The Amber Sword - v3c270

‘Blood of Sun’ is a passive skill. For each time the Holy Knight gets damaged, a golden flame will damage nearby enemies. For every level the skill levels up, the reflected damage will increase by 5% of the original damage. So at level 15, the reflected damage was at 75%.

Although the damage is counted as a magical and flame attributed damage and can be defended with various resistances, it was already enough to deal with some enemies. The Holy Knight is a tank Job, and needless to say, the reflected damage will chip off a larger margin of his enemies’ health compared to him!

The ‘Crown of Thorns’ was an active assault skill and can be set at the continuous or activated state. In the continuous state, it would require less mana. During this time when this state is used, the Holy Knight will gain resistance to poison and other special damage types. And if he were to activate it, the damage that was accumulated up till then will turn into damage.

The defensive period was short, and after that, the Holy Knight will have to endure a period of being defenseless. But if the Holy Knight activated the skill, his damage capabilities will increase by at least 2 folds! This skill was the core reason for the explosive power of the Holy Knight. I don’t really fancy this sort of skill that would require me to damage myself. But I am already really surprised to be able to obtain two of the core skills of the Holy Knight amongst the countless other skills it has.

In reality, part of the reason was that the Archbishop was hosting the ceremony. Brendel looked at the old man, noticing that he did not have any sort of expression on his face. Wood felt his glare and turned to nod at him, “You can stand up now.”

The room that was shaking uncontrollably just now was currently silent, and the divine power that was felt just now disappeared as well, like everything that happened was just a dream.

“The movements in the north will not be tolerated by the Holy Cathedral for long. And I, who have had the post of the Archbishop for long, may be replaced by another in the near future.” Wood stood up and continued the topic he was on just now. It was like he did not even care about Brendel’s Ascension and only focused on the matter he had in his mind.

Brendel suddenly felt concerned about this matter. Wood was always the person who would remain calm no matter the situation, even during the infighting period of Aouine. But for him to suddenly speak up about this matter, does it mean that he does not see eye to eye with the new Archbishop.

Brendel eyed at the figure.

“I heard that you’re supporting the Princess?” Wood asked.

Brendel did not say anything and just nodded.

“Her majesty’s influence is currently weak. And she’s trying to govern this nation during its time of turmoil. Unless she can convince Duke Arreck. That’s the only way to guarantee that Viero and Radner would side her.” 

He suddenly turned his eyes on Brendel, “But do you really think this method can save the Kingdom?”

Brendel shook his head. And that was why he was here: to stop the entire incident. He knew just how the future would progress. Once the deal with Arreck is made, the Princess would have to alliance herself with the other nobles as well. And those rotten nobles are like the rotten supports of a house, and it was just a matter of time before it collapses. It may have been a short term solution for now, but it would be unable to solve the long term issue.

Brendel was no overseer. It was all just experience he received from playing the game back then.

Anderla’s Archbishop looked at him once again, “So do you understand me?”

Everything clicked in his mind all of a sudden. So that’s what he was saying. The Holy Cathedral would not allow chaos to drag on for long in Aouine. And if the Princess could not manage to obtain an advantageous foothold in a short span of time, the Holy Cathedral ay step in. Wood may not want it, but he can’t guarantee if the successor would not as well.

At that, Brendel could not help look up to the old man once more.

“Tuman is my old friend, and Aouine was his origin too. He does not wish to see this place fall to ruin, and I would obviously help him out, even if it doesn’t concern me personally. Young man, he placed a bet on your shoulders, and so I don’t mind staying here longer. But this time is limited. I do not have absolute influence in the main Cathedral, and I can only buy you some time.”

Wood finally spoke the main agenda to his meeting with Brendel today and continued, “There’s not much time left. I see you’re an intelligent man, so I believe you know what I mean.”

Brendel gasped for cold air as he finally understood the relationship between everything that was happening. But he did not expect for Ampere Seale’s Holy Cathedral to stand on his and Tuman’s side. It may not be the case in the near future, but it was sufficient for now. And this news was more shocking to Brendel than the time he received the Paradise of Adversity deck.

He agreed with the Archbishop, “I understand.” 

“That’s great. Remember, you must not ruin the Holy Cathedral’s reputation. If you were to do it, the revenge incurred in your region is not something you can handle. And Aouine will be tied into it as well.”

Brendel clearly understood this point. Originally, he did not even want to be associated with the Archbishop that early on, but Tuman had already arranged that meeting for him. He remembered the time during the Loop of Winds, he didn’t really talk much with William or Tuman, but it seems like the owner of the Silver Alliance could easily figure out his objectives. But Brendel was more curious about the old sage’s thoughts on him. If that person really wanted to, I could’ve just used his name and influence to easily help the Princess obtain the support of most nobles. But he did not choose this option. Just what is he thinking? Is it because the people of the Silver Alliance is not willing to be involved? But that doesn’t seem the case, or else the Wizards in the future would not have fought over the Sage Slates.

Brendel spent half an hour in the ascension room. Normally, the Ascension ceremony should not take that long of a period, but the Archbishop continued to question him about some matters that it took so long of a time.

But it was pre-planned by the Archbishop. He wanted to discuss about the situation in Aouine with him. And also to remind him of the situation with the Lion Beastman and the Cathedral’s successor, which did not really concern Brendel.

Because Brendel knew everything that was about to happen in the future.

In the game, it was not until the next year when the Archbishop would lose his position. And the Lion Beastman would not dare do anything for now, unless there are changes in history. And in reality, his influence in the timeline of Aouine was not that significant: he did not cause any changes outside of Aouine, or even affected the Holy Cathedral’s decisions.

But that was a naive thought.

After half an hour of interrogation, Brendel told the Archbishop about his departure. He actually did not mind staying longer, but he knew that people would be suspicious if he did. Plus, he just came for the Ascension ceremony to kill time before executing his plan to save the Kingdom. After that, he wanted to head for the largest auction house in Ampere Seale to sell off the priceless painting he got from Fortress Riedon. It may be worth millions, but to someone who did not fancy art like himself, it was like any other form of investment.

If he were to speak out his thoughts, he would definitely be known as the crudest noble in all of Aouine, even worse off than those other sneaky bastards. In any case, he did not see himself as any noble in the first place, and the identity was just an excuse he is exploiting to hide his dealings.

But he is currently facing a dilemma. The auction would only be participated by nobles or other important figures. And he would definitely not make the cut with his current identity. I do know that the master of the auction is a member of the Merchant Association. Someone known as Baron Dunner. He was filthy rich and that only made it harder to meet him. Plus, the goods on auction have their own channels to get into the circulation, finding one will not be an easy feat for me.

He was about to go out and consult Amandina to find a solution. Amongst his subordinates, she was the one who knew the workings of the noble’s best. But before he even stepped out into the hall, he heard a furious voice, “Sir, please do show some respect. This is the Holy Cathedral of Flame!”

Brendel was stunned. Scarlet and Amandina must be in trouble now.

But upon closer inspection, he could hear that the voice did not belong to his subordinates. It was someone he was not affiliated with. Who is it? And where are Scarlet and Amandina?