in the gaming pod curled up into a ball, "Xiao Jin? Someone, come here now."

Footsteps rang through the hallway soon, a bunch of people in white coats came in.

"Chairman Liang, please leave here."

"She's awake, she's awake." Liang Bing was excited.

"Chairman Liang, please wait outside."
Liang Bing was brought out by them. Meng Jie rushed there in a hurry, "did Le Jin gain consciousness?"

Liang Bing grabbed his shoulders violently, agitatedly, "she's awake, Xiao Jin's awake. I knew I could wake her up."

His Xiao Jin gained consciousness.

Meng Jie glanced at the room. He looked complicated.
Although Le Jin gained consciousness, her conditions were not well. She needed rest. Even Liang Bing could not visit her.

Shi Sheng told Jing Xian about what was going on in this world while he was in the healing pod.

He was good at comprehension. He could remember and understand it after Shi Sheng explained it once.
Shi Sheng grabbed the doctor who was doing to check up, "can't he restore his memory?"

"Since you can't provide details about his amnesia condition, we can't perform a detailed examination as well. We can't confirm with you if he could restore his memory. It depends on the examination results."

Shi Sheng could not force something about memory. Even if he did restore his memory, it was only this body's memory.

It was good enough for her as long as he was familiar with her subconsciously.

"How well is the recovering?"
"Quite well, he can perform a check-up in the hospital tomorrow." doctors always liked to keep some of the information, would not tell you right away if he was okay or not.
Shi Sheng bumped into Ah Yue when she saw the doctor out of the yard.

She was agitated when she saw the ambulance outside. She headed in hurriedly and saw Shi Sheng and asked flusteredly.

"Young lady… what's going on?" nothing wrong had happened beforehand. Why was the ambulance here when she left for a few days.

"Nothing wrong, Jing Xian woke up."
Ah Yue froze. It took her a while to react, "did you say that… young master gained consciousness?"

Ah Yue ran towards the attic in shock. Shi Sheng followed her out of concern.

He was someone she had been taking care of for a few years, and he was a handsome young man who was about the same age as her son. Ah Yue thought of Jing Xian as someone she knew.

Ah Yue was filled with joy when she saw the young man in the healing pod eyes opened, and that he was not pale and lifeless like he was.
Jing Xian could not recognize Ah Yue. He gazed at her, puzzled.

Ah Yue had been taking care of him ever since he was unconscious in the healing pod. Hence she did not weird out when Jing Xian did not recognize her. She went to make dinner happily after introduced herself to him.

Her son was okay, and Jing Xian gained consciousness. Today was a lucky day.
The dinner Ah Yue made was quite delicious. Shi Sheng, who had been eating dry foods all years long, ate two big bowls of rice.

After dinner, Ah Yue went downstairs for some reason. Shi Sheng was accompanying Jing Xian upstairs, filling him in with this world's information.

"Why… are.. you… being… so… nice… to… me?" Shi Sheng spelled out what Jing Xian wrote.
Shi Sheng supported her chin, "erm… you might not believe me, but I've had a crush on you for some time."

That's a lie!
Jing Xian glared at Shi Sheng.

"Hahahahaha, I really didn't lie to you." Shi Sheng squeezed Jing Xian's face, "because I want to be nice to you."
Jing Xian's face was flushed immediately. He somehow recalled that she kissed him, and the more he thought about it, the redder his face got. In the end, he could not maintain eye contact with Shi Sheng and looked away.

Yeap, the blushing Feng Ci is still as adorable.
Shi Sheng smiled with her eyes narrowed, brushed off the hair in front of his forehead, and continued to fill him in.

There was a loud noise in the middle of the night while Shi Sheng fell asleep on the healing pod. Shi Sheng woke up with caution, raised her head to meet Jing Xian's eyes.

He was probably startled to wake up, looking half asleep and lost.

As they were looking at each other, the wooden stairs were filled with footsteps. Many were heading in their direction.

The door was kicked open, and Ah Yue was shoved into the room by some men in suits. The door was shut again after everyone entered the room.

The room was not big to begin with. It was too crowded for all of them.
Ah Yue was probably too frightened, she rolled and crawled to Shi Sheng's side, "they suddenly broke in the house, I… I didn't know that they want."

One of the men in sunglasses stepped forward, looking at Jing Xian, who was in the healing pod, with a sardonic smile on his face, "long time no see, first young master."
Shi Sheng looked through their waists and spotted that all of them carried guns.

She could tell that they were ill-intended.

"First young master, don't blame us for being merciless. No one asked you to get in our path." the man in sunglasses spat, "send him to hell."
These people did not bat an eye about the presences of Shi Sheng and Ah Yue. ,

What can two ladies do anyway?

Hence, after the man in sunglasses dropped the order, two men stepped up and headed in Jing Xian's direction.


As the man in suit was about to reach the healing pod, a metal sword shining in cold light was held against his neck, "I dare you to take another step."
Shi Sheng looked at the man in sunglasses; a grim smile appeared on her face, "you're just in time."

Everyone was creeped out by Shi Sheng's grim smile. The room temperature was like dropping to 0°C.

"Who are you? How dare you interfere with Xie Family's business? Do you have a death wish?" the man in sunglasses shouted suddenly, took out his gun, and fired at Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng blocked it with her metal sword, the bullet hit on the blade and deflected to the side with the sound, 'dang', making a tinkling sound.

The man in sunglasses was stunned. He did not believe in what he just witnessed and fired another few shots.  

"Monster! Fire shots at her, faster!" the man in sunglasses back off in dread.
Shi Sheng waved her metal sword and flipped them before they could fire any shots.

Ah Yue and these people were stunned.

This lady…

Is she a human or a spirit?
Shi Sheng tied all of them up except for the man in sunglasses.

Shi Sheng dragged him to the chair at the side, pressed her metal sword against his chest.

"Tell me, who wants to kill him?"
She did not care who he was before, but now he is Feng Ci. She would beat whoever dared to lay a finger on Feng Ci up so severely until their parents could not recognize them!

How dare someone try to kill someone that I did not dare to lay a finger on.

[...] didn't you beat him up before? Not knowing up from down and confused with the right and wrong, I'll mourn for Feng Ci for having someone like her into him.