The Amber Sword - v3c239

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As Brendel and Ciel got closer to the stone coffin, a slight chill emanated from it. The cold reminded Brendel of his experience in the Alkash Mountain Ranges. It was a cold unlike any other, with a blade-like aura that would send a chill down anyone’s spine and goosebumps up their skin.
“What is this?” Brendel said in shock as he quickly perceived an evil entity entering his mind.

“Mortal! Submit to me!”

A majestic voice boomed, crushing down on his heart with a might like that of thunderous skies. Not good! It’s mind control! Brendel’s heart ringed in panic. Debilitating Type Spells like these were a form of high-level Soul Magic, using the effect of wiping off the enemies’ soul to enslave a being that had self-consciousness. It was severely opposed to natural order, and was banned from usage and research by the Wizard’s Article 700 years ago. Even now, only a few Demonic Cultists and extreme Necromancers would experiment in secret. Never did Brendel expect that, within the coffin, there would lie someone so dangerous.

Even if it was 1000 years ago, the deceased Demonic Cultists and Necromancers would not even dare build a tomb for themselves. After all, they would rather spend their time trying to obtain immortality instead! Thus, their gruesome experiments had led most of them in the past century to an undying death.

After all, they were not the type to believe in reincarnation.

“Despair! Tremble! Weep for your sins and accept heavenly punishment!” The rumbling noise continued.

Brendel had calmed down. The suppression on his mind had taken the form of a giant. He raised his head to see the giant standing on a boundless plain the colour of obsidian. As the giant’s palm pressed down on him, the skies turned as his fingers obscured everything within his sight.

“Scram!” Brendel roared.

Despite knowing that it was merely an illusion, he could not help but have some cold sweat. It felt so real that he could not even catch his own breath.

In theory, Debilitating Spells targeted the mind. But as long as his will was strong enough, the caster would not be able to do anything against him. He had such experiences in the game, albeit without any successes. Warriors did not have a strong will, so nearly every time they faced such situations, they would immediately blackout and succumb to the mind control only to wake up on the Revival Altar.

This sort of useless information was of no help in this world, as there was no such thing as revival.

Brendel braced himself for the giant’s heavenly punch, hoping in his heart that he could overcome the calamity peacefully. 

Am I going to die now?

Just as he thought that, the humongous palm began to press down on his head, soon to inflict damage to both his mind and soul.

As he had no countermeasures for such a situation, added on to the fact that Warriors had a weak tolerance against Debilitating Spells, never in a million years did he expect to find that the palm could not even touch even a single hair on his head. It was as if the palm had hit an invisible barrier just above his head and broke apart with a thud.

They personally saw the hand colliding with an invisible “something”, and cracks formed on it before it fell to pieces.

“That’s impossible!” The thunderous voice quelled. 

As the giant’s palm crumbled, its remains evaporated as smoke. It was as if the horrible attack had been smoothed over like the wind across a water’s surface, only causing ripples and nothing more.

“This? This…”

Brendel was in awe. He never expected the monster from the coffin, whom he thought to be overpowered, could not even manage to break his mental defense. 

Was there some sort of problem?

It did not make any sense to him that such a high leveled Necromancer could not manage to bypass his mental defense, it was ranked as the weakest after all! The attack felt so weak that not only did it not fail to destroy his mental barrier, but he did not even notice any effects.

The feeling could be compared to when you are facing a boss, bracing for a severe attack to befall you, when your opponent suddenly turns into a harmless rabbit. The difference was, indeed, that vast!

Brendel had many questions when a shriek was heard from the center of the pitch dark world, “That’s impossible! You can’t be human! How can a human have such a strong Will?! What are you?!” The loud voice rasped like a paranoid old lady. 


Brendel reacted -- Willpower? “Haha!” But he could not hold back the urge to laugh. He just remembered that his Will stat has raised a thousand fold after injecting Andersha’s blood within himself. With that, it seemed that the Debilitating Spell shown just now was just child’s play.

If Andersha was here, Brendel would definitely kiss her for her help! But nevertheless, he was slightly scared. He had been a Warrior for as long as he could remember, so he had never thought about that gift, and was very fearful of his death.

Laughing wickedly, he raised his head to look at the dark clouds. 

I really want you to be worth several hundred Willpower points...To make me immune to any spells below Tenth Circle Levels… Fufufu… Even a fully equipped Platinum Ranked Mage won’t necessarily have that high of Willpower.

At the moment, he noticed that the monster from the coffin did not retreat from his mental realm. He gritted his teeth and shot a spike of Willpower at it.

“Ah!” A pained cry resounded from the skies above.

Brendel, who had never trained to do this, should never have been able to accomplish such a feat. However, this mental world belonged to him, and everything within it was under his behest. It could be seen as more of a defense method rather than attack: when invading someone’s mental world, the invader must have more Willpower than the victim. Amusingly though, the monster did not expect Brendel to have such a high level of Willpower and was left stunned and unable to react to his counterattack.

“AHHHH!” The monster screamed in agony as he fled from the realm. The endless darkness dissipated and Brendel woke up from the world. He was soaked to the toe in his own cold sweat when a big sister like voice rang by his ear, “Earth to Brendel. Are you okay?”

It was Orthlyss. The two of them were connected and so she quickly detected the abnormality in him. But just as she had opened her mouth, Brendel woke up. The battle in the mental realm was just an instant in reality.

“There was a monster in the coffin. I was nearly killed by it.”

“Was it a Debilitating Spell?” Orthlyss was quick to react and questioned sternly.


“Are you fine?” 

“It was nothing much.” Brendel felt tired. His mental consumption was great, but still, he shook his head to indicate that he was fine. He was sure that the monster in the coffin must have suffered far worse. His Willpower was more than 100 points, at this level of 30 to 40, an attack like that could be comparable to a nuclear strike. Even if he did not finish the monster off with his last attack, he was sure its life was hanging on a thread.

“Hmm, that’s true. He was truly unfortunate to have met you after being remodeled by the Blood of Gods.” The knight began to laugh. 

Brendel gave a bitter laugh as well. But Orthylss was correct nevertheless. He could not be considered human anymore. With the Elite Template as well as the Blood of Gods, he could not be considered a standard citizen of Aouine anymore.

“Ciel. You fine?” He looked back at his scholar servant, who was within range of the Debilitating Spell just now. While Brendel himself had many points in his Willpower, Ciel did not, so he was surprised to see him unscathed.

“Are you fine?” He repeated.

“My Lord, Are you okay?” Ciel copied. He seemed rather shocked.

“Ah…” The servant blinked before reacting, “Debilitating Spells have no effect on me. After all, I’m just a summon. I am worried about you, My Lord, on the other hand… Cough… My Lord, you truly are unexpected, to be able to counter such an attack flawlessly. Truly magnificent!

Brendel sighed in relief. In theory, it would be hard for a Gold class warrior to escape the Debilitating Spell of a mage of the same rank. However, the monster was truly unlucky to have faced both Ciel and Brendel. One had an amazingly high Willpower, and the other had total immunity to such attacks.

If the coffin monster was a Boss, it would be one of the unluckiest Bosses ever. At that moment, Brendel opened the coffin.