The Amber Sword - v3c269

The appearance of the Archbishop startled the Bishop. He immediately ceased his actions and looked at his superior with question.

“Bishop Zoya, there’s something I would like to ask this boy. Would you mind leaving us alone?” the Archbishop’s eyed landed on Brendel as he talked to his colleague.

The old Bishop was still hesitant, but in the end, he bowed to Archbishop Wood, “Of course, it’s as you wish, Lord Archbishop.” He looked at Brendel, and then at his superior’s expression, and knew that there was a secret between them. But that did not concern him, and he could only leave the room with his curiosity.

The Archbishop looked at Brendel, and the latter felt the glaring eyes that landed on him. This is bad. He’s the Anderla Cathedral’s Archbishop, I don’t think he would just come and invite me for an afternoon tea.

“I heard that you’re called Brendel?” The Archbishop, who was above all masses in Aouine, spoke.

Brendel’s eyebrow twitched. He raised his head and looked at the Archbishop with a dubious face, “Huh?”

“I see. You’re alert and your act is wonderful. But Tuman had already told me about you. Didn’t he tell you about his relationship with me?” The stern man suddenly gave a smile, And he shook his head. Brendel was wary, but to the old man who already knew everything about him, his act seemed really comical.

Brendel, on the other hand, was petrified by Wood’s words. Shit! How can I forget that the Archbishop of Aouine had already known Tuman since their time in Kirrlutz? Even after Tuman went into hiding, their relationship remained and they had constantly exchanged letters.

Brendel was surprised at how Tuman treated himself. Although they met back during the Loop of Trade Winds, and that William and Tuman had a good impression of him, they just remained as acquaintances. Damn, I just asked for a letter of introduction! This is so unexpected of Tuman to call up his friend in Ampere Seale to help me out.

It would be an easy thing to do with just sending in the letter, but as for calling up his friend to help me? That would just be too nice of him. With Tuman’s position in Aouine, I don’t see just why would he bother to help a small power like me?

Before Brendel could figure out the relationship between them, Wood had already figured out the question in his mind, “Don’t think too much about it. My old friend really likes you. It was the first time he looked that enthusiastic since he left this country.”

“Do you know what he told me?” He continued.

Brendel did not, obviously, but he was curious as to why the master of the mysterious owner of the secretive Silver Alliance would help him out. He looked at the Archbishop before him, and shook his head, “I don’t know, Archbishop.” 

It was Wood’s turn to be surprised this time. “Young man, since you already know my identity, do you think that I, as a representative of the Holy Cathedral of Fire, would let a rebel like you go?”

He asked, and leaked out an air of dignity like someone from the higher ranks of the Holy Cathedral of Fire. A normal person would have been scared shitless, but Brendel still continued without fear, “I don’t know that. But I believe there’s a reason you would discuss so much with me.”

“My friend believes that you’re the key to pulling Aouine out of this quicksand.”

Brendel’s hand twitched.

That was an answer he did not see coming.

He sucked in a breath, and was at a loss of words. I would be arrogant if I replied him. And I don’t think that, ever since the beginning of my reincarnation, I ever did something that led to a big change different from the original outcome in the game. If anything, I would like a selfish brat, only trying to protect the stuff that I find important. And I feel guilty for doing so, for always trying to make up for my mistakes, even if they aren’t.

I may know a lot, but I am not accomplishing anything. All I can, is just to give it my all.

The reason for his trip this time is to get in touch with Princess Gryphine. But there is an endless fog between them, and whether or not he can pass this trial is still an unknown. He took every step with caution, and only he knew what he was doing, but finally someone confirmed with him. Somone acknowledged his efforts and said with confidence: “I believe you can help Aouine out of this quicksand.”

And this person is not an ordinary one, he was a wise man, the owner of the Silver Alliance, Aouine’s greatest scholar, and an esteemed wizard standing on top the peak of others. And Brendel did not think that he was someone who would just say that for a prank.

Brendel was currently dry with words, but he decided to accept the comment. After all, Tuman was a wise predecessor that he respected.

The old man may have used his sharp glare to see something in him, but Brendel felt like he could not live up to their expectations. But if he were to decline the old man’s words, it would seem like he’s disrespecting the elder. In the end, he nodded at him, “I believe any youth that bears hate towards this rotting country will have the same beliefs like me. Besides me, there must be others who’re battling as well. And for me, I’m just doing my part with all that I can.”

“And all your actions in Trentheim are also part of the reason for your actions?”

Brendel nodded.

Wood walked next to him and indicated for him to kneel, “The problems in the North regarding the Lion Beastmen, do you know of it?”

Brendel realized that the Archbishop was trying to host the Holy Knight Ascension Ceremony and, for a while, could not understand his motives. Wood was known as the “Iron Masked Archbishop” back in the game. And the title was associated with many righteous acts that aligned with the goals of the Holy Cathedral. He was respected.

Brendel fiddled and came back to his senses. He immediately kneeled, like he was preparing for a knighting ceremony.

He may not like such an occasion, but it was a rare opportunity, so he went on with the flow.

He bobbed his head and whispered, “I understand.” 

“The Holy Cathedral will not allow any form of disruption in Aouine.”

The Archbishop placed his hand on his shoulder and chanted, “In the name of the Flame King, Gretel, do you swear that you will now bear his name with pride? To wear it not for his past feats, but for his morals and aesthetics that will now be passed onto you? That you swear that you will hold on to that belief and sense of integrity until you pass on?”

“I swear,” Brendel swore accordingly. On one hand, he was not that concerned about the disturbances with the Lion Beastmen. It was something that he witnessed before. But on the other hand, he was more stirred up with the Archbishop’s words. After all, he swore the oath that required him to preserve the morals that could only be seen in history books and were discarded and forgotten with time.

“Then, I demand you to not change your ideals no matter the environment. And even if you do break the oath, I wish you would understand that you will understand that there are some things that should not be discarded not forgotten.”

“I swear.”

In the silence, the room began to shake. Brendel could feel some empirical power building up as he swore his oath, connecting this world to the other side of the unknown dimensions. The system that supported the world of The Amber Sword began to rumble, and the power surged into his body. It was like he obtained some sort of enlightenment, and received the power of the Holy Knight.

“System notification: Player has obtained a new Job, ‘Holy Knight’”

“System notification: Player has learned a new Job Specialized Skill, ‘Colliding Halo’”

“System notification: Player has learned a new Job Specialized Skill, ‘Blood of Sun’”

“System notification: Player has learned a new Job Specialized Skill, ‘Crown of Thorns’”

An Archbishop’s blessing is truly amazing. I got fifteen levels on the Holy Knight Job just with his blessing. And with it, I got two other skills. The Colliding Halo is self introductory, but the other two skills are the core of the Holy Knight’s skills as well.